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  1. Difficult landlord

    I guess one big question I have is... when signed up on Grundversorgung, does the bill go to the landlord or to the tenant?
  2. Difficult landlord

    Okay, I have made some progress but am still at risk of electricity shut off   I called Vattenfall and signed up for a the proper contract rather than the Grundversorgung.    However, it takes 2-3 weeks. So in the meantime, I am at risk of a power cut.   As described, my landlord refuses to give me any information. So while I have told them I will happily pay any amount owed immediately/TODAY and all I need to know is the amount and where to send it to, am I still at risk of a power cut because my landlord wont tell me    Any ideas how to avoid it? 
  3. Difficult landlord

      Thank you, thats very helpful. Does this mean they have the right to shut off my electricity despite not having any unpaid bills? 
  4. Difficult landlord

    Hey folks,    I have a very challenging landlord. Because I am not German, they have said in the past they would refuse to help me. In the past when something has broken, it was very very hard to get it fixed (for example, I didn't have a working toilet or access to my mailbox for over a month)   I did, however, make a mistake -- when I moved in I was signed up on Grundversorgung with Vattenfall. Simply, during the handover the landlady told me I could select any provider but if I didn't I would automatically stay with Vattenfall. As I mentioned, I'm not german so I simply thought 'okay, that's fine with me.' Now I think this was a mistake.    However, last week my landlord said Vattenfall is threatening to shut off my electricity and refuses to give me an explanation why. I think it is because of the Grundversorgung. I contacted Vattenfall to resolve it but I can't do so without a meter number -- they refuse to give this to me.  I will do my best to get this sorted and avoid a shut off.    In this case, can my landlord and Vattenfall legally shut off my electricity because of the Grundversorgun??? I don't have any unpaid bills, and I paid twice (strangely, yes -- twice this year my landlord billed me for extra costs) for the utililities being higher than my nebenkosten, which is all paid up.