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  1. Thanks for this, my bosses are looking it it for me now!   I'm still very confused about transitioning back to the UK. If I have a contract with a uk employer starting on 1st july, do I need to be in the UK physically by that date or do I have some legroom to start remote and move a few weeks later?   Appreciate any help!
  2. Hi!    I posted previously about wanting to move back to the UK despite the current crisis and have now been offered a job in the UK - starting July 1st. I'm very hopeful I can negotiate my notice period here in Germany down from 3 months, as I'm currently on 50% Kurzarbeit and there is not much for me to do at all.. So taking me back up to 100% for a month should be more than enough time to prep for my departure - I read that they I can't be on Kurzarbeit during my Kündigungsfrist, please correct me if this is wrong!   My question though is that if I accept a job in the UK, paying via PAYE into my UK bank account - do I need to physically leave Germany before the 1st July in order to be tax resident in the UK? Or is there an acceptable overlay where we can be wrapping things up here in Germany (I'm talking 2-3 weeks, not months) but I can already be working for my UK employer?   I've been living and working in Germany since Nov 2016.   Appreciate any advice, want to make sure we don't make any critical errors here!    Cheers,   Rebecca
  3. After 3.5 amazing years in Berlin my husband and I had decided that we would like to move back to the UK for a multitude of reasons and I've been jobhunting for the last few months. I have a few interviews lined up (video, obviously) and am a bit confused about my options to physically move at the moment with the nightmare that is Coronavirus sweeping across the globe. My main issue is, if I'm offered a job and need to quit my job / hand in notice on my flat - 3 months standard - what happens if we then in three months can't actually physically move as borders are shut? Does anyone know the rights to return to your home country right now? I've heard of people being able to get planes, but we have a dog and the plan was to rent a car or take trains back to the UK. Flying is not an option. Am I wasting time with these applications? Do we just need to wait it out? I've been put on Kurzarbeit, which makes our finances super tight and staying here longer is really not ideal. Obviously it's a crisis though, so we've got to roll with the punches... Appreciate any insights or even just educated guesses!