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  1. Hi Toytowners,


    A friend of mine is applying for Niederlassungserlaubnis (Permanent Settlement Permit) after working over 33 months (with permanent open ended contract) in Frankfurt a. M.


    The ABH has asked for B1 certificate in the letter they have sent to him. But, he has A1 certificate. Also, an earlier 'email' from the same ABH asked A1 (33M)/B1(21M).


    Just curious to know, since this is a letter 'by post', should he still be just sending the A1 certificate (instead of B1, which he of course doesn't have and cannot have as it takes time to prepare for B1)?


    I am asking here, as repeated attempts to contact the ABH via emails or phone calls didn't come to any fruition. No replies! 


    Would be grateful if someone can help. 


    Regards and Happy Caturday,


    H. Bee


  2. Hi TTers,


    I hope you all are doing well. 


    I need some guidance regarding the following situation I am into:

    (Timeline of events)

    1. Lost job in August 2020

    2. Informed EBA Hamburg and BfA Hamburg on time.

    3. Receiving ALG I

    4. Received EBZ (Einbürgerungszusicherung) in September

    5. Received new permanent work contract. Work starts from 1st January 2021.


    Question: Can I surrender my current passport while I will be on a probation period (6 months)? Will the EBA issue me an Urkunde? It will take 2 weeks to receive my Ausbürgerungsurkunde from my consulate. 


    Thanks and regards, 

    H. Bee


  3. On 24.7.2020, 23:25:46, whiteraven said:

    Were you able to get Niederlassungserlaubnis on a temporary contract? I'll be in a similar situation.

    Sorry for the very delayed response. I hope you are doing well, and have already received your Niederlassungserlaubnis. But, I am still adding this response in case you are still in the process or in case any future TT-er would stumble upon this post.


    Yes, I got my NE with a temporary work contract. The important thing they pointed out - one must have at least 6 months remaining on their temporary work contract at the time of 'approval' (NOT 'application').

    Health warning: Instructions vary from ABH to ABH, from state to state, and from case officer to case officer.


    It took some time due to work load here in ABH-Hamburg. They asked for a Leben in Deutschland certificate, which is difficult to receive in short duration. The test is easy, but it takes time to receive the actual certificate. 

    Good luck and stay safe from C19.


  4. Moin Moin Toytowners,


    I have a Niederlassungserlaubnis under §18b (Settlement permit for graduates of German university) which was issues last year in the month of January. 


    Now, as I checked the lawbook of Aufenthaltsgesetz, I discovered that they have revised it and §18b is now something completely different. 


    My question: Do I need to contact my ABH and ask if my Niederlassungserlaubnis is still valid?

    (my card explicitly mentions "§18b")

    As of now, my residence permit card says 18b, which is certainly wrong as per the newly revised lawbook.


    What I am trying to ask is, perhaps, if I am still a valid Niederlassungserlaubnis holder or not.

    I cannot find any law that is equivalent to the old §18b anymore.



    H. Bee


  5. Just a quick question: I was on ALG-I for 3 months in the last quarter of 2019. Does anyone of you think that it might be a problem? The Govt. websites say that ALG-I will not be seen as a barrier or a hindrance for an application processing. But, in general, they always tend to talk about the applications made after 8 years - the normal ones. But, I failed to find anything on the Internet regarding the applications made under 8 years - the discretionary ones. Anyone has any idea, how it might affect my case?


  6. 11 hours ago, LukeSkywalker said:

    The good news is that you don't need to pay GEZ or Rundfunkbeitrag (ARD/ZDF) as unemployed 👻.

    Oh deary deary me, I am so delighted to learn this.


    When I was on ALG-I (Q3/2019-20), I continued to pay my Rundfunkbeitrag. That was for one quarter. The quarter I was employed. If this is the case, then is there a provision to get this money back? Just want to learn more about this.


    Much appreciate your help.


    Many thanks, 

    H. Bee


  7. 42 minutes ago, TurMech said:

    I'm doing fine, thank you :). I hope everything is well on your side too.

    I am doing good too, thank you. Just a bit anxious about the process of Einbürgerung. 


    43 minutes ago, TurMech said:

    That is great news. I'd appreciate if you share your experiences here, as you go through the process.

    Yes, I will surely do so as it proceeds. There are way too many people asking technical questions here on TT, and not too many people sharing their experience once the process ends. I will share mine so that others can benefit.


    44 minutes ago, TurMech said:

    hat is so strange. By law, it is not possible (§ 10 StAG). 


