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  1.   I agree. My water meter was changed last month after receiving an appointment letter from Hamburg Wasser. For free, of course.
  2. Thank you. The problem is that, in Hamburg there are only two test centers (VHS and Inlingua) and none of them have any test dates before February. I'll try my luck without the certificate. Good luck to you too.
  3. Hi Ahammed, I am glad to hear that you sorted out the problem. I have a question about applying for the PR through the 33 months blue card route. Do you know if the Leben in Deutschland exam has to be passed for this kind of application? As far as I understood, you just need an A1 certificate. But you need at least B1 level of German knowledge to understand the questions in the Leben in Deutschland exam. So, I feel like having an A1 level certificate along with the Leben in Deutschland test result kind of contradicts themselves (A basic knowledge of German is not enough to pass the test).
  4. Areas of Hamburg?

    Hello Dknotty, I live in the south-west area of Hamburg called Osdorf. I moved to Osdorf around 3 months ago and I really love the neighbourhood. It is really quiet and most of my neighbours are senior citizens. It is a bit far from all the busy part of Hamburg and the entry to Autobahn is a 5 minute drive. Getting into the city centre with the bus would take around 35-40 minutes. Unfortunately, I cannot say anything about schools in the neighbourhood as I do not have any children. The only problem I found with this neighbourhood is that there is no S/U bahn stations nearby and you'll have to rely on buses or your own vehicle to get around. But I can live with that.  
  5. Subletting for 2 months (emergency reason)

    I am more interested to know how many people did it take to pull Trump away from the oval office after the election, while he was throwing a tantrum and holding on to his chair..
  6. Hi there, I was in a similar predicament when I had to move out from my WG. My flatmates were picky when it came to my selection of their future flatmates. We all had separate contracts just like you do. So, I contacted my landlord and told him I have short listed a couple of candidates and my flatmates have already interviewed them. Then, I passed on the candidates' details to my landlord with a small introduction about them. After that, it was between my landlord and my ex-flatmates to choose a new flatmate. I strongly suggest against not paying the rent. Your landlord is not at fault here. Also, do you have a notice period on your contract? I had a standard 3 month notice period and I informed my landlord well in advance that I was moving out.
  7. Hi Chinster, I was in the same situation as you. I had a motorbike+car licence from India but had to surrender it in the Verkehrsamt in Hamburg. I chose to have a motorbike+car license in Germany, so it won't be a big problem when I go back to India as I can get an International Driving Permit from the Verkehrsamt. It is not ideal that you lose your Indian motorbike driving license when you just want to apply for a car driving license here in Germany. Then again, many of my Indian friends in Bavaria were able to hold on to their Indian driving license even after getting a German driving license. So, I guess in the end it all boils down to which state you live in.
  8. Hello Toytowners, Since I decided to move into a new apartment by myself, I have been actively searching for apartments through ebay-kleinynzeigen or immobilienscout24 etc. I have seen my fair share of scams through these websites for the past few years and they mostly have similar modus operandi and scripts. The owner is out of the city and they use a fake airbnb website to make you believe that it is authentic and they can send you the keys once you have transferred the caution deposit and the rent. I am sure that most people can see through their poorly written scripts and the rip off airbnb website but is there anything more we can do to tackle them? They usually send me the bank account details to which I have to send the money to. Is that something which can be reported to the authorities (not sure if the police would even care about this). I usually bait them for as long as I can and once they ask me for a receipt for the payment, I usually send them a piece of paper saying "Fuck You Scammer" via email. Any creative ideas are welcome. I see this as a win win situation where I usually have fun on their expense and they do not scam someone who is oblivious to these scams.