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  1.   Hi everyone,   I’ve got quite a specific situation here, but please feel free to merge topics if it’s been covered before.   I’m located in Berlin, married and have the Tax category 5 (husband is 3). I also have permanent residency (he’s German) and unrestricted work activity/permit. We’re both privately insured. Currently I’m not employed but starting with a couple of projects/places soon and hence the questions, as I’d like to figure out what would be the best course of action for me.   I’m looking at doing marketing & /writing for Company A, who is willing to engage me for 20 hours a week. They are quite flexible and have said they can look into employing me OR working with me as a freelancer. As this is part time and I’m privately insured, I’m under the impression that if I were an employee, my net earnings would be complete pittance - after everything is subtracted.    Would it make more sense to register as a freelancer? (and yes, I’d have to figure out whether it’s freiberuflich or selbststandig too). Or would these earnings be about on par, whether employed or freelance?   If I register freelance, my understanding is I’d have to show projects from more than one client, which I could, as I’m also planning on contributing to a friend’s communication’s agency back in London. This is also quite a small possible income, so I need to figure out how to best proceed.    I could also just start as a part-time employee with Company A and treat any other side project as freelance work.    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you