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  1. swollen wooden flooring

    No. We don't have bodenheizung. We were out of town for a few days and saw this issue when we are back.
  2. swollen wooden flooring

    Bathroom floor is tiled. Swollen wooden plank is in the small passage infront of the bathroom.
  3. We are living in the ground floor rented apartment for 3+ yrs and all of a sudden wooden flooring in front of our bathroom started swelling. Only 1 wooden plank started swelling in the middle part and the end parts still do not have any issues. Our house owner is telling us that we came out of the bathroom with wet legs and this caused the swelling of the floor and I don't believe in this judgment as there is less chance to come out with wet legs from the bathroom. Our bathroom does not contain any window and one more reason she told was we are not draining our shower cabin properly and the moisture content came under the wooden plank and started swelling. In these 3+yrs we never faced any water blockage neither in the washbasin nor in the shower cabin.   House owner told to use bau trockener to keep the area dry to get rid of the problem. We are using bau trockener for the past 1 week and couldn't see any difference.   Any input to solve the issue? Should I completely change the flooring (or) is it possible to change only the swollen wooden plank?