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  1. Personal finance software programs

    I'm still searching for the right piece of financial software, but for those who are interested, I'm writing up my reviews here:
  2. Personal finance software programs

    Yeah, after playing around with MoneyMoney I also find the reporting really weak, especially when I have multiple currencies per category.   After searching around I found three more options. It's unclear to me whether they automatically download from both my German and U.S. banks. I'm going to download the trial versions and give them a try.    Money Wiz (US) iFinance (German) Banktivity (US)   But if anyone has already given them a try, please save me the effort and let me know how they worked.
  3. Personal finance software programs

    Okay, I played around with outbank some more and the budgeting capabilities seem truly primitive. It seems there is no way to set up a budgeting category outside the 9 fixed categories it offers, and there seems to be no way to see the total spent per category except for a specific month. I can't even figure out how to see all expenditures in a category. Clearly I need a different recommendation. I really want something that will "learn" how to categorize transactions based on my previous tagging, and make it easy to see how much money I've spent in a category (as well as the specific transactions) over any time frame I specify.  
  4. Personal finance software programs

    I know this is an old post, but I am still looking for some decent budgeting software for my German bank accounts. I do not want to enter everything manually. I am only interested in software that does automatic downloading via HBCI, and that works on my mac.   I tried finanzblick but the interface was truly awful. Then I tried outbank and it's a bit better but I can't figure out how to make truly custom categories. Maybe I just need to play around with it some more, but I'm finding the "tag" approach a bit mystifying. There must be something easier to use.   I can try the (recommended above), but wanted to check here first to find out if there are better options that have turned up in the last 3 years.
  5. I would like to understand how much of what we pay for pension, health insurance, and other insurances can actually be deducted (offset) from our income for tax purposes. I've read the explanation in German but the amounts don't match the estimate I got from my tax accountant, and she doesn't seem to be able to explain why. Can anyone help?   As I understand it (from this website: ), in 2009 68% of regular, statutory pension contributions are tax deductible, as long as they don't exceed 40,000 euros for a married couple or 20,000 euros for a single person. So if the total pension contributions are P then we should be able to deduct .68(min(P,40000)), right?   For other expenses what I understand is that in 2009 other insurance costs (like health insurance) seem to be deductible up to 1500 euros for employees and up to 2400 for freelancers. So if I'm a freelancer and paid F for health insurance and my husband is an employee and paid E for health insurance then we should be able to deduct min(1500,E) + min (2400,F), right?   But when I take them together .68(min(P,40000)) + min(1500,E) + min (2400,F) the number I get out is about 30% higher than the number the tax accountant estimated for Vorsorgeaufwendungen.   Anyone have any ideas what I did wrong? Could it be that only part of our health insurance costs count as we have private plans not statutory insurance?   I know that this doesn't matter as the tax office will just calculate it themselves, but I would really like to understand where the numbers come from.   I'd also love to know how these calculations will change for 2010. As I understand it from this website: ( ) the percent of pension that's deductible will increase to 70% and more of the health insurance will be deductible (with the limits increasing to 1900/2800 for employees/freelancers). Or are the changes more complex than that?