    (3) Weist ein Ausländer durch die Bescheinigung des Bundesamtes für Migration und Flüchtlinge die erfolgreiche Teilnahme an einem Integrationskurs nach, wird die Frist nach Absatz 1 auf sieben Jahre verkürzt. Bei Vorliegen besonderer Integrationsleistungen, insbesondere beim Nachweis von Sprachkenntnissen, die die Voraussetzungen des Absatzes 1 Satz 1 Nr. 6 übersteigen, kann sie auf sechs Jahre verkürzt werden.


    For the definition of application after 6 year residence, please see Page 30, top left paragraph in this document --> Link

     That is an important document. However, since the approval of the Einbürgerungsantrag before 8 years mark is at the "discretion" of the case officer, so therefore, I guess his case was different as he has worked for an NGO as a volunteer. So, probably his B2 requirement was waived off. Moreover, he was a British Citizen. I wonder if Brexit played a role in this. But, not entirely sure. 


  8. 8 hours ago, TurMech said:

    Hi Honigbiene,


    Citizenship application after 6 years of residence is something, i am also targeting. Though i have still 2 years and 11 months until then, i started my preparations. I took the B2 language certificate, and will be taking the Einbürgerungstest in a week.


    This is the thread where citizenship after 6 years is discussed --> German citizenship after 6 years

    However, the answer to your question regarding the processing time is under this thread --> Processing time


    Have you been involved in any kind of voluntary service? I am asking, because that was advised to me to support my future application in my info4alien topic--> Einbürgerung nach § 10 Abs. 3 Satz 2 StAG (6 Jahre)


    Hi TurMech, 

    Happy to see you here again. I hope you are keeping well. 


    Many thanks for sharing the links. Although, I do not get enough data regarding Hamburg.


    I applied with B2 Certificate. No voluntary work. Although, I have submitted Integrationskurszertifikat + Einbürgerungstest with it. Here in Hamburg, as far as I got the impression, one need not do voluntary work to be eligible for Naturalisation after 6 year. Only B2 certificate is enough. Although, I met a guy during my B1 test, who was interested for Naturalisation after 6 years. But, he was doing voluntary service somewhere for almost a year. For him, B1 certificate + his voluntary work certificate was enough. 


  9. Hi Toytowners,


    I have recently applied for my naturalization here in Hamburg. I have applied after 6 years of living here in Germany.


    I am curious to know how long has it taken for some of you who might have already received their certificate from Hamburg (or other state/city). I have been going through the Internet for the past 48 hours, but did not come across anything useful. So, therefore thought of asking here.


    So, can you TT-ers share your experience regarding your Naturalisation process? Does not matter which state you are from. I would love to learn about your experiences. It might also help others who are similarly curious about it.


    My apologies if this question has already been asked here under some other thread. I failed to find it either. A link to that thread would be much appreciated.


    Many thanks, 



  10. Hello everyone,


    My 'limited' contract is coming to an end on the last day of this month. I have a Niederlassungserlaubnis since January this year. Yesterday, I went to the ABH information desk, to just ask if I have to report my unemployment (which will be from 01.09.) to them (I have already registered with BfA, which is a different story altogether). She said, I must report it to them. Moreover, she said I will have 'only 3 months' to look for another job or else they will have my NE cancelled. Contrary to everything I knew about NE, this got me so traumatised. Now, I am afraid of sending them an email or something. Just scared of poking the hornet's nest. I read §51 and §82 of AufenthG. But, it did not help. Can anyone confirm if what she said is true for those who have NE? It would be helpful for soothing my nerves. I just do not want to go on a vacation (= 7 weeks, < 6 months condition) with this thing in the back of my mind.


    Many thanks, 

    H. Bee 


  11. On 3/26/2018, 6:30:20, someonesdaughter said:


    'Being here' is not relevant – you have to have paid into the insurance (for at least 12 months) while working to get s.t.h out. 22 months make 11 months, the max. is 12 months. OTOH you have to inform the Ausländerbehörde when you loose your job and have only 3 months to find a new job.

    Sorry to pop in here. But, is this true for those who are NE holders as well? I.e., informing the Ausländersbehörde about loss of job and 3 months to look for a job.


  12. On 8/7/2019, 8:34:43, mtkh said:

    I applied at Hamburg Welcome Center and yes initially it took 2 months of wait since they didn't have any free appointments left but once I submitted documents, in the middle of July, it took only three weeks to get my card ready. I got it today :) 



  13. 2 minutes ago, Kommentarlos said:


    My understanding of the OP's situation is what is written in the title of the thread.


    "can you convert a spouse visa because you are splitting up".

    That's a good point. I have missed it completely. Thanks for mentioning the title of the thread.


    Now, I have a general question:  If my partner and I are 'thinking' about separation, but have not filed for divorce yet, then am I eligible (legally) to ask for a dependent visa extension?


