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  1. Hi TTers,   I hope you all are doing well.    I need some guidance regarding the following situation I am into: (Timeline of events) 1. Lost job in August 2020 2. Informed EBA Hamburg and BfA Hamburg on time. 3. Receiving ALG I 4. Received EBZ (Einbürgerungszusicherung) in September 5. Received new permanent work contract. Work starts from 1st January 2021.   Question: Can I surrender my current passport while I will be on a probation period (6 months)? Will the EBA issue me an Urkunde? It will take 2 weeks to receive my Ausbürgerungsurkunde from my consulate.    Thanks and regards,  H. Bee
  2. Sorry for the very delayed response. I hope you are doing well, and have already received your Niederlassungserlaubnis. But, I am still adding this response in case you are still in the process or in case any future TT-er would stumble upon this post.   Yes, I got my NE with a temporary work contract. The important thing they pointed out - one must have at least 6 months remaining on their temporary work contract at the time of 'approval' (NOT 'application'). Health warning: Instructions vary from ABH to ABH, from state to state, and from case officer to case officer.   It took some time due to work load here in ABH-Hamburg. They asked for a Leben in Deutschland certificate, which is difficult to receive in short duration. The test is easy, but it takes time to receive the actual certificate.  Good luck and stay safe from C19.
  3. Dear Toytown Community,    I have a question regarding the Permanent Residency (Niederlassungserlaubnis or NE for short) under the AufenthG§18b.  The AufenthG §18b is for those who have completed a degree from German Universities, non-EU Blue-Card holder.  The details can be found here:AufenthG 18b   Now, I am currently working as a Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter with a University which is under the Federal Government. My current visa status is hence under AufenthG §18 Abz. 4, S.1. My work contract is for 3 years (or 36 months). Out of which I have already finished 22 months. I am planning to apply for NE after I am done making the mandatory 24 months contribution towards the Rentenversicherung (Pension Insurance) fund (in accordance with AufenthG §18b, point number 3). I will be applying from the City of Hamburg, where I am currently posted and where I live.   Now AufenthG §18b connects to AufenthG §9. Over there, paragraph 2, point number 2 asks for a guarantee that my livelihood is secured at the time of application. Now at the time of application, I can show that my livelihood is secured for another 12 months at least (through my Arbeitsvertrag/Work Contract).   The sticking point that I am worried about is - if that (12 months remaining on Arbeitsvertrag) will suffice in fulfilling the requirement stated under AufenthG §9 Abz. 2. S.2 to the satisfaction of the issuing authority. I would be grateful if someone can clarify this with their insight/experience on a matter similar to this one.   Cheers!