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  1. I'm sure there must be someone else out there who has experienced this and hopefully has found a solution...   for the last 5 years, I have been seeking a therapist paid by TK, but still without any success.    here are the steps I have taken: 1. got a referral from my hausarzt, then going through the below steps multiple times: 2. written & called every single english speaking therapist who takes TK in berlin 3-5 times each (result: no one has availability, ever) 3. written & called every single english speaking therapist who is open to the reimbursement procedure with TK 3-5 times each (result: no one has availability -- ONE EXCEPTION: I saw someone last summer for an initial consultation, but by the time I found someone with availability for a sprechstunde which was required before I could begin regular sessions, they no longer had any space free) 4. written & called dozens of therapists for a sprechstunde because of the above (result: finally, after 3-4 months of searching, I saw someone in the early autumn of 2021, who gave me the paperwork necessary confirming the urgency of treatment) 5. with the paperwork from the sprechstunde and my hausarzt's referral code, I contacted TSS who are required to find me an appointment within 4 weeks. (result: Finally, after several years of repeating the first 1-3 steps dozens of times, I got an appointment!! I showed up at the appointment, spoke in broken german, and was IMMEDIATELY refused to be seen by the doctor because I'm not fluent)  6. because of the problem at step 5, I asked TSS/TK for a solution (result: TKs response was that there's nothing I can do) <<< IS THIS REALLY THE CASE?? is it really true that TK doesnt need to give you a medically necessary appointment? they said because they gave me a termin with a doctor who refused to see me, they already did there job even if treatment wasn't made available to the patient   is it just me or is this an impossible puzzle to be solved? am I missing any important steps?   please note, I cant afford to pay for therapy out of pocket or I would just do that, so unfortunately I rely on TK for this...
  2. Scary letter from Staatsanwaltschaft

    one potential issue is, the time period I was unemployed I wasn’t working in specifically because I didn’t have my visa yet. So one potential knock on effect of this is, based on the claim of the Staatsanwaltschaft that I was fined for working on ALG1, is it would mean I was also working here illegally— which, obviously I wasn’t doing and now even the Arbeitsamt recognises that after they checked with my former employer.    So regardless of the number of Tagessätze, if agencies communicate with each other in this bizarre ways (Arbeitsamt bringing it to the Staatsanwaltschaft in 2019, but not giving them a correction in 2021) it could have a knock on effect if they speak to the Ausländerbehorde    I’ve also reached out to a migration lawyer just in case    I’m so mad at my former employer for this paperwork mistake. It looks like it will cost me €5,000 at least between fines & lawyer fees and has been insanely stressful considering the threats and overall risks 
  3. Scary letter from Staatsanwaltschaft

    Yes but it seems unlikely anything can be changed    so effectively my earlier post that even without committing a crime it’s possible to be accused of one and denied any legal right to defend oneself is still the case... which is disheartening    i thought Germany was a free society but after learning it’s possible to be denied the right to a fair trial I’m not so sure    especially after reflecting on the past discrimination I’ve faced as an Ausländer, I’m realising the free Germany I’ve grown to fall in love with doesn’t actually exist    kind of insane one can pay almost 50% of income in taxes for 5 years and abide by the law but still get treated like “dirty criminal foreign scum” 
  4. Scary letter from Staatsanwaltschaft

    Updating for those who find it interesting    the Staatsanwaltschaft said in a letter today it makes no difference if I were notified or not, and that it is still legally binding    the lawyer the above commenter recommended also said it might not be possible to do anything now, even though there was no crime   so yes, our system is very very broken    I should also mention another horrendous experience I had with the Arbeitsamt at the start of my unemployment in 2018... even though I was legally entitled to ALG1 I was initially denied it because the person at the counter refused to process my claim because I wasn’t German    so yea the system is fucked     
  5. Scary letter from Staatsanwaltschaft

      THANK YOU I will reach out now <3
  6. Scary letter from Staatsanwaltschaft

      I've written them letters to their confirmed address and got letters back - it is unfortunately very real
  7. Scary letter from Staatsanwaltschaft

      turns out the lawyer was useless   this also isnt labor law, but criminal law, and unfortunately with migration law implications
  8. Scary letter from Staatsanwaltschaft

