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  1. Thank you for saving me and sorting this out @john g.. I received legal insurance protection without any waiting period. Stay safe!  
  2. Dear,   I immigrated to Germany in 2018 and took Deurag Legal insurance with the help of a advertised broker here without any hesistation.  Due to some circumstance, I had to use legal insurance twice as plantiff for different matter. 1) I won and defendant paid 100% and 2) defendent paid 90% settelement out of court   After this, deurag sent cancellation letter that it will not renew subscription for next year (probably its typical) therefore I started looking for new legal insurance. I understand that getting new legal insurance with above history could be difficult and I am aware of waiting for 3-6 months cooling period.   I am seeking advice from expert or those who were in similar situation (Cancellation from previous insurer) and opted/accepted by different insurer and who are they?    Thanks and stay safe!
  3. VLH effective tax calculation

    I came across this post and was expecting something like this when VLH was preparing our tax return   We (my and my wife) lived in canada for first 3 months of the year (had regular salaried income and paid tax already). I found job germany, booked flight together and moved to Germany. I gave canada tax/paid declaration, all other bills and asked VLH to file Germany tax return 4 months back.   He sent me tax return draft this month 1. In draft, he didnt mentioned anything about how much tax I pad in canada already but he did enter, how much I earned in canada+germany and tax paid in germany. 2. He also split flight ticket cost and entered for me only (although its joint file application) and didnt enter any standard meal expense. Also, there was no relocation benefit from company. 3. There was another error on distance calculation which is not relavant here.   I did my research (done multiple tax return in past by myself), used steuergo as a reference and spoke to him about it.   He agreed to correct point 2 and 3. He has now entered full flight ticket cost, standard meal expenses for both person.   For point 1, he told me that germany doesnt consider for tax calculation how much I earned or paid tax for first 3 months because I was not living in germany. But for record purpose, he still need to enter canada earned income and no canada paid tax.   Is this correct? 
  4. Stock market investing in Germany for dummies

    Also I am commerzbank customer. any opnion on trading account with them?
  5. Stock market investing in Germany for dummies

    so whats do you think turn average turn-around time..from account sign-up, verification and buying stock/fund etc. or any recommendation? Also is it english supported? 
  6. Correct, deadline has been passed already while I gave him all documents 4 months back and he took signature from me on same day to his bill.   First, he didnt deliver service on time (I already missed deadline despite multiple follow-up) and second, he missed or didnt consider relocation expenses for my wife (I will have to discuss with him). When I asked him, who will be responsible for late filing then his reply is that "I think it is not a compulsory assessment, then there are no deadlines.".   Sure, preparing tax return is hard and complicated in Germany. But 4 months from a VLH expert?? Is this normal for my scenario (explained in original post)?   Its hard to digest for me but like you said I will have to move-on.
  7. Dear forum members, Tax return filing deadline was Feb 2020 (wihout penalty).    My scenario is: moved to Germany from other country in 2018, Married, regular salaried employee. Provided all documents to them by Oct 2019. And there was no other documents/questions asked by them and I followed-up every months about progress but no reply. Suddenly today I get invoice of 200 euro and tax return which I need to sign and pay invoice before filing.   Also, I am not satisfied tax return file which he prepared. I think, I need second opinion with tax return.   At this point, can I not pay this tax consultant and approach other tax consultant (VLH or other agency) to get second opinion or may be file return with other? Is this ethical?    Thanks.