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  1. Mail forwarding

    Well, when I took and attached the above screenshot, I didn't mean to say that I am going to select option as per screenshot i.e. "Without removal notice".  I am sorry if that wasn't clear.   My question has been answered by someonesdaughter who used service before so its good now. Thanks all.
  2. Mail forwarding

    I have no intention to sue or civil case. Just curious to know.  
  3. Mail forwarding

    Thank you! :)
  4. Mail forwarding

    Hi , I can see you have been supporting this forum for a long time. No offense, but are you saying this from your experience or from your understanding? Thanks for your help!
  5. Mail forwarding

    Hello TT, I tried search functionality and couldn't find specific answer for similar questions.   If I select 1st option- I understand that Deutsch Post is going to notify the certain sender (or business contact) about my new address so they can update address.   My first question is, will Deutsch Post also forward same mails to my new address? or return the mails back to sender and notify the new address? My second question is, are those sender/business contacts (eg. Insurance or Bank) obliged to update address by law if they get notification about new address from Deutsch Post?   My first priority to get mails to new address (of course, not all mails will be forwarded). And then if possible, notify the sender anyway otherwise I will update address by myself.   Thank you for your help.  
  6. Applying for a "Schwerbehindertenausweis"

    What is average time to get such card assuming all documents are complete etc.