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  1. Aggressive Driver on Road

      Im thinking of having one in the front and one on the back :)
  2. Aggressive Driver on Road

    Link doesn't work. Can you please check? 
  3. Aggressive Driver on Road

    Thanks. I don't want to be impulsive and do more than I should and file a complaint against him. Could he actually go to the effort to create something out of nothing? I've been driving for 20 years worldwide and other than in some developing countries I've never seen a driver react this way and be so intimidating. I really thought he would ram his car at mine. 
  4. Aggressive Driver on Road

    Tonight I was driving and there was a lane that goes straight and left and near the traffic light I was on this lane whilst on the left lane the queue was full. I put my indicator in order to turn left and was not holding any traffic up and tried to signal to the driver on my left to let me through because my lane had been absorbed going forward. He was in an out of city truck. I presumed he saw me so at the green light I started to move left into his lane and he started Horning, waving hands maybe flipping me ofc and insulting me. Then he began tailgating me for the next minute or so then got out of his car and started taking pictures of my car as we had slowed down due to traffic. It really got me shocked cause I thought he's coming for me. I got his license plate too out of instinct. I have never seen this sort of behavior before. I don't know what he wants to do with the plate details. I've had colleagues who have had cases opened against them on flimsy scenarios. What should I do? Can I raise a complaint with the police about his aggressive behavior before he does anything? Or should I leave this?    
  5. Dreadful Disease Insurance - Experience and Suggestions

      I did but I also saw the last post were almost 18-20 months old and things could change - like John G being based in Greece   I will write them privately then. Thank you.
  6. Dreadful Disease Insurance - Experience and Suggestions

    Hello, I am interested in getting the  Schwere Krankheit Vorsorge (dread disease?) coverage for myself and want to know if there's someone on here who can advise me. I tried check24 where I usually go for simple insurances but its not available on there.  Thanks in advance,  
  7. Landlord Reneges on Buying Kitchen

    Does anyone know what would happen to the kitchen and apartment in case this goes to court? Technically the kitchen would remain in the apartment unless they unilaterally rip it out etc... 
  8. Landlord Reneges on Buying Kitchen

    Can he "not" give a deposit back?   Ive kept the apartment in good condition and will clean it prior to returning it. If he wants to act unethically then thats his call.   I wouldve take this kitchen with me to my new house - and a few weeks before I depart I'd have to run around looking to sell it desperately?
  9. Landlord Reneges on Buying Kitchen

    How does it work with a lawyer here? Does the loser of the case pay all the expenses? or do each of us handle their own expenses? I mean ultimately I have both the truth and some evidence in my favor and as long as our agreement is binding and his emails/and advertising suffices then i feel confident. My wife seems to think one has the opportunity to change their mind in a sale but I disagree.
  10. Landlord Reneges on Buying Kitchen

    Situation ongoing. Ive told him I consider us to have a binding agreement and his decision led me to buy a new kitchen for my new place. He's gone silent.
  11. Company Car vs Cash

    Thank you very much @yesterday
  12. Landlord Reneges on Buying Kitchen

    Yes, Ive taken a screenshot of his ad. Ive written to him in good faith telling him his commitment caused us to buy another kitchen and asked him to reconsider as Im sure other prospective tenants would happily accept a fitted kitchen.
  13. Landlord Reneges on Buying Kitchen

    @jeba he has advertised the kitchen as part of the apartment at the real estate. Does that count?   Where would I take this up anyway?
  14. Hello everyone,   Ive been put in an uncomfortable situation. When I gave my 3 month notice to vacate my flat, I spoke to the landlord about taking our kitchen which is in excellent condition. They liked it and said they would. We negotiated a price and came to an agreement. No paperwork was signed. Based on this, we went and purchased a kitchen for our new home. Now 5 weeks before the notice period is over, he writes me that the new tenant would like to bring their own kitchen and hence he wants to apologize for not fulfilling the commitment. He has been advertising the apartment with a fitted kitchen publicly too.   Do I have any grounds for making something of this? What can you advise me? Its so unethical and unprofessional that I have never come across this anywhere I have lived before.   Thank you in advance,
  15. Company Car vs Cash

    Fantastic work @MikeMelga. Much appreciated that you put time and effort into being constructive. I hadnt seriously thought about an EV but now I certainly am.