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  1. Moin Moin Toytowners,   I have a Niederlassungserlaubnis under §18b (Settlement permit for graduates of German university) which was issues last year in the month of January.    Now, as I checked the lawbook of Aufenthaltsgesetz, I discovered that they have revised it and §18b is now something completely different.    My question: Do I need to contact my ABH and ask if my Niederlassungserlaubnis is still valid? (my card explicitly mentions "§18b") As of now, my residence permit card says 18b, which is certainly wrong as per the newly revised lawbook.   What I am trying to ask is, perhaps, if I am still a valid Niederlassungserlaubnis holder or not. I cannot find any law that is equivalent to the old §18b anymore.   Regards,  H. Bee
  2. Just a quick question: I was on ALG-I for 3 months in the last quarter of 2019. Does anyone of you think that it might be a problem? The Govt. websites say that ALG-I will not be seen as a barrier or a hindrance for an application processing. But, in general, they always tend to talk about the applications made after 8 years - the normal ones. But, I failed to find anything on the Internet regarding the applications made under 8 years - the discretionary ones. Anyone has any idea, how it might affect my case?
  3. Griping about the Arbeitsamt

    Oh deary deary me, I am so delighted to learn this.   When I was on ALG-I (Q3/2019-20), I continued to pay my Rundfunkbeitrag. That was for one quarter. The quarter I was employed. If this is the case, then is there a provision to get this money back? Just want to learn more about this.   Much appreciate your help.   Many thanks,  H. Bee
  4.  That is an important document. However, since the approval of the Einbürgerungsantrag before 8 years mark is at the "discretion" of the case officer, so therefore, I guess his case was different as he has worked for an NGO as a volunteer. So, probably his B2 requirement was waived off. Moreover, he was a British Citizen. I wonder if Brexit played a role in this. But, not entirely sure. 
  5.   Hi TurMech,  Happy to see you here again. I hope you are keeping well.    Many thanks for sharing the links. Although, I do not get enough data regarding Hamburg.   I applied with B2 Certificate. No voluntary work. Although, I have submitted Integrationskurszertifikat + Einbürgerungstest with it. Here in Hamburg, as far as I got the impression, one need not do voluntary work to be eligible for Naturalisation after 6 year. Only B2 certificate is enough. Although, I met a guy during my B1 test, who was interested for Naturalisation after 6 years. But, he was doing voluntary service somewhere for almost a year. For him, B1 certificate + his voluntary work certificate was enough. 
  6. Hi Toytowners,   I have recently applied for my naturalization here in Hamburg. I have applied after 6 years of living here in Germany.   I am curious to know how long has it taken for some of you who might have already received their certificate from Hamburg (or other state/city). I have been going through the Internet for the past 48 hours, but did not come across anything useful. So, therefore thought of asking here.   So, can you TT-ers share your experience regarding your Naturalisation process? Does not matter which state you are from. I would love to learn about your experiences. It might also help others who are similarly curious about it.   My apologies if this question has already been asked here under some other thread. I failed to find it either. A link to that thread would be much appreciated.   Many thanks,  H.Bee