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  1. How To Get Mortgage With An EU Blue Card

    Dear @Paul@CRCIE,   Thanks for your reply.   This is the offer I got from Wustenrot. The first payment phase will end in March 2033. The sollzinssatz is 1,55%, Eff. Jahreszins is 2,14%. Do you still think that this is an only offer I could get in our situation?      
  2. Hi Everyone,   I have been living in Germany-NRW since 2018. I am working in a university as a postdoc researcher. I am married and have a kid who was born in Germany last year . My wife is also an academic, she started to work on a new project last month. Since 2018 my monthly payments made as a 'Stipendium', means I am not a taxpayer. But my wife working as a normal working contract and her contract will be valid until the end of 2022. We all Non-EU residents.   We are looking for an apartment to buy. Finally, we got a suitable place. It is 210K with all expenses. We have 60K as an 'Eigenkapital', which means we need a 150K loan. I got help from an online consultant, whose company works with the expats usually. Since we are still waiting for the Blue Card Application process of my wife, the mortgage advisor said our only option is 'Bauspardarlehen' to get loan from banks. He sent me an offer from Wustenrot. In offer, Wustenrot requires 30k interest from me in 13 years of period. Besides this interest payment, I will pay 400euros as saving money and totally after 13 years, 90k of the loan amount will remain unpaid. Despite the real estate agent accepted my offer, and Wustenrot is ready to give 150k in these conditions, I decided to stop the process until my wife gets her EU Blue Card. Because it seems to me super expensive than a normal Mortgage product.   Since my mortgage advisor said, having a blue card will not effect positively because our work conditions (we don't have permanent work contracts), I would like to ask you; I wonder if any of you have any experience getting a Mortgage as an EU Blue Card holder? What are your recommendations?   Thank you!