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  1. Hello 


    I am living in Berlin for 3 years and I had a temporary contract for my flat. It is now time to find something permanent. My landlord recommends me to give an advertisement to newspapers to find a place near my current area but I am not sure it works or not in Berlin.


    Do you think it is a good idea? Do you know any online newspapers to do this? 


    Thank you


  2. Thanks for all 


    I have international sailorman license but I guess it does not work in Germany 

    13 hours ago, engelchen said:

    In Berlin a sailing licence is required for all boats (and until recently even to windsurf!). You can find more info on the website from the Prüfungsausschuss.




  3. I checked the all previous posts and could not an up-to-date answer. 


    I really want to join a sailing team in Berlin. I am a sailor who has experience, I was racing before I had sailboat etc and want to join a sailing club that I can participate in workload and rent sailboats and attend the local races with people and socialize etc.


    Is there anything like this or similar?


  4. Hi


    I have Unemployment from Arbeitsagentur, and I found a job and will start working on first of march but the problem is that I left Germany to my home country and didn't announced Arbeitsagentur, because I thought since I found a job I am already free. A friend of mine told me I should have asked for permission and they will probably check your border data etc. I called today to let them know because I never use my 3 weeks right but they can not talk in English. 


    Any comment