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  1. Krankenkasse, VAT and Anmeldung

    My bad, I really thought I was doing the right thing but apparently I might get in serious trouble. I will try do de register and then re-register after moving my legal residency here
  2. Krankenkasse, VAT and Anmeldung

    Ok, bad news :/ How do you suggest to act to register here without paying the previous years? By making and abmeldung?
  3. Krankenkasse, VAT and Anmeldung

    Ok, thanks for the clarification. But if I  stay here for less than 6 months at the time, I don't have to register with a German health insurance, therefore I thought it was not a problem.. 
  4. Krankenkasse, VAT and Anmeldung

    There is a difference between a place you live sometimes in a country and the legal place you officially live permanently. So my legal residency is in my hometown, but since in Germany they need an address I made the anmeldung here, but it doesn't mean I live here stabile (I have not registered as "expat" in my bothschaft for instance). How else should do a person having a room here but being most of the time away?
  5. Krankenkasse, VAT and Anmeldung

    Thank you for you reply. Yes, I kept the insurance of my home country because I was not here stable, but I was registered in order to have a contract for a room here, to go to the gym sometimes etc. I know that an anmeldung is compulsive, even if my legal residence is still in the other country
  6. Krankenkasse, VAT and Anmeldung

    I have a EU card, I am registered with it
  7. Krankenkasse, VAT and Anmeldung

    The medical bills of the services used here? Partially me and the rest the insurance in my country
  8. Krankenkasse, VAT and Anmeldung

    It was TK, they sent me letters to register, but I never signed them
  9. Krankenkasse, VAT and Anmeldung

    Hi all,  I am an EU citizen and had my first anmeldung here 5 years ago, without a job. After a help from the jobcenter (which paid for me the German insurance, to which I never registered), I started to work as a remote freelancer with my VAT registered here. I have always moved back and forth from Germany to my country (not staying here longer than 6 months) thus keeping the insurance in my hometown.  After all this time, I've been told by a friend that as long as I have an anmeldung, I have to pay the German krankenkasse, no matter if I worked for a German company from abroad and was here no longer than 6 months each time. Is it true? I asked my insurance to provide me the module E104 to prove that I was with them this whole time, but my question is: is my situation illegal? Can they track me and make me pay all these 5 years? Is the module E 104 enough to avoid this?  Thank you in advance
  10. Hello,  After 4 years as untermieter in a house, I moved in another place as Hauptmieter more than a year ago and I changed anmeldung two months ago only (my fault). Now I receive a bill from Rundfunkbeitrag asking me 900+EUR including all the costs of the previous 4 years.  In the previous house, I signed a subletting contract stating my rent and that "all additional costs (nebenkosten) to be paid by the main tenant are included". Once I registered there with anmeldung, I received a bill from Rundfunkbeitrag, and my Hauptmieter said he would have sent them a letter stating that we are living together and thus I didn't have to pay. The problem is, this Hauptmieter never paid these bills and now they are charging me (very likely, he has never sent that letter). Since this person is not reliable nor reasonable, I know that he will refuse to pay, to give me his Rundfunkbeitrag ID number, or even to confirm to Rundfunkbeitrag what has been verbally agreed between us. Is it sufficient to send them a copy of my contract, or is there a specific procedure to apply? Thanks in advance!