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  1. Hello! I am moving to Germany and will be on a project in Hannover starting in late May.  I'm interested to see if anyone is interested in meeting up to practice German (or maybe even Spanish) with.  If anyone in this forum lives in Hannover and this sounds interesting to you, send me a PM!
  2. Airbnb in Munich

    Thank you so much for your reply, @2B_orNot2B.  So from what I understand based on your statement:   The 2-week clock begins ticking the day I step foot on German soil. I cannot complete city registration without the Wohnungsgeberbestätigung signed by my "landlord" (in this case, it is my AirBnb host since I am in "corporate housing" for the first month considering it is practically impossible to acquire a lease as a new arrival in Munich unless you have very close connections, and even then, would be stupid to sign a lease without taking physically taking a look at the flat). What happens in the hypothetical scenario where I arrive to my AirBnb and the landlord refuses to sign the Wohnungsgeberbestätigung (or just does not physically show up and leaves the keys with an assistant who is not authorized to sign the form)?  Does that get me in trouble with the city since I likely will not be able to acquire a lease/signed form within 2-weeks?  What recourse do I have here (beyond giving the AirBnb host a scathing review)?
  3. Meetup for german-learners

    I would like to join as well, and can assist any native Spanish speakers who may be interested in trying to practice their German with a predominately English speaking group.
  4. Airbnb in Munich

      I'm curious about the answer to this as well.  I've received many conflicting responses on how to handle proper registration, ranging from 2 weeks as soon as you step foot in Germany with intent to live there, to 3 months/or once you find a permanent residence.  I've also heard that you cannot pay taxes until you've registered your residence with landlord signed Wohnungsgeberbestätiung (which many AirBnb hosts are averse to, for good reason I suppose, as that gives your guest tenant's rights).  And I am fairly sure you cannot sign a mobile phone contract or acquire a gym membership without a registered residence, leaving folks who have to do this temporary housing limbo ordeal in a bind.   It would be nice if there were a less confusing, more organized way to handle temporary or corporate housing as new residents hunt for permanent housing, rather than be at the mercy of Mr. Lodge's overpriced offerings (not to mention the horror stories I've read about spurious fees and legal battles tenants have had to face upon moving out).   To be candid, it seems many of the hosts of AirBnb properties in Munich aren't even from Germany.  I'd even venture to guess that some of them are violating their lease agreements with their listings, subletting illegally, etc.
  5. Calling all nerds! (MTG,D&D,video games etc)

    I'd be interested in an MtG night, though I would need to rebuild my collection as I've sold/given away most of my collection while minimalizing to make the transition here a little easier.  Do card stores sell English MtG cards/booster packs?  Maybe from there I can build a formidable deck or two.
  6. Runners/Joggers meetups in Munich

    Thanks, @Malt-Teaser!  I'm curious about any groups who go on runs in one of the parks/trails in the city as well, but this sounds like it could be fun too.
  7. Runners/Joggers meetups in Munich

    Hello everyone.  I will be moving to Munich at the end of may and am looking for a running/jogging group that meets perhaps 1-2 times a week.  At the moment I'd say my pace is fairly average (maybe below average, but I'm working on that), so a group with a good range of pace would be ideal.  Regardless, I'd like to hear if there are any organized in Munich, whether through Toytown or some other club in the city.  Thanks!