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  1. Permanent residency after 5 year stay

    Once you get your blue card back you will qualify. Why didn't you get it for this job? if its a salary reason, my advice honestly is to look for a new job where you qualify
  2. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card)

    Hey  I have a similar but not quite exact question   - Resided legally in Berlin for 4.5yrs so far  - Legally employed (always with a standard work permit) for 4 of those years (job searching for 6 mo) - with a standard work permit - Of those 4 years employed, I made over the minimum for at least 3 of those years   - I do not work in STEM - My german level is subpar... I think only A1 tbh (I know, I know, I really should learn German!!!) - My current salary is well above the minimum and I have a degree, so I definitely qualify for a blue card  - However, my salary has changed quite a bit as I changed jobs. My total compensation (including bonus) in 2017, 2019, and 2020 is above the minimum to qualify for a blue card. Total meaning base + bonus.  - As I was job searching for 6 months, I paid into my pension for 4 of my 4.5 years - there was an interruption in the middle obviously, so in case it needs to be continuous, I've been paying into my pension continuously now for over 25 months (and had previously for 18+ months, but in between had a 6 month contribution break)   Pay details: - As my pay includes variable pay, if I only count my base salary, then the number of months my base was above the min is only 18 months - If I count it based on individual paychecks including ones with bonus paid out, my monthly paychecks would be above the minimum closer to 21-25 months (for one job I had, my bonus was paid quarterly) - However, as a significant