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  1. Atm charge

    I will have a look! Thanks for the info 
  2. Atm charge

    Hi  I recently took out 20€ from ATM inside Isator station using my euro bank card from Portugal bank. To my surprise it shows in my bank statement later that I have been charged 5.50€!   This was the first time I actually have been charged here. And there was no warning beforehand. I am wondering if there is a sign for those ATMs? And is it legal that there was no indication that a fee would be charged before you proceed? 
  3. I am not tax expert but looks like you need to claim your UK income in Germany and pay German tax. And you should invoice your UK client using your German address. But yeah please consult with an accountant 
  4. Anime and manga in Germany

    Perhaps get a vpn?
  5. Hi  just revive the topic for a quick question - I bought an inner zone day pass this morning and remembered I need to go to the airport to pick up my dad later today, can I just buy another outer zone day pass instead of wasting 6.70 € I just spent ? Many thanks  Qian 
  6. I didn’t know Peanuts can be so rude!😅
  7. german class sunday

    Hi I am wondering if anyone knows any casual cheapish beginner German class on Sunday in city centre? (sometimes I need to work on Saturday) Thanks a lot!   Qianh