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  1. Suppose a student pay every month 90 euro for gesetzliche krankenversicherung in the first 6 months of a year. Then he finds a job and the contribution for the last 6 months is payed by the employer(and him, which is deducted from his brutto).  In the tax declaration, the amount of the last 6 months is entered in the  Anlage Vorsorgeaufwand  line 12.  Where one can enter the amount of the first 6 months? Thanks in advance.
  2. Tax declaration - CFD vs ETF vs Stocks

    Thank you. Actually, when i was trading them, i knew that it is not like a real "purchase" of a company's share, but something related to a trading platform. But yes! i didn't know that the name of what i traded is CFD, and i didn't care about them, until know that i noticed that investing on some real ETF like "DAX" leads to different form of tax declaration, compared to "playing" with a "CFD ETF" or "CFD stocks". This sentence of the link you sent is also very helpful :   Für die steuerliche Behandlung spielt es deshalb in der Regel keine Rolle, ob sich ein CFD auf eine Aktie, ein Währungspaar oder einen sonstigen Basiswert bezieht.     Thanks!    
  3. I would like to do tax declaration for 2018, in which i traded lots of things (Stocks, ETFs, gold, oil...) using a foreign broker.    I was thinking that i should separate my trades, and put the gain/loss made by stocks in Anlage KAP, and the gain/loss made by ETFs(like DAX or S&P) into Anlage KAP-INV.    However, i have just noticed that in the website of my broker, all of the instruments (ETFs, Stockes...) are categorized as CFDs (contract for difference). I.e,: " it is a contract between two parties, typically described as "buyer" and "seller", stipulating that the buyer will pay to the seller the difference between the current value of an asset and its value at contract time. "   I would really appreciate any help(even in German), about the name of the Anlage which is required to be filled regarding CFD trading.
  4. Tax declaration, Anlage KAP-INV

    I would like to do tax declaration for 2018. As i traded many ETFs(DAX, S&P500) in a foreign broker, i have to fill ANLAGE KAP-INV.   I explain my questions with examples:   in 2018, I traded many times S&P and DAX.  In total, I gained 100Euro, and i lost 500 Euro.   I earned 10 Euro dividend.  At 31.12.2018, I had 2 open postion of dax(not a closed trade), which was 50 euro in loss in total and transferred to 01.01.2019 (and was closed in 2019)   My questions:    1) Should i write "-50" in line 4 of Anlage KAP-INV ? 2) Should i write " -390" (100-500+10) in line 9 of KAP-INV? 3) What should i write in line 10 and 11? 4) Is sending the spreadsheet related to all trades in 2018 to Finanzamt enough? or i should fill other lines(e.g. from 31 to 40) ?   (For convenience, you can see Anlage KAP-INV for 2018 here.)   Thank you in advance. 
  5. Tax declaration - Loss from capital income

    Actually i finished all formulas in Elster, and only declaring my lost in day trading is remained. So it would be maybe harder to do all of these things again with a tax advisor in the current Corona-situation.    But i summarized these things. I would appreciate if you can tell me if these understandings are correct or not: -I must fill Anlage KAP (line 14-19) for the trades of "stocks(like Daimler, Tesla)" and the corresponding dividends/interest. Also the trades related to Oil or Gold. - I must fill Anlage KAP-INV for the trades of (ETFs, like S&P500, DAX30) and corresponding dividends/Interests.   Thanks in advance.
  6. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Dear @PandaMunich,   I have completed my Elster formular for 2018, however i am confused in declaring my loss made from day trading in a foreign broker.  I have regular income from a German company. I used this money, and open an account in a broker based in Cyprus. I did thousand of tradings (including stocks, energy, DAX, SPX500 .., sell and buy positions). The dividends i got were negligible. In total i lost a few hundred euros(same happened in 2019). My broker does not separate the trades. I only know the lost amount.  Should i only fill KAP formular, or should i fill KAP-INV as well(since i traded SPX500, Nasdaq100...)? I don't know if these things are considered as ETFs?   The problem is that it is very hard to separate all trades. Since i only lost, i wonder if i can only enter the total lost amount, e.g. In  line 10 or 11 of KAP. (or if i should write them somewhere in KAP-INV?) I would appreciate if you can help me in this matter.  I also wrote my situation here.
  7. Tax declaration - Loss from capital income

    Thanks. Actually i am more confused. The source of my money, from which i invested, is from Germany(my regular income). However, my broker was in Cyprus. The things that i traded were some of them even from US companies(e.g. i bought Tesla shares and also some US ETFs in addition to the shares of German companies). So, should i fill lines 14to19 or 7to11?    I asked my broker to send me the yearly report. In that report, there is nothing related tax. The only thing i have is the (thousand) trades and profit/loss of each of them. At the end, my total loss is written.    In case i should fill 14to19, does it suffice if i only write my total loss in line 18? "18: In den Zeilen 14 und 15 enthaltene Verluste aus der Veräußerung von Aktien im Sinne des § 20 Absatz 2 Satz 1 Nummer 1 EStG"(Euro)    
  8. I am living in Germany and have a regular income from a company, and would like to do tax declaration for year 2018.   In 2018, I used a broker to trade stocks/shares. My broker is based in UK and Cyprus. I traded thousands of things (buy and sell positions in: Forex, stocks, commodities, futures). The dividend i earned were negligible, as i mostly traded intraday. In total i lost a few hundred Euros.    I've read here that i should enter these information in Anlage KAP. (1) What is the difference between line 4 and 5? which one i should choose?   Somehow it is impossible to separate all of the thousand trades and write them in the lines 7-11.  (2) Can i write only the lost amount in line 10 or 11? (3) Some of my trades were "buy positions" and some of them were "sell position". What is the difference between lines 10 and 11?   Thanks in advance.