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  1. Update to everyone, maybe this helps: I asked for the contact responsible for this and forwarded him/her a copy of my old contract, stating that my rent included all the nebenkosten. After one month, they deducted those years from my bill. So I really recommend everyone to keep their previous contracts and do the same!  
  2. Hello,  After 4 years as untermieter in a house, I moved in another place as Hauptmieter more than a year ago and I changed anmeldung two months ago only (my fault). Now I receive a bill from Rundfunkbeitrag asking me 900+EUR including all the costs of the previous 4 years.  In the previous house, I signed a subletting contract stating my rent and that "all additional costs (nebenkosten) to be paid by the main tenant are included". Once I registered there with anmeldung, I received a bill from Rundfunkbeitrag, and my Hauptmieter said he would have sent them a letter stating that we are living together and thus I didn't have to pay. The problem is, this Hauptmieter never paid these bills and now they are charging me (very likely, he has never sent that letter). Since this person is not reliable nor reasonable, I know that he will refuse to pay, to give me his Rundfunkbeitrag ID number, or even to confirm to Rundfunkbeitrag what has been verbally agreed between us. Is it sufficient to send them a copy of my contract, or is there a specific procedure to apply? Thanks in advance!