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  1. Apartment contract cancelled

    @Metall  Well as I said would keep you informed. Fortunately it's been sorted. Went to see the manager this morning and seems the whole thing has been one big mistake. And he did apologise.  Seems he is under a lot of stress with the change of ownership, which is understandable with several hundred people to deal with he said he completely missed my apartment, which is why I wasn't informed of the changes. So although a bit pissed off with all this stress for nothing, I could see he was under a lot of strain and worn down. So forgive and and forget, as they say.We all make mistakes, especially when under stress.  So as you can imagine this has been a great relief, so looks like happy Christmas is on again :-) oh yeah before I forget, wish you a happy Xmas as well
  2. Apartment contract cancelled

    Ok, thanks for that advice, and let u know later, when there is some clarity.
  3. Apartment contract cancelled

    Look I said its done, so can't you just leave it alone? These days anything on internet someone always has to leave smartass comments and needs to prove how clever they are. It's nothing to do with being over sensitive, believe it or not,  when you're suddenly faced with being homeless out of the blue, especially at Xmas,  it doesn't put you in the best frame of mind, not sleeping much, stressed and worried. So let's draw a line ok,its done! Some people gave good advice I will stick with that and try and decide what's best.
  4. Apartment contract cancelled

    I am over it, thanks, this discussion is done,  so no further comment required. Auf Wiedersehen
  5. Apartment contract cancelled

    >>When why did you post here in the first place? well, basically was trying to get some basic info first,but seems its some kind of offence on here, accused of hassling.etc so forget it. I will deal with it on my own, rightly or wrongly!  
  6. Apartment contract cancelled

    What the hell are you talking about... hassling the receptionist?  Receptionists are there to answer questions. And if the manager is not available,which has happened a lot of late what are you saying? I can't ask some questions?  Anyway was more of a discussion and she actually agreed with me, yes you should have been told something. And I know the receptionist quite well having been here a while and am always polite!  So don't jump to instant conclusions without knowing the facts and accusing people of hassling! And there is no point going to Mietverein until I know what the situation is, it may be dealt with when the manager explain things. No point running to Mietverein without knowing all the facts. With the new owners I don't know exactly what their plans are, that's what the problem is, nobody's been told anything which really is not good enough, but thats how it is. So until I know the facts I will wait, when the manager finally turns up Wednesday I expect to have more clarity!
  7. Apartment contract cancelled

    So Xmas coming up and time of joy etc...yeah right unless of course u get screwed! Well I just been truly screwed by the Apts I am living at,  its actually owned by a hotel chain, but with long term apartments and been here nearly 2 years. Usually renewing contract was simple, contract runs out end of this month, so just tried to renew and they said I have to get out! I thought are these people kidding me? Apparently what happened, the place has changed owners and  my rent contract is cancelled end of December and I have to move out, as all the places are now occupied.   What pisses me off they didn't even tell me about it!!   Only found out yesterday when I tried to extend contract. I find this quite unbelievable. How the hell can they do this to people making them homeless at Christmas time, without even telling you. Well I'm truly screwed now I'm not going to find a place to live in such a short time, it was difficult enough last time  and took months. And expecting important mail,  new bank card and new passport is on its way and won't get here until about January, when I wont be here any more. So yeah think Merry Xmas is cancelled this year.