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  1. I will start my new job in Geesthacht by 1/10/2022. And I already plan my holiday from mid December to mid of January. I would like to carry the entitled vacancy days from my old job to cater for such a long leave. I did not take a long vacancy for such a long time and really need to rest. The question is: is it wise (and legally acceptable) to do so?
  2. I accidentally parked my car at the zone reserved for electric car for 3 days. At the end I receive a fine but it does not say the money but a message "Ihnen wird ein Parksvertoß zur Last gelegt. Nähere Einzelheiten erhält die Halterin bzw der Halter in Kürze schriftlich. Dabei werden auch konkrete Ansprechpersonen genannt. Bitte sehen Sie bis dahin von einer Kontaktaufbahme ab.". Does that mean I have to get a lawyer to talk to them?
  3. Hello My car needs to do HU/AU by 6/2022 and it has some problems need to be fixed. Is it possible to find a workshop that can check all the possible problems for HU/AU and then do it subsequently? Last time when I did HU/AU I had to fix something and did it again, leading to double cost. I live in the Ruhr area.   Best day for all Giang