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  1. How to buy stock?

    Wow, you must be the funniest guy at the coffee machine ... 
  2. I have a garden 7 km from my home. Can I drive there or am I breaking the quarantine rules? I live in a village close to Erlangen. Thanks.
  3. How to buy stock?

    Hello, I want to buy stock, but I know nothing about it. I don’t know who offers this service, how much it costs ... ? Is my bank (Sparkasse) offering the service? Can I do it myself ..  ? Any advise is helpful. Thanks.
  4. Health insurance for US business trip

    Thanks, do you know the exact name of the insurance? A website?
  5. Health insurance for US business trip

    I am with TK already, thanks, I will check.
  6. Hello, I will go to the US to attend a trade fair. I am EU citizen and have my freelance activity registered with the German tax authorities.    I want to have health insurance during my US trip, since it’s a business trip I presume I would need a business travel insurance.    Do you know which insurance companies in Germany offer this option? Which one would you recomand?     thanks.