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  1. n the "Inbal Lori Nights" the international acclaimed Inbal Lori joins forces with some of the best improvisors in the world for a brand new series of improv comedy shows at the BühnenRausch.In this show she will be performing with Hila Di Castro from Israel.In the second half of the show we invite you as always, to come and play Duo Scenes on stage with Hila and Inbal.   [IMPRO MADE IN ISRAEL] 8.00pm till 9.00pmHila Di Castro and Inbal Lori go way back to the times when the IMPRO in Tel Aviv was young and looking for its place in the worldNow it has found its place and the two are proud to be a part of its ongoing journey So, as two good friend and colleagues they would love to use the BühnenRausch stage to challenge each other into things they hardly see the others do. Hila will challenge Inbal into roles, situations and scenes that she thinks Inbal doesn't do enough of, and Inbal will do the same for her. No boundaries, a lot of familiarity, very little shame. [OPEN STAGE] 9.15pm till 10pm In the second half Inbal and Hila invite improvisers, students and friends to play two-people-scenes with them on stage. so write down your name and play!  [TICKETS] Ticket reservation via Tickets are  15€ full price,  10€ reduced and each per group of 5 and more, 7€ for Open Stage