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  1. Left over leaves after resigning

    Thanks everyone for the replies. @PandaMunich Are they in their legal rights to deny the rest of my vacation days and pay me instead (without asking me)? I never asked them to do it or had any discussion with the HR about holiday payout. It is going to be an expensive lesson for me as I'll have to cancel my flights, airbnbs and car rentals that I planned for my vacation.
  2. Left over leaves after resigning

    Thanks, I'll apply for my holidays and see how it goes..
  3. Left over leaves after resigning

    Thank you @LeonG for the reply. I agree with what you wrote and my understanding is that if I wanted the payout instead of the holidays, I should have discussed it with my previous employer.   I was on the call with the HR department from my old company yesterday. They told me that I should have sent them an email before leaving the company, informing them that I don't need the payout and would like to carry over the rest of the holidays to my new company. Also, I am told that it is too late to send an email and it won't work now (I have never heard of such a rule).   The Urlaubsbescheinigung is a bit vague. The exact sentence in there is as follows: "Der Jahresurlaubsanspruch im laufenden Kalendarjahr beträgt 30 Tage; davon wurden von uns (anteilig) 30 Urlaubstage gewährt bzw. abgegolten."   I've given this letter to my current HR and she infromed me that I still have 8 holidays left this year and I should take them before the year ends. I received my salary slip from my new company today, and I can see that I still have 8 holidays remaning this year.
  4. Left over leaves after resigning

    Hi, I am in a strange situation with my job change and the remaining holidays for the year. I quit my old employer on 30.09.2022 and joined my new company on 01.10.2022. I had taken 20 holidays with my old employer until 30.09.2022. So, my understanding is that the remaining 3 days (2.5 x 9 = 22.5 = 23 days) would be paid out. I had sumbitted the Urlaubsbescheinigung from my old employer to my new employer and I can see that I am entitled to 8 holidays for the rest of this year in my company holiday portal (2.5 x 3 = 7.5 = 8). Today, I was informed by my old employer that all the remaining holidays for this year will be paid out and I cannot take anymore holidays this year. Is this a normal practice? I really do not need the money and I was looking forward to taking my holidays in November.