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  1. birth control in germany?

    Hello   I have a few questions about BC in germany... 1, I understand BC isn't covered by insurance in germany, so I'm curious how much people have to pay for whichever methods they use. I'm curious what's the most cost effective. 2, Do you need an OBGYN to prescribe BC, or can you get a primary doctor to prescribe it too? 3, are "mini-pills" (aka progestin only) also available in germany? I know fewer options are available here than the US 4, to get a BC prescription, are there any more hoops or obstacles you need to fill? or do you more or less just ask a doctor for a prescription, and you're on your way? (in some parts of the US there are weird things you need to prove before they give you anything)   Thanks!
  2. Work permit

    Hey all   Sorry if I'm putting this in the wrong thread...   I currently have a work contract expiring November 16. I'm American, and working in berlin now for 2 years. My work permit expires next year, September 2019. My permit says my company name, but it also says that I can work anywhere after 2 years.    My question is, if I do not renew my contract in November, am I still entitled to stay here/find another job (without going through the Auslanderbehorde, since it says "beschäftigt ist beschäftigt jeder art gestattet" after 2 years, which it will now be...)   Thank you!
  3. Starting ALG1 again after temporary employment

    I wouldn't bring a question for the Auslanderbehorde to the Arbeitsamt. I realize they're two entirely different topics which is why I initially asked each question separately to avoid confusion. Each of these questions are being fielded to the correct offices, which is why I'm asking so many different questions - to find out exactly where the obstacles are and if they're solvable, and if not, if I take a different route would I fare better.     I'm going again to the Auslandebehorde tomorrow with the visa questions. I went to the arbeitsamt last on monday, and I'm now awaiting their letters to tell me their next appointment.   @Redmidge/swim,er sorry if I offended you just a lil' extra on edge thanks to the whole visa stress and a few trolls on here I dealt with earlier, haha 
  4. Starting ALG1 again after temporary employment

      Of course I understand the basic differences - there's no need to patronize.    It's also hard an avoidance/coping strategy, just figuring out how to do the work I've been offered legally.   Again, with over a decade experience helping to get other successful start ups off the ground considering the plan B of starting my own business to legally consult other businesses as a self-employed person (such as the current contract I'm being offered, and others who expressed interest) isn't a pie in the sky idea.   You should empathize that as a foreigner, it kind of sucks. Do I want to be in this situation? Hell no. Do I like having my visa and financial situation at risk? Definitely no either. But one needs to do what one needs to do to survive. That's just the way it is.
  5. Starting ALG1 again after temporary employment

      My first choice? Working for the company that offered me the trial contract. However, the many joys of being a foreigner is that you can't accept all jobs that are offered. The question is really how can I take this PARTICULAR job *legally,* and not fear deportation/poverty if it somehow doesn't work out   And because I'm at the mercy of the auslanderbehorde, it would be stupid not to consider a plan B (starting my own company) if plan A (this job thats being offered) doesn't work. I wouldn't be going through examining the multitude of possibilities if I didn't have to.    Hence needing to consider alternative options. And at the end of the day I'll be doing a fairly similar thing: working to get a start-up I connect with off the ground. It's more in the same vein than it might read.     
  6. Starting ALG1 again after temporary employment

    Thanks. Yeah, I know its really complicated. Times like this I really wish I were German!   Honestly, starting an actual business if I was able to do the program with the arbeitsamt is exactly what I would do. I already have a business plan, etc. available since I've been considering it for the longterm for quite some time. I've worked at startups for almost 10 years and starting my own company is always something I know I will do *eventually." If push came to shove, I'd be ready to do it now if I could get into the program. Really participating in the program would not be a problem for me, so the question is if I would be legally eligible to do so?     For the company hiring me full time, I don't think they would. I initially applied for a full time role, and after 4 great interviews they unfortunately rejected me sensing a lack of passion about the mission. I expressed to them that i feel more closely aligned with the mission than they might have picked up on, so they recommended a 3 mo independent contractor thing to reassess for the full-time position. I'm wondering if I should recommend they pay me less & hire me as full-time, and basically be like "feel free to fire me if you're not convinced" -- paying me less because having an employee here in Germany is so expensive to companies. I did a quick calculation, and I think it would be an additional 500 euros/mo, so I would ask them to pay me 500/less.  
  7. Starting ALG1 again after temporary employment

