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  1. Krankenkasse pay extremely late

    Thanks for all the help so far.   In my case the language is in a way non-priority since I work in the space sector where everyone will just speak and write English or French, and in Darmstadt with the ESA department it is a very very international environment. So in terms of social life it is also English-focused.   However,even though I only work here and spend half of my days or more in Belgium, I do try and learn German, currently at level B2. With my Dutch it is easy to read and study German, speaking can be difficult especially when talking to krankenkasse for example about more complex matters. I have only been here 2 years so I hope to get to C level soon. But it is mostly just to talk to people on the street or in the shop.  It is still nice to learn a new language and in a way I agree that where you work you should do some efforts to learn the language   But there is indeed a noticeable difference in how they accommodate other languages if I compare to Belgium. This is normal however since in Belgium you get in school obligatory Dutch, French and English (official languages). While German (also official), Spanish and Latin are optional. I've followed Latin and even some years of old Greek. We have our movies and tv shows all in English with subtitles so most people will know English very well, almost fluently.   Definitely I think people benefit from this strong focus on multiple languages, both career-wise and culturally.    
  2. Krankenkasse pay extremely late

    Thank you for all the information, I will certainly look into your suggested UPB solution. Cheers
  3. Krankenkasse pay extremely late

    If anyone has valuable input relating to the 3 questions mentioned in my original post, please get in touch with me. Thank you 
  4. Krankenkasse pay extremely late

    I do everything in my power to meet the krankenkasse midway with my limited German so this post was unnecessarily rude. I still do not get this typical response I get from Germans sometimes. I have not a single expectation from krankenkasse in terms of english, just that they at least try to communicate with me ideally in german messages that i can then translate. Please also note that tk is either very aggressive on the phone or they simply hang up with no warning.
  5. Krankenkasse pay extremely late

    Thank you for the reply, i have an internal tk account and use their messaging system. I always google translate my messages but I only get a reply stating briefly please call us. But when I call they either hang up once i state i only speak english or the conversation continues in german but this is very hard. I keep proposing they message me back in german so i can google translate but they really do not like this.
  6. Hello all,   The story is as follows: - i am on a long term illness since last year august - i am treated in belgium with belgian doctor notes which my HR and krankenkasse TK (sometimes) accepts - currently in a reintegration plan   My experience with TK has been extremely negative. I send them many messages about updates and they respond very slowly and entirely in German. When I call them and ask for english they usually hang up the phone.  But most affecting me now is how slow they pay me and their confusion about accepting doctor notes from Belgium. They have paid me until December based on my Belgian doctor notes though the payments until then were usually 2 months too late. Since then I have not received any new payment, they are extremely slow in responding to any of my messages and until now have only tried contacting me once by phone which i was unable to pick up.   My questions: - is waiting almost 4.5 months for krankengeld normal? It is my only source of income and soon i will be unable to pay my loans. - does the krankenkasse always need to accept belgian sick notes? I presume so given EU regulations? I also pay my health insurance in Belgium next to Germany and they are aware from eachother - can i legally make the krankenkasse responsible if soon i will have extra costs of missing my loan and rent payments?   Thank you for any help on the matter