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  1. Hi everyone,   After 3 years in Germany my husband and I are considering moving back to the UK. I would, ideally, love to be able to set up a company in the UK (sales agency, representing artists) and know it will take a while to get things off its feet. Therefore I'm wondering if it's legally possible to get the business running whilst I'm still living in Germany and wrapping up things such as working out notice period, handling the move etc.   I sincerely doubt we would be writing any invoices until months after the company is formed, as the initial few months would be about securing the right partners, building a website, prepping databases etc.   Is this something I can kick off whilst here or am I running a risk of double taxation / a pain in the arse tax return for 2020?  I'd rather not finish my time here with even more paperwork than is ultimately necessary... But I would like to make the most of transition time where possible.   On another note, is it reasonable to be laying the groundwork for a company, but not register it for trading until it's ready? I would obviously be signing up for website products / domains that I'm guessing I could not bill to the company if it doesn't yet exist.   Lots of thoughts going on here, but anyone with any advice would be much appreciated!
  2.   I scoured the contract and the only reference to cancellation was with regards to Teilkündigung and it asked for a months notice, which we still have a few weeks for. But I couldn’t find any reference to cancellation in full or to renewal.    I’ve read in various german forums that if the renewal policy was not clear enough you can refuse payment and argue, but I’m not sure how tough this process would be and don’t want to get stuck in a costly legal argument.    We’ve not been able to get through to the broker yet, will chase him up on Monday if we’ve still not heard. 
  3. My husband works as a freelance illustrator / artist and last year for the first time in his career had a client request Public Indemnity and Liability insurance.  They covered the expense of this so via a broker agreed a policy with Hiscox running 18.09.18 - 17.09.19 We were, perhaps naively, under the impression that this policy was only for a year, as we had explained to the broker that it was a single project and not something he ever normally needs. Fast forward 10.5 months and we've just received a letter in the post congratulating him on his decision to renew and asking for information on changes to his business. Since this project in late 2018, my husband has unfortunately not had any commissions and has made zero money from his illustration, so is now looking for a full-time job. With that in mind we now have even more so no use for the coverage AND we cannot afford to pay 825€ for it.   I've scoured the AGBs and cant see any information about a Kündigungsfrist and have emailed Hiscox and our broker to explain the situation, but am terrified we will be forced to pay this amount.   Questions: Can we still cancel? What are our options if his business is making no turnover, but we haven't changed anything at the Finanzamt yet?   We don't have a SEPA-Lastschrift setup - what happens if we simply refuse to pay the new invoice? Will his coverage be automatically cancelled or are we going to be sued by Hiscox / face even more fines / even worse, be blacklisted for bad credit?   Any help anyone can give would be incredible - I'm devastated and paying this invoice will be a huge financial hit on an already terrible year...   Thanks so much!