    Fascinating update after speaking with a lawyer... it turns out even though its easy to prove a) they never notified me because they sent it to an outdated address I wasnt registered at, b ) the supposed fraud is also easy to prove never happened because my employer can verify it and now even the arbeitsamt agrees, that doesnt change anything   so to summarize, in a "free society" you can be accused of a crime you did not commit at any time they can charge you with the crime without notifying you, and without the right to appeal or a fair trial    HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE   I think I've just lost my right to permanent residence over this since the auslanderbehorde website says you cant get it if you have a fine (mine was for 70 days, if that makes a difference)???   I'm completely overwhelmed that my life has been effectively ended because of a fucking PAPERWORK error    I cant go back to my home country either... so when I say life is over... I mean booted from germany and literally my life is over, literally    
  9. Long story short, I am currently facing a strafbefehl. The problem is this -- it was issued in Spring of 2019, but I was only notified of it last month in 2021. The annoying thing, is the strafbefehl is for a supposed crime of fraud due to a paperwork error of my old employer who incorrectly told the finanzamt I started work in August 2018 when I really only began working on October 2018 -- thus, the state thought I received ALG1 when I didn't. The arbeistamt has spoken with my former employer and now agree I only begin in October, but that doesnt chang the original strahbehal.   It's a bit frustrating, because I was never given the chance to appeal it within the 2 week timeframe because they didn't notify me of it until very recently. Even more frustrating, the reason they think I deserve to get the strafbefehl is tied to something which has already been resolved. I'm speaking with a lawyer about this, but I cannot have any guarantee my case will be won or in what timeframe.    It's rather icky timing as my residency is about to expire (work permit) on December 18. I qualify for a blue card, and I have been living and working legally in germany for 5.5 years and am currently gainfully employed. Nonetheless, I am concerned this clusterfuck of a situation with the strafbefehl will prevent me from renewing my residency permit.    2 questions: 1. will having a strafbefehl affect the ability to get a blue card?  2. if not, will it prevent me from getting permanent residency later?       
  10. Scary letter from Staatsanwaltschaft

    the strafbehel was issued for a penalty order from 2019 that they didnt even notify me of until 2021. this is unfortunately legit.   
  11. Scary letter from Staatsanwaltschaft

      I've tried calling the staatsanwaltchaft but I havent been able to reach anyone. I can't tell if the number is even in service.    I have been able to send the letters to one lawyer, but things take time and I havent received an opinion from them yet. No one else has been able to see me yet.
  12. Arbeitsamt thinks I was employed when I wasn't

      Yes, I moved in 2019 (I registered my new address then as well). When I finally received the notification of it, it had an old address of mine from 2018 (even though I re-registered at new addresses twice since then) which they had scratched out and written my new address next to it.    Do you think it helps my cause that I was never notified back then? I explained this situation to them    I'm also happening that this can still be appealed now based on the fact the the arbeitsamt who initially reported this to the staatsanwalt have clarified the issue - therefor, the reason for the fine has already been corrected by them & they decided I don't owe them any money.   Do you think the bureaucratic madness will factor that in as well?   Or is it possible that an arrest warrant has now even been issued without me being notified, and I can basically consider it a possibility a cop will show up at my door anytime to arrest me?
  13. Scary letter from Staatsanwaltschaft

    I let them know this 2 weeks ago and haven't heard anything else - do you think they have paused this since I told them? 
  14. Arbeitsamt thinks I was employed when I wasn't

      How is it legal for the appeal period to pass without notifying the person to whom it applies? The utterly blows my mind
  15. Arbeitsamt thinks I was employed when I wasn't

    thought I’d give an update on this.    the Arbeitsamt finally closed the case after speaking with my employer in august. However, 2 years ago apparently they reported me to the state before speaking with my employer, and now the Staatsanwaltschaft is threatening me with a fine or arrest. Ironically the Staatsanwaltschaft says even though the Arbeitsamt dropped it after they spoke with my employer, it doesn’t change the 2019 ruling. Even more maddening, I didn’t learn about the 2019 ruling until 2021, after it was resolved with the Arbeitsamt.   https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/391187-scary-letter-from-staatenswaltschaft/?do=findComment&comment=3904573