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  1. Meet up in Hamburg

    Nice try, Hamburg Polizei..
  2. A1 certificate

    I was asked for neither after 33 months (I have studied in Germany). It boils down to the case worker who is handling your application.
  3. Americans and Germany

    Seems like you had a rough Monday..
  4. I do not think they'd mark "Stolen products once from Kaufland and hence banned" on your passport.
  5. changing ink in a printer

    Because this is why:
  6. I'd like to ask a question that is quite commonly asked here when it comes to tenants and landlords. Do you or one of the other 200 tenants have a membership with the Mieterverein?
  7. Update: As for me, I was neither asked for a Leben in Deutschland certificate nor for a German language certificate. I just had to submit my German university graduation certificate.
  8.   I agree. My water meter was changed last month after receiving an appointment letter from Hamburg Wasser. For free, of course.
  9. Thank you. The problem is that, in Hamburg there are only two test centers (VHS and Inlingua) and none of them have any test dates before February. I'll try my luck without the certificate. Good luck to you too.
  10. Hi Ahammed, I am glad to hear that you sorted out the problem. I have a question about applying for the PR through the 33 months blue card route. Do you know if the Leben in Deutschland exam has to be passed for this kind of application? As far as I understood, you just need an A1 certificate. But you need at least B1 level of German knowledge to understand the questions in the Leben in Deutschland exam. So, I feel like having an A1 level certificate along with the Leben in Deutschland test result kind of contradicts themselves (A basic knowledge of German is not enough to pass the test).