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  1. Hello All,


    Like I already pointed out in my previous post me and my wife are preparing to handle the pregnancy of our first child.


    I am in search of a Geburtsvorbereitungskurs course in English in Stuttgart. Would be glad if I could receive any recommendations or contacts from your previous experience?


    Thank you in advance.




  2. 17 hours ago, someonesdaughter said:




    Thanks for the wishes and for the response.




    The week is not relevant, the midwife starts once you hire her. 




    The midwife and the doctor will agree on who does which examinations - the midwives in Germany are trained medical professionals, licensed to perform physical examinations of mom and baby including removing sutures n– but the health insurance does not pay twice for the same medical service. 

    ok, yes it makes sense that insurance does not pay for the same service twice. I will have to split the services between the midwife and the doctor. Is there a rule of thumb what services are usually done by midwives and what by frauenarzt? or is this something the midwives and doctors discuss and decide on a case by case basis? Personally we would prefer that the midwife helps us with birth preparation classes, breathing techniques, diet advice, sleeping posture advice etc and the doctor performs more complex tasks like scanning for issues etc. But I don't know if it will be too late to discuss this with the doctor whom we are only meeting next month.





    The professional association of midwifes in Baden-Württemberg provide a midwife search there 




    If you look for Stuttgart and a perimeter of 10km it shows 39 midwifes. If you look for English with "Liste filtern" there are 22 left.


    thank you. I will approach them one by one.




    Well, you'd need a "Beleghebamme" then but I'm not sure you will find one in Stuttgart. There is only one Hospital that cooperates with Beleghebammen (Charlottenklinik): https://www.rbk.de/standorte/klinik-charlottenhaus/abteilungen/gynaekologie-und-geburtshilfe/hebammen.html ask them directly.


    Because the insurance fees for midwifes that do births freelance are constantly rising dramatically there are less and less Beleghebammen anyway.


    ok. I think this option is ruled out for us then. So probably we will have a Hebamme help us out before and after child birth. But we will go with a different, hospital provided Hebamme for the child birth.




    Sorry, I don't know of any, you may want to ask a midwife or your gynaecologist.


    And while this website is also useful because it's in English http://savvystuttgart.com/parents/doku.php/maternity it doesn't help with that topic either.


    Yes thank you again. This is indeed a good website. Maybe I will also make another post on this forum regarding Geburtsvorbereitungskurs. Maybe it is better to keep these topics separate.






  3. Hello All,


    We arrived at Germany some months ago and were slowly settling down at Stuttgart. Just then the news of an unplanned pregnancy hit us. After initial few weeks of disbelief and panic we have come to terms with our situation. I have been reading extensively about the procedure in Germany. We have also visited a gynaecologist last week and have some more visits planned in the future.


    Coming to my questions. 


    1. We would like to take a hebamme (mid-wife) for the advice which they would give us. I am aware that I have to start searching immediately so they get booked out really fast. But I couldn't figure out from when we can take the services of a hebamme? Some articles mention 35 weeks and some say as early as possible (but it is not clear by which week).


    2. Is it possible to visit a gynaecologist every 4 weeks and also take services from a hebamme? Further does the insurance cover such dual consulates from both the gynaecologist and a Hebamme?


    3. Could someone please recommend English speaking midwives in Stuttgart area?


    4. Both me and my wife are comfortable only if the baby is delivered in a hospital. Is it possible that we can chose a hebamme who can also be with us at the hospital during child birth?


    5. I am searching for Geburtsvorbereitungskurs in english in Stuttgart. Recommendations for this would also help me. I want to take this as soon as possible so that we will be better prepared to handle any situation that might arise.


    Thank you in advance for the reply.


    Best Regards,

    Shreyas S




  4. Thank you all for the replies. Now I have plenty of suggestions and will try all of them in the near future and let you know what worked for me. Recently I tried Charles vögele and although not very good quality it was fitting. My brother in law also gifted me clothes from Zara and somehow the fit was perfect even without me being present when he bought the clothes. 




  5. Hello All,


    I am a small man of  5 feet 6 inches and weigh around 60kgs. I am having a hard time in Germany trying to find the right fitting clothes. For shirts and jackets the sleeves are too long and same goes for the pants. I either visit the kids section or get my clothes altered post purchase. However for office wear the "kids section" solution doesn't work and post purchase alteration is tiring out to be too expensive. 


    Are there any outlets around Stuttgart region which sell ready to purchase clothes that fit small men like me. 


    Thank you for the reply.


  6. Hello All,
    Some background:
    I recently relocated to Germany  to explore new work opportunities. I took the first offer that came my way because I liked the job profile although the salary was much lesser than what someone of my experience might get.
         However on arriving here I realised that almost half of this already low salary is paid to the govt as tax. This was a real shock to me. You might say that I should have done my research before moving and yes I agree to that point. 
    Now due to financial issues I want to change my company but a colleague pointed out that there is a very tricky clause in our contract.
    The issue:
    My contract says that the company will bear my relocation expenses and both the parties assume that the approx cost is around 8k euros, and however does not exceed 10k euros.
    The repayment obligation clause says the employee agrees to pay back the employer the costs actually assumed by the employer in case the employment relationship is terminated by the employee within 2 years.
    The Question:
    Do I have to pay the full relocation expenses of 8k even if the actual expenses for relocation is just 2 to 3k euros. This doubt arises because the clause mentions "assumed" costs and not actual costs. Is this normal in Germany?
    I am not a native English speaker and that might have led to this misinterpretation
    Thank you.