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  1. Freelancing in Berlin as UK Citizen

      Hey Red,   I'm covered through my full-time job until may 14th, a month after my leave date.    Then I'm in the wind as they say, and wish to register as a freelancer but not pay huge fees monthly.    Not sure how best to go about it all. I guess first register as freelancer, get a new tax number, then inform the health company?    I'd love to avoid all of that and do it from the UK but being registered and in system, the health company will no doubt be in touch.    Best, David 
  2. Hi Everyone,   So, I require advice relating to health insurance and freelancing.    I am from the UK and came to Berlin in June to work as an employee. This took care of my AOK health insurance. I then left my job in April.    I am registered here in Berlin at a friend's address (still subletting), and am now considering going freelance as a proofreader, as i have a client base building up.    My question - can I do all my taxes and health through the UK, and be registered in Berlin at an address? I wish to stay in Berlin and find a home soon.    If not possible, can I register here as a freelancer and set up a new affordable health plan with AOK? Not sure how it all works so any simplified advice be magic.   Thank you in advance everyone!   David           
  3. Hi Everyone,   Okay, so a tricky situation for me. I'm from the UK and registered here in Berlin last June. I was fully employed and registered in Berlin and got my tax number as an employee.    I then left my job last week.    I wish to set up my own freelancing service, but wondered if the following was possible, or how best to go about this transition, feeling overwhelmed!   1. Can I register in the UK as a freelancer and do all my taxes via the UK AND be registered at an address in Berlin?    I'm not sure how the system works, if better to register in Berlin as a freelancer, a link to how to go about this would be amazing!   Thanks Everyone,   David