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  1. Should i bring a gift to the large birthday party?

    Yes, you should bring something every time you get invited to a birthday party. Indeed, getting a flower bouquet is not ok when the party is being held in a bar. The person would either have to look for some kind of vase or pick them up half-withered at the end of the evening. Also, usually men might find it a bit odd to receive flowers.   A bottle of something is probably the best idea. A book or some nicely-wrapped guitar-related gift (like a miniature guitar) could work well too if you find something interesting.
  2. It would be useful, just that I had a look and it costs about 500 euros. That's a lot. I'll keep looking, maybe I'll find a better price(highly unlikely)
  3. The unit has 65 square meters and costs 64.000 euros. It's kind of countryside, quiet neighborhood, but well-connected to big cities, NRW. It would be just right for our needs. I don't think there is a previous Rücklage, owner meetings documents or budgets. Until a few months ago, there lived an old woman. Now her children/heirs are selling the place. The seller living below (elderly persons) and the previous owner shared everything as a family. Because of this special situation, there are things that need to be agreed upon concerning the shared spaces and details. The seller acted as the Verwalter, he might continue to handle the Hausgeld for the new owner too. We scheduled a meeting together with the real estate agent+seller. Though this house is in the middle and one neighbor is another family member, there seem to be no administrative relationships/costs shared with the other apartments in the building. It's all about this Zweifamilienhaus and stuff shared with the neighbors living in Erdgeschoss.    Ok, renovating the walls, floors and equipping the kitchen will involve extra effort, but that's not an issue. The house is old, inhabited by old persons, no fancy modernizations. However, it's pretty clean and taken care of. The roof and attic seem fine. The facade is nicely painted. Oil heating might not be ideal. But that can't be changed now. Hopefully, oil prices won't increase much in the next years.    We haven't seen copies of the Nebenkostenrechung or any kinds of documents yet. What other documents should we ask for? What other things should we know?   The important thing is for the big stuffs  (pipes, electric, heating, etc) to be functional and not to bring us unpleasant surprises after we buy. It would be our first home so we keep researching what to expect and how to avoid problems. I speak German well, but dealing with this and legal German is stressful. Thank you, your help means a lot!   
  4. Hello, Your answers concerning this very important matter would be highly appreciated. We would like to buy for ourselves an apartment in a house (Zweifamilienhaus). The entire building consists of 6 apartments (3xZweifamilienhaus). This apartment is located at the first floor (Obergeschoss). The monthly costs (Hausgeld), the attic above, part of the garden and the washing room will be shared with the neighbors living below (former owner's family). There is oil central heating from 2000 for these two apartments. It also provides warm water. The building year is 1958.  According to the Energieausweis (Bedarfsausweis): Baujahr laut Energieausweis :2000 Energieeffizienzklasse: H   Energiebedarf : 289,90 kWh/(m²•a)   I researched online and this controversial 'H' might trigger high heating-related costs. Still, the real estate agent says that the monthly costs (Hausgeld) including heating will be maximum 200 euros. He said that these costs will be written in the contract and that the heating system has been checked on a yearly basis. A monthly Rücklage (max 50 e) will be added for potential future exterior building work. I haven't seen myself the Energieausweis or other papers yet.    The apartment needs renovation - painting and flooring. No water damage or mold (not visible at least), bathroom ok, good double-glazed windows, dry storage room in the cellar. Not sure how to find out if the electrical system and the plumbing is really ok and won't need massive changes soon. The location is excellent and the price is good for the area.   How important is this energy efficiency class? Could there be something hidden/money-draining here?  Thank you very much for your time!