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  1. Laser hair removal

      with epilation you mean the devices you use at home and remove the hair from the root ?    if yes , not suitable for me .. I am prone to ingrown hair .. that’s why I think about laser hair removal  
  2. Laser hair removal

    No , it didn’t hurt at all  .. only in some “sensitive areas “ I felt something ... and i was told I will need 8-10 sessions ... so I guess it was a rip off ..
  3. Laser hair removal

    First of all thanks for the reply ..   I tried Ipl last time ( I did 3-4 sessions )  but from what I have been told it’s not so effective as alexandrite or diode laser .. and in fact it was in a salon.. I might have to ask a dermatologist  
  4. Laser hair removal

    Hello ,    anyone knows any good laser hair removal salon or dermatologist that really works ? Tried one in the past but hair still standing ...    i did a search in the forum but all the threads all way too old .. 
  5. I would like to get a kitten !

    Hi all     I would like to get a kitten, but I would rather adopt than buy. Any guidance on where/how to adopt one? I prefer to get one that’s still a kitten ..   I search in the forum .. found some older posts  but it’s from 2006 ..    Thanks a lot