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  1. Personal finance software programs

    I'm still searching for the right piece of financial software, but for those who are interested, I'm writing up my reviews here:
  2. Personal finance software programs

    Yeah, after playing around with MoneyMoney I also find the reporting really weak, especially when I have multiple currencies per category.   After searching around I found three more options. It's unclear to me whether they automatically download from both my German and U.S. banks. I'm going to download the trial versions and give them a try.    Money Wiz (US) iFinance (German) Banktivity (US)   But if anyone has already given them a try, please save me the effort and let me know how they worked.
  3. Personal finance software programs

    Okay, I played around with outbank some more and the budgeting capabilities seem truly primitive. It seems there is no way to set up a budgeting category outside the 9 fixed categories it offers, and there seems to be no way to see the total spent per category except for a specific month. I can't even figure out how to see all expenditures in a category. Clearly I need a different recommendation. I really want something that will "learn" how to categorize transactions based on my previous tagging, and make it easy to see how much money I've spent in a category (as well as the specific transactions) over any time frame I specify.  
  4. Personal finance software programs

    I know this is an old post, but I am still looking for some decent budgeting software for my German bank accounts. I do not want to enter everything manually. I am only interested in software that does automatic downloading via HBCI, and that works on my mac.   I tried finanzblick but the interface was truly awful. Then I tried outbank and it's a bit better but I can't figure out how to make truly custom categories. Maybe I just need to play around with it some more, but I'm finding the "tag" approach a bit mystifying. There must be something easier to use.   I can try the (recommended above), but wanted to check here first to find out if there are better options that have turned up in the last 3 years.