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  1. Paying Double Rent

    Hi All,   My girlfriend and I have hit a (somewhat) common problem here in Munich. Earlier this week we gave notice to our landlord that we want to move out. Out move out date is the end of September.   We were successful in applying for a new apartment late last week and recently signed the new lease. We asked out landlord if we could have a Nachmieter but he took a few days to get back to us. Unfortunately because of the rental market here in Munich, we had to sign ASAP. He told us today that we can't have a Nachmieter because (he says) he already has someone lined up to take over in October - no earlier. As such, we now have to pay double rent for August and September (about €8000 in total for 2 apartments for 2 months - yay Munich...).   My question is: is there anyway we can avoid or lessen the amount of double rent we have to pay?   We've heard the story that if we find 3 suitable Nachmieter then we have fulfilled our obligations and can leave early without having to pay the extra rent. I've looked into this and is seems like it's just a rumour, as we don't have anything like that specified in our contract. I also thought that we could move most of our stuff and Untermieter the second apartment for the two months, but I'm not sure if that's allowed under our new rental contract. We could potentially get away with it, as the landlord lived in South Korea, but it would be a bit sketchy.   I've become a member of the Munich Mieterverein today and asked them to set the record straight on both possibilities.   I've also considered that we could claim a Werbungskosten for doppelte Haushaltsführung (double home costs). The problem is that we are only moving across Munich. My current (old) apartment is 10 minutes from work, while my new one is 30 minutes from work. The commute for my girlfriend has also gone from 20 to 40 minutes.   I've had a read here ( https://www.finanztip.de/doppelte-haushaltsfuehrung/) and it seems that it may be possible. Eine doppelte Haushaltsführung ist ebenfalls beruflich begründet, wenn Sie Ihre Hauptwohnung aus privaten Gründen vom Beschäftigungsort wegverlegen – und anschließend am Beschäftigungsort einen Zweithaushalt gründen, um von dort aus weiter Ihrem bisherigen Job nachzugehen (sogenannte Wegverlegungsfälle). ----- A double housekeeping is also professionally justified if you move your main home for personal reasons away from the place of employment - and then set up a secondary household at the place of employment to continue from there to your previous job   Is anyone able to clarify if this is applicable?   Thanks in advance!