  14. On 8/3/2019, 6:47:51, engelchen said:

    Applying for a dependent permit as a spouse after splitting up is a criminal offence in Germany. 

    @engelchen : But they have not split up right? As @jeba also pointed out.

    As I understood, OP's partner wants to split up. If they are legally still married/staying-together couples, does that not mean they are still married/staying-together in the eyes of the law and therefore can apply for visa extension legally?


    I understand, that if they are living separately (the one year period before one can legally seek a divorce) or legally-divorced already, then applying for a dependent visa is a criminal offence. I would believe not only in Germany but in any law-abiding country. 


    Correct me if I have had the wrong understanding of the OP's situation. 


  15. 2 hours ago, mtkh said:

    @Jadoy Any updates? I applied with everything in the middle of June and still waiting, it has been three weeks now and the office told me that it will be delivered in three weeks. I live in Hamburg.

    Did you apply from Hamburg Welcome Center (HWC-Rathaus) or from one of those Bezirksamt attaché?

    If it is Hamburg Welcome Center, then they will take time. It is the only Foreigner's Department that has employees who can communicate in English. They are always over crowded and understaffed. 


  16. @ilyann Thank you for your helpful reply. 


    13 hours ago, ilyann said:

    Out of curiosity, do you not want to receive the ALG I as a principle? If so, could you clarify what makes you uncomfortable about using the insurance that you paid into? E.g. if you had an insurance again theft and your bike was stolen would you also refuse the insurance money for the bike?

    There are two reasons for my hesitation:

    1. It just does not 'feel' good to take financial help from a country where am still a guest. 

    2. I am planning to apply for citizenship next year (after 7 years) with the Integration Course Certificate option. I am a bit worried if taking ALG I might have an effect on my prospect. 


    13 hours ago, ilyann said:

    It just sounds a bit from your use of the word "dole" like you mix the ALG I (the unemployment benefits system for people who look for work that you paid every month into from your salary) and the ALG II (the system for people who don't have any money and who often are long-term unemployed, i.e. the pure social transfer).

     I understand your point, but doesn't taking ALG I from the state affect the outcome of Einbürgerung decision? Moeover, I have paid like around €65 per month towards Arbeitslosenversicherung. That is not enough either. It feels like I will be getting more than I have contributed. It feels a bit weird to my conscience. There are people who actually need it, and I think they are more deserving than I am. So, yeah, these are the two reasons why I am not willing to take it. 



    I went to the Arbeitsamt today, and they said that I have to take the ALG-I, and they cannot approve more than 3 weeks of vacation in September. So, I am bit upset about that. 3 weeks is good. A good provision. But, I need around 5 weeks. She said, anything more than 3 weeks, and I won't get paid for the extra weeks. I said, I am fine with that. But, my Sachbearbeiterin was adamant that I should not lose money at all. Not even a penny. So, perhaps I have to go back and forth to make them understand. I do not really think there is much of a free choice that I have here. I feel trapped. So let see.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  17. Sorry to hear your personal situation. Separation of all kind is painful.


    1. Nevertheless, as far as I can understand your situation, if you and your partner are still together 'on paper' i.e. 'officially', then you can apply for visa extension with your partner. Also depends on what kind of visa your partner is seeking. Of course, you need to do it with the consent of your partner.


    2a. Freelancer Visa is not as easy as it might sound like. You must have extensive documentation. Everything boils down to the question of 'livelihood' and 'health insurance'. The Ausländersbehörde must be convinced that you have those two things sorted out. Moreover, you must present a plan to them, regarding how you want to move ahead with your freelancing idea.


    2b. You can avail health insurance regardless of a job. If you have a valid visa, then you can pay it our yourself. But, then it is a catch-22 situation. You do not get a visa, if you cannot prove that you have a purpose for a visa. If you have a purpose, then there is a health insurance plan already stitched out for you. For example, if you are a student, then you pay €90 (for the public one) or so. 


    These are all 2nd hand information that I am giving. I, personally, do not have any 1st experience in these matters. You did not get a reply since Sunday, so I thought I might just share 2nd hand information with you. I do not know how much it would help you.


  18. 3 minutes ago, someonesdaughter said:

    I don't see a problem if you don't relate to ALG1.

    @someonesdaughter : If I had a choice, I would have politely asked them not to grant me any doles. So that I do not have them breathing down my neck. 
    Just to be clear, I am not complaining about the system. I actually really like the system. But, I think I have to accept ALG-I, as it is not a matter of choice. I mean, of course, had I not registered now, then I would have had faced the consequences of it, ergo, not receiving ALG-I. But, that's a weird way of saying no thank you. I just do not have a choice here and that makes me feel a tad uncomfortable. So, yeah, I might really have to put my anxiety aside and just ask them.


