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  1. My German pension was due first, because I took it early.   The German authorities were aware that I also had a UK pension starting later, and they advised me when my German pension started that they would contact the UK a few months before the UK pension was due to start, in order to arrange it.   They did that, but nevertheless the start of the UK pension was delayed by a few weeks.    I remember speaking to someone in the UK office a couple of months before it was due to start. I said something like "So I will hear from you in a few weeks" and he sounded very surprised, and said it would be longer. But eventually everything was sorted out, and I received the arrears.    
  2. If your personal income tax rate for the year is less than the 25% (+ Soli) deducted, you pay the lower rate, and can therefore claim the difference.
  3. Moving to Germany before Brexit ?!?

      Doesn't a UK state pension fall under Article 17 (2), as it's social insurance?   As such it would be taxed by the UK, but subject to progression income.