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  1. Thank you for saving me and sorting this out @john g.. I received legal insurance protection without any waiting period. Stay safe!  
  2. Dear,   I immigrated to Germany in 2018 and took Deurag Legal insurance with the help of a advertised broker here without any hesistation.  Due to some circumstance, I had to use legal insurance twice as plantiff for different matter. 1) I won and defendant paid 100% and 2) defendent paid 90% settelement out of court   After this, deurag sent cancellation letter that it will not renew subscription for next year (probably its typical) therefore I started looking for new legal insurance. I understand that getting new legal insurance with above history could be difficult and I am aware of waiting for 3-6 months cooling period.   I am seeking advice from expert or those who were in similar situation (Cancellation from previous insurer) and opted/accepted by different insurer and who are they?    Thanks and stay safe!