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  2. Brexit: The fallout

      My understanding is that a "hard Brexit" can only occur on 12 April at the earliest as the EU has now granted an extension to the Article 50 process until at least that date, whatever happens (i.e. whether or no the WA is approved by Parliament in the meantime or not).    I believe that an EU member state only ceases to be one at the point at which the Article 50 process (the period designed to agree a WA) ceases to apply (defined in EU law as being the date on which the WA comes into effect OR 2 years from receiving notice of the intent to leave OR after an extension period agreed unanimously by the EU Council in agreement with the member state).   What the member state sets out in its own domestic legislation regarding exit dates is - in light of this - actually meaningless. March 29th ceased to have any meaning as an exit date once the EU Council - with the UK - agreed an extension, as was undertaken last week.   Only once the Article 50 processes ends as set out above do the EU Treaties cease to apply to that member state (irrespective of whatever they choose to put into domestic legislation in the meantime).   The UK govt seems to be planning to amend the date in domestic legislation to cover up this (now) mismatch between the dates by means of a statutory instrument in any case.
  3. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    It took 2.5 weeks in Lower Saxony (and yes, it came from the BAMF in Nuremberg)