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  1. Choosing a Midwife !!

    I started searching for Hebamme from my 12th week and I was not able to find English speaking Hebamme for my summer baby (due in Aug). I found a German Hebamme and even she will be able to do home visits only after delivery that too for max 1 week. I didn't have any other choice than accepting her.   Later I went for the birthing class (Weekend Partner course in German) with another Hebamme. Other than few medical words like gebäremutter (uterus), wehe (contraction) etc the course was easier to understand as she was using more pictures for explaning than verbal conversations with few excersies, tips to reduce pain and to have normal delivery (all in print outs)...I can understand B1 level German and my husband A1 level and he was able to understand the main stuff...   As final try, I searched once again for English speaking Hebamme and I got one, who will come only after delivery. Since after care is more important for me, I wanted to have English speaking Hebamme.I have cancelled the old German speaking Hebamme...   After delivery and reaching home, I have to inform my new English speaking Hebamme so that she will start her visits...I had an introductory visit in her house in which I have asked few questions, she gave me few starter kits for the baby and mother (which I have not yet opened), magnesium suppliments etc etc...I gave my insurance card and she put her seal on my mutter pass...thats all...Even before delivery if I have any issues, queries I can contact / visit her without any issues.   The information I got is: Even if we get the same hebamme for delivery, birthing class, after support etc, we can't be 100% sure that she will be available in the hospital for our delivery (may be her shift for the day is finished / she is in vacation / she is sick etc etc)   Next search for Rückbildungsgymnastik already started without finding any place till now   I recommend to have bithing class as well as regeneration course
  2. Required: IT administrator

    Hello Everyone, We have a job opening for IT system administrator in Zweibrücken. Duration: Till December 2019 (extendable)   Required Skills: Strong working knowledge of Windows Client OS (7/10) both 32 bit & 64 bit. Expertise in OS migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10. In-depth expertise on Windows Client OS configuration, OS image process, deployment workflow and industry best practices. Hands-on experience on various PC hardware configurations (HP, Dell, etc.) & other peripheral devices (ex: Printers, Projectors, etc.). Experience with installing, configuring and troubleshooting business & productivity applications (Office 365, IE, Skype for Business, etc.)   Experience in imaging new PC. Experience in data backup, active directory / domain. Update tickets with accurate and timely records of performance performed, and resolution detail.   Experience in issue troubleshooting and handling the escalation calls.  Basics of networking. Fluency in German language.   Preffered Skill: Experience in Service Now ticketing tool.   If anyone is interested, please send your CV and documents at   Regards, Saritha