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  1. Insurance for unemployed mother with newborn

      PandaMunich, thank you for pointing me to the right direction. The post is very informative. To summarise (and please correct me if I am wrong): if my wife stays in Germany, they will consider half my income as her income and then I would have to pay contributions (Is it 15.5% + 2.05% or so, as I am paying now to TK?). E.g. if my income is 50000E, then I would have to pay  50000/2/12*(0.155+0.0205) =~ 365E per month.  Just to add another thought: my wife currently receives elterngeld (the minimum as a housewife), does this change anything? Also, would it be cheaper and possible to have my wife and kid privately insured (if we notify TK on time)?   And a final one: I will not be living in Germany and I will not be commuting to Germany. Would we have to pay taxes in Germany?
  2. We have been living with my wife for 3 years in Germany. Three months ago our child was born. Now, my wife and my daughter are insured as dependent members with public insurance (my wife was not working before having a child).    Given a good job opportunity, I will leave the country to go somewhere else to work, but we decided for my wife to stay with the kid in Germany, with relatives, for a few months (so that I can find a house and settle, before they join me).    I am wondering what happens with insurance for the kid and my wife. We received a letter a couple of weeks ago mentioning that the kid will be insured, but I am not sure what happens with my wife. Does anyone have any clue?