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  1. Landlord does not want to return deposit

    Did you cause any kind of damage to the apartment which could be considered more then regular wear and tear? Were you extra careful with everything? I doubt there is a case hear. Learn from your mistakes and move on. You may (!) be able to get a few hundred Euro back from the deposit but it likely won't easy. Try talking to the landlady again and see if you can find any kind of agreement with her. If not, move on. Don't waste your energy. 
  2. Being Underpaid Unfairly and Legal Options

    The only leverage you have is counting on the fact that your employer is aware that it will cost him a lot of money to hire somebody else for your position. Just be very clear that you will be leaving the company if the quality of your work is not reflected in your salary. If they continue to play BS-games change employers. I am sure you are already working on bettering your German skills. Which industry are you working in?
  3. Botox in Berlin

      Awesome, thanks!