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  1. Freak accidents

      I now work in an industry where 'test before touch' is an oft repeated maxim. If only I knew that back then...
  2. Freak accidents

    Not sure if this counts as a freak 'accident', I once put my hand through a glass window. Long story short - I had a job when I was a student in a pub. It was an old building dating from the 16th century, the glazing whilst not that old was of a particular vintage too (none of that new fangled double glazing).   Finishing a Saturday night shift, thought it would be a good prank to knock on the staff room window, where my two colleagues were taking a smoke break. Once my colleagues looked outside, I'd pretend to be a zombie or similar and scare them (it was night time, ok!)   Plan worked perfectly fine until my 'knock' on the window resulted in my hand going through said window. It worked to scare my colleagues at least as they were suddenly showered in glass, followed by me running inside with my previously white uniform shirt now blood red. Cut my hand to ribbons, I now sport various small scars from where small bits of glass embedded into my hand.
  3. Fantasy Premier League 2019/20

    "Hi"   That time of year already?! Assuming you mean the official one and not the Sun newspaper one?   (thats two of us then. I reckon I could add a mate here - Arsenal fan, sorry - who'd be interested too)