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  1. Even after all these years, I still...

      I used to visit Braunschweig for work before moving here permanently and used to go out of my way to buy lunch there - one to chuckle like a small child at the name and secondly as the expenses claiming system at work required you to enter the vendors name.
  2. Football as Hobby

      Sorry for late reply. We've tried a few times to arrange something in Braunschweig but not much interest, it clashed with my German classes too. I would like to play regularly and I know a few others would would be interested. Are you on the Braunschweig English Speakers FB page? Worth also asking there.
  3. Ausländer deciding on football club support

    I ‘follow’ Eintracht Braunschweig (mainly as I live here and for the first time in my life, I live within easy reach of a stadium, 10 mins on the tram for home games).   Ok, so they’re in 3. Bundesliga currently (having nearly dropped into the Regionalliga last season) and the standard is probably slightly above that of League 1 in England (and I’ve watched a fair few AFC Wimbledon games to be able to make that comparison).   Eintracht also mirror my team in England to a fashion. Both have history, but success in recent years has been somewhat lacking. I’m rapidly coming to the realisation that Newcastle won’t win anything in my lifetime.   That said I enjoy groundhopping, been to Leverkusen, Hamburg SV, Wolfsburg, and the Olympiastadion to watch games over the last season or so. Hoping to add a few more this season. Olympiastadion isn’t the best for watching in my opinion, I'm not a fan of stadia with running tracks - also applies to Eintracht Stadion - but both games I've been to at the Olympiastadion have been belters (2-2 and 2-3!)