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  1. Landlord Reneges on Buying Kitchen

    Yes, Ive taken a screenshot of his ad. Ive written to him in good faith telling him his commitment caused us to buy another kitchen and asked him to reconsider as Im sure other prospective tenants would happily accept a fitted kitchen.
  2. Landlord Reneges on Buying Kitchen

    @jeba he has advertised the kitchen as part of the apartment at the real estate. Does that count?   Where would I take this up anyway?
  3. Hello everyone,   Ive been put in an uncomfortable situation. When I gave my 3 month notice to vacate my flat, I spoke to the landlord about taking our kitchen which is in excellent condition. They liked it and said they would. We negotiated a price and came to an agreement. No paperwork was signed. Based on this, we went and purchased a kitchen for our new home. Now 5 weeks before the notice period is over, he writes me that the new tenant would like to bring their own kitchen and hence he wants to apologize for not fulfilling the commitment. He has been advertising the apartment with a fitted kitchen publicly too.   Do I have any grounds for making something of this? What can you advise me? Its so unethical and unprofessional that I have never come across this anywhere I have lived before.   Thank you in advance,
  4. Company Car vs Cash

    Fantastic work @MikeMelga. Much appreciated that you put time and effort into being constructive. I hadnt seriously thought about an EV but now I certainly am.
  5. Company Car vs Cash

    How much on the taxes would I save with an electric car?
  6. Company Car vs Cash

    @LeonG I only get something back for the distance from work to home but its unrelated to my expenditure.
  7. Company Car vs Cash

      @Sir Percy B Yes I drive my own car which I own. I do about 25k a year on it and I pay my own fuel, of course.
  8. Company Car vs Cash

    Its not that I cannot do simple math BUT its the interpretation of the law where I've had some issues.   So here are the facts: 1) value of the car would be considered as additional income, taxed with 45 % so in theory it would be: 1 % of 50000 (per month) so it works out to be 500,00 x 12 = 6000,00 € plus a flat rate calculation for the distance from home to work:   0,03 % x 50000 x 80 km (distance from work to home) x 12 months =  14400 €   However, with new regulations I am told we can calculate how many days a year I commute taking into account my travel and home office days so this would instead be :   0,02 % x 50000 x 80 km (distance from work to home) x 12 months =  12000 € which is 2.4k less than previous but I am not sure if this is valid   Then I have to add them together: 6000 + 14400 = 20400 € minus the distance from home to work for my previous year which worked out to be about 6000 so back to 14400,00 € , add. tax: 45 % = 6480,00 €   Is this it? In the case of taking the car I would have to pay 6480 tax a year simply because of the car? Have I understood the law correctly?
  9. Company Car vs Cash

  10. Hey guys,   We are moving house and are selling some household goods prior to the move. They include fridge, washing machine, sofa bed, etc We are trying quoka and ebay-kleinanzeigen but with little luck. Is there any other place one could list items? Maybe a craigs list sort of site or something more specific to Freiburg etc...   Thanks in advance,
  11. Company Car vs Cash

    Hello guys,   I have seen a few cases described on the forums but Ive heard there are some new regulations in place so I wanted to see if there could be a "simple" answer to my query.   I have an option of getting a company car say between 40-50k as well as a fuel card and all charges related to the car OR taking a 10k cash payment per year. This additional income puts me into the highest tax bracket of 45%. The tricky bit is I live 80kms from my place of work.   I probably work around approximately 150 days a year from the office + traveling abroad on business as well as home office days - more or less.   Last year I chose the cash but I have to decide again for the coming year.   I pay approximately 3000 Euros on fuel each year in the current scenario.   Am I missing something or should I just stick to cash?   Thanks in advance for your time and brains,
  12. Wallpaper vs paint

    Thank you for your assistance.
  13. Wallpaper vs paint

    Yes I would have to buy the paint but is the painting job included in either option or I have to pay for them to paint it separately too?
  14. Wallpaper vs paint

      Ah right - so its not "wallpaper" or a type of wallpaper as a protective sheet then? Thats what they said in German but the quote they gave me was written in the format I typed.
  15. Why do air bubbles form under my wall paint?

    Is it true that one needs to protect new construction walls with a sort of wallpaper first then paint it cause otherwise wall cracks in the future would occur and be visible?