  19. @someonesdaughter : Thank you for the information. It was helpful. I have just registered myself as a Job Seeker on their website, and probably will visit their office before lunch on Monday. I am already late, as I understand. But, better late than never. I just do not want to break any laws. It is beyond my dream to break any law.


    3 hours ago, someonesdaughter said:

    On the one hand, blocking periods can then be suspended, on the other hand, the entitlement period decreases.

    Can you elucidate this a bit more please? What do you mean by 'blocking period'?

    I understand the 'entitlement period' though, I guess. Since I have worked for 36 consecutive months, so I am 'entitled' to receive ALG-I for a period of 12 months, which is also the maximum number of month anyone can receive. So, for me 'entitlement period' is 12 months (without considering the deduction they are going to make for late registration).


    The thing that I am also eager to know however: Can I convince them now somehow for a month-long-vacation?

    Such a question sounds ridiculous to me if I were them, frankly. I would have wanted to clear the files of Job Seekers off my desk ASAP.

    But, I really need a break. I just cannot work anymore. My noodles are baked beyond burnt (to borrow Oracle's line from The Matrix movie).




  20. 2 minutes ago, lisa13 said:

    right - I totally get that.


    MY understanding is that the arbeitsamt's rules apply to people who want to collect arbeitslosengeld.  If you don't ever want to collect and you're damned sure you won't NEED to collect during this upcoming break, I don't think you need to register at all.  


    but hopefully someone will come along to verify or dispute that.

    IKR. That was my understanding as well, that if you need ALG I then you need to register on time. I just do not feel like taking doles from the state and I have enough savings, thank Lord, to survive for a year including the vacation.

    Now, the website of Agentur für Arbeit says that one is 'legally obligated' to register (the money part comes later, but just registration). Now that is troubling me. What is the penalty of not fulfilling that obligation? It does not say anything about that.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I thank you @lisa13 for your help.
    Maybe, veteran TTers like @2B_orNot2B or @engelchen or @someonesdaughter might be able to throw some light. 


  21. 12 minutes ago, lisa13 said:


    if you are only gone for a month, you need not worry about your NE - I presume you won't need/want to deregister your address during this time, right?


    no idea about the arbeitsamt.  I think the worst they can do is delay payments - maybe stick you with the 3 months of no benefits as if you quit your job -  if you fail to register in time but I'm not sure.


    make sure you keep paying for your health insurance!

    Thanks @lisa13 for that quick response. No, I am not deregistering from my address, and I am not quitting my job voluntarily. It was a job with limited contract period of 3 years. I will make sure that I keep paying towards my health insurance. I spoke to them, and they said that one month after end of contract, i.e., September is already 'free'. I have to start paying from October onward.


    My only concern is about the extent of Arbeitsamt. It is a complete black-box for me as far as such information is concerned. As far as I know, once you register yourself as 'looking for jobs' with them, then you cannot move out of Germany for a 'vacation' and you have to keep on informing them about what you are doing and how many applications you have made and just update them about 'what's up?' in general. It is a nice helpful thing, but I do not want to get into that nanny-loop. I just need my time of one month to Eat-Sleep-Poop-Repeat and do absolutely nothing else.


  22. Hello Fellow Toytowners, 


    I am in a bit of a pickle here.


    My employment contract is getting over by this month end. It was a limited contract of 3 years (a contract with a university for the position of a research associate).


    I have been applying for jobs since July'19, but didn't hit any luck as of now. So, in case if I do not find any job as per my plan A, then my current plan B is to visit my home country in September '19; stay for a month; return back to BRD and search for a new job. I am totally burnt out for the moment with my research and PhD work. Completely toasted. So I really need a month to unwind.


    Now, recently as I have been looking here and there for information regarding Agentur für Arbeit and boi I am in stress. The information that I have gathered so far is as follows: (a) one must register 3 months prior to last working date, (b) one is legally obligated to do so, (c) proactive registration helps with ALG-I. 


    I have my savings and I do not really wish to receive ALG-I. I can sustain without receiving doles. So, what should I do now? I really want to go home for a month, and I do not have any energy to fight bureaucracy anymore.  I can register now. But, I want to go home, return back, and then look for a new job. Will that work? Or will I get a beating from them? I have a Niederlassungserlaubnis. Will they snatch that away from me, if I register now and then look for jobs once I return back from home?


    I am really confused, and I have been searching all over the internet for some clue. I would really appreciate some help from my fellow TTers. 


    Happy Weekend! 



    H. Bee