      Unfortunately however, I don't think I'm eligible for self-employment permit because I have what will likely be considered insufficient funds, so I'm not sure if they would reject me based on that solely?    My question is also more like 1. assuming I have the right visa, will the arbeitsamt continue ALG1? (just assuming that) 2. is there the potential that if the contract position didn't work out, and I do somehow get the self-employment visa in the meantime, that I could go back to the Fiktionsbescheinigung? (which would presumably allow me to collect ALG1)   I also know the arbeitsamt has a program to help people become self-employed if they have 150 days remaining in their benefits. While I'm technically entitled to 7 more months of ALG1 (more than 150 days), my Fiktionsbescheinigung is for only 2.5 more months (less than 150 days). This program in this particular case would be incredibly valuable to me, and it would genuinely allow me to become self employed. Do you know if I could somehow partake in this program with the arbeitsamt...? I'm assuming it will still be done on the Fiktionsbescheinigung.
  8.   Thanks, I'm all for being risk adverse. My instinct is to show all my cards upfront too.   I'm in Berlin, so its a mixed bag. 
  9. Starting ALG1 again after temporary employment

      Thanks! I technically am entitled to 11 months of benefits, although my Fiktionsbescheinigung is for 6 months only. Do you think that if they reject my right to work as an independent contract they will be inclined to extend my Fiktionsbescheinigung?   Of course, if they approve the independent contractor work (I hope) I know I won't be able to receive ALG1 while working, and  I'm trying to also find out how I can accept this 3 month contract now because it may turn into a regular employeeship after the 3 months. The fear is that if I can work the contract job now and they don't hire me after 3 months, if I can go back to receiving ALG1.   Thank you!  
  10. Hey all,    Last year I took a job offer while ignoring many red flags (interviewer arrived late and said he was hungover during the interview) and then took a turn for the worse (the conditions of the workplace/staff that I was told existed did not; racist/sexist remarks from the boss; the boss literally flipped off (saying 'f*** you' as a hand gesture) a candidate who was interviewing; a pattern of the employer hiring/firing a rapid succession of people for 1-4 months; etc. - truly horrible). I was (in many ways - luckily) let go after only 3.5 months. Now, it's been another 3.5 months later after being fired. One would hope the situation is over and done with, but unfortunately it's not!   Here's the 3 issues I'm struggling with still 1. I need Arbeitsbescheinigung for ALG1. I emailed them asking for this 4 times so far, and I haven't received it. I usually only receive responses from them 1/2 the time and days late. 2. I took 2 business trips, and was told I would be reimburse for expenses. The company threw away my receipts after letting me go, without processing them. The total amount was at least 300, so its very frustrating. I emailed several times, with a reply only 1/4 of the time - the last email was saying I could send over electronic statements of the expenses, and I did. No response.  3. (this is the battle I'm least inclined to fight, but I'm curious to hear if its illegal what they did) My contract stated I would receive part of my bonus/sales commissions each month, amounting to exactly  50% of the sales target. It then said that at the end of the quarter, I would be paid the additional amount achieved - which ended up being about 70% of the target or so. I worked from Jan-April 18, and the quarter ended on March 31. However, they never paid me the missing amount of sales achieved. Are they legally obligated to? I'm unsure because a) while they fired me after the end of the quarter, b ) the normal salary was paid out as usual at the end of the following month (end of April, after being fired). The total bonus missing is over 1,000 euros.   What can I do here? Should I get a lawyer for the Arbeitsbescheinigung which is what the Arbeitsamt suggested? What are my rights regarding the reimbursement and the bonus? I feel like at the minimum I'm within my rights to demand the reimbursement for expenses as it was promised to me, but I'm assuming the bonus is a lost cause.    Thank you so much!
  11. Hey   I'm in an odd situation, and from all the reading I've done online, I can't quite figure out what the answer would be for my particular circumstance...   I understand one can apply for the open work permit - stated on work permits as "beschäftigung gestattet" (removing the nicht from "beschäftigung nicht gestattet XYZ" and essentially freeing you to work for any employer) after 24 months working in Germany as an employee at a company.    I have worked here for 22 months, and resided in Germany (legally) for 3.5 more months since my last employment (26 months total). This means, I contributed to social security, etc. for only 22 months, as I received ALG1 for the other 3.5 months.    Now, I will start working as a self-employed person in Berlin for 3 months while on a fiktionsbescheinigung. While self-employed people of course pay tax, they are exempt from making social security contributions. At the end of my self-employment/freelance gig, I will have been in Germany for 29 months, but with varying statuses while here.    When can I apply for a "beschäftigung gestattet" on my work permit, considering everything? Do I need 2 more months of full-time employment (not freelance or self-employment) before I can request one? Or can I request one sooner, since I have been here for longer?   Thank you!
  12. Hey   So... this is my situation, and I'm wondering if everything goes horribly wrong if I'll be able to keep my Fiktionsbescheinigung?   1. Worked in Berlin for 23 months  2. Lost job -- Auslanderbehorde have me a Fiktionsbescheinigung valid for 6 months (which entitles me to either receive ALG1 while unemployed, or be self-employed) 3. Now starting a contract position for 3 months that MIGHT or might NOT become permanent. 4. Because my original permit states "selbständige Tätigkeit gestattet" I can work as self-employed under the Fiktionsbescheinigung. I cannot get a freelancers visa for the 3 months because I only have one german client, and the company will not hire me right away as a regular employee.  5. My Fiktionsbescheinigung expires in early October, but earlier appointment I could get is in late October. ( I'm now confirming the Auslanderbehorde there's no problems here, and I can work as a self-eplmployed person without any problems -- any advice you have on this topic also much appreciated!)  6. If my 3 months position doesn't become permanent, can I request to essentially extend my Fiktionsbescheinigung while looking for work again?   Thank you!
  13. Hey   So... this is my situation, and I'm wondering if everything goes horribly wrong if I'll be able to get ALG1 again?   1. Worked in Berlin for 23 months (entitling me to 11 months of ALG1) 2. Received ALG1 for 3.5 months  3. Now starting a contract position for 3 months that MIGHT or might NOT become permanent 4. If I deregister now for ALG1 and become unemployed again in 3 months, can I continue receiving ALG1? (for the remaining 6 months?   I asked today at the arbeitsamt and the guy said yes (but I didn't get it in writing!), but my friend early had asked the same question and heard no (also not in writing). Because the information was exchanged verbally in each case, I really can't depend on it.    Thank you!
  14. Hello!   I currently have a Fiktionsbescheinigung (expiring Oct 4, 2018), that has 'der Aufenthaltstitel als fortbestehend' (the original permit remains) checked on the back. My original permit, which the 'der Aufenthaltstitel als fortbestehend' references, includes the words 'selbständige Tätigkeit gestattet' (self-employment allowed).    Now I received a job offer for freelancing (self-employment). I can't get a regular work visa (it's not permanent/technically freelance) or a freelance visa (you need minimum of 2 german clients). My understanding - I think - is that because my Fiktionsbescheinigung is der Aufenthaltstitel als fortbestehend and my original permit includes selbständige Tätigkeit gestattet I can take up self-employment for this job.    Is this correct? Thank you!    
  15. Losing Job as a non-EU National

    Hey   I'm currently working in germany legally for the last 21 months, and hold non-EU citizenship (American). My current work permit which is tied to my employer expires in 2021. For the last 12 months, I have been making over 50k a year and paying in to the mandatory unemployment insurance (I have been paying for the last 21 months, but my salary was lower beforehand). I receive my university degree in May of this year (when I would be working here for almost 24 months or two years), and I have 7 years of professional experience in my field - my last jobs were in management level.   I changed jobs a few months ago and the company is a mess... I'm still in a my probation period too so I'm a little worried about the possibility of being out of my job! I have a few questions...   1. if I lose my job, how long can I stay in Germany to find a new job? (I hope this is at least 3-6 months...) 2. Can I receive unemployment benefits? (I assume this is a no)   Assuming I don't lose my job before May, here are the facts about me: - American  - 2 years working in Germany (18 months making 50k+ a year) paying unemployment insurance - University degree, 7 years professional experience - Only around 8k in savings (since I think showing proof you can support yourself impacts whether or not you can stay?)   Thank you!