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  1. "Paigo"

    I agree with El Jeffo. I was the one paying the Rundfunkbeitrag for a 5 person WG. Whenever my flatmates received a letter from the GEZ, they just filled in my subscriber number and sent it back.
  2. Quoting your reply from the thread named Do you like living in Germany? :   Since the likelyhood of all those happening are pretty slim in Germany, maybe you are in living the wrong country / planet.
  3. Meet up in Hamburg

    Nice try, Hamburg Polizei..
  4. A1 certificate

    I was asked for neither after 33 months (I have studied in Germany). It boils down to the case worker who is handling your application.
  5. Americans and Germany

    Seems like you had a rough Monday..
  6. I do not think they'd mark "Stolen products once from Kaufland and hence banned" on your passport.
  7. changing ink in a printer

    Because this is why: