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  1. Working on garden leave

    My main concern is the new company could pull their offer due to the unexpected 6 week delay 
  2. Working on garden leave

    Thanks    My main concern is if they sue me 😅   Wouldn’t tax class 6 indicate I held both simultaneously? I think it might be safer to have my employment contract with the other begin dec 1 and literally volunteer until then. If they want to give me a bonus after then I’m open to it 
  3. Working on garden leave

    My income would begin on December 1 and I would volunteer earlier 
  4. Working on garden leave

    Thanks everyone    basically until November 30 I would be officially employed and paid by, but on garden leave from, the old employer   But I would want to effectively volunteer with the new employer until December 1, after would ask not to get paid until after then. My official employment would begin only December 1   My concern is as it’s a competitor I’m legally barred from working there while on garden leave. This volunteership should be easy when working internally but when I’m client facing it could get more challenging- i.e. puts a risk it could come to my old employers attention. This is why I want to be sure I wouldn’t technically be breaking contract by volunteering in case it does come to light   
  5. Working on garden leave

      If it helps, the new employer is based in the US where I'm also a citizen. I will get paid through an EOR once I begin. The work will be entirely remote.
  6. Working on garden leave

    Hey folks, so I'm in a bit of an annoying situation with a soon to be former employer   Late last month, I let my boss know I was strongly considering joining a competitor after I received an offer, and before I was even able to officially resign, they put me on immediate garden leave   During the conversation when my boss told me I would be disconnected from all systems within the next few minutes, he also asked if I wanted to work the full notice (3 mo) and I said I would rather end Oct 15 to which he agreed   After getting effectively booted out, I communicated the desire to start on October 17th to the new employer    Over the last 2 weeks I didn't hear anything from the old employer, but yesterday they said I would need to remain employed for a minimum of 2 months on garden leave -- so until Nov 30. This seems odd to be because its an unnecessary expense for the company to keep me longer   My old contract says I can't work for a competitor while employed, but I don't want to push the start date back 6 weeks   Hypothetically, could I legally begin to work "gratis" for the new company during the initial 6 weeks? I would let them know I'm willing to get started before officially beginning because the 6 week gap is annoying for them too and I'm genuinely eager to make an impact. Assuming no money exchanges hands until after the 6 week period, is this against my contract? I'm assuming so but double checking just in case.
  7. Losing Job as a non-EU National

    Hey   I'm currently working in germany legally for the last 21 months, and hold non-EU citizenship (American). My current work permit which is tied to my employer expires in 2021. For the last 12 months, I have been making over 50k a year and paying in to the mandatory unemployment insurance (I have been paying for the last 21 months, but my salary was lower beforehand). I receive my university degree in May of this year (when I would be working here for almost 24 months or two years), and I have 7 years of professional experience in my field - my last jobs were in management level.   I changed jobs a few months ago and the company is a mess... I'm still in a my probation period too so I'm a little worried about the possibility of being out of my job! I have a few questions...   1. if I lose my job, how long can I stay in Germany to find a new job? (I hope this is at least 3-6 months...) 2. Can I receive unemployment benefits? (I assume this is a no)   Assuming I don't lose my job before May, here are the facts about me: - American  - 2 years working in Germany (18 months making 50k+ a year) paying unemployment insurance - University degree, 7 years professional experience - Only around 8k in savings (since I think showing proof you can support yourself impacts whether or not you can stay?)   Thank you!