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  1. police cannot decide on car accident

    thanks, you answered it for me.
  2. police cannot decide on car accident

    that's correct. It's like she just ramp down to right behind my car from 70 km/h or so. The bitch drives from other city and seems to be in hurry.
  3. police cannot decide on car accident

    only lightly bend of the number plate. I have no problem at all. I think I'm going to create the Anzeige against her. Should it be done directly at the police station?
  4. police cannot decide on car accident

    I have her plate number and her insurance company
  5. Today a woman hit me behind when I stopped at the traffic light. She claimed that my car has been floating back and hit her car. It's so funny and I rejected it right away. Police is called and they can't decide on the case. They suggested me to call my insurance company so that they will arrange. Does that mean they assume I'm the wrong one and the insurance will claim me, or reduce my SF?
  6. My packet was delivered to a DHL packstation. However, this packstation does not have a computer to fill in a number. So how can one pick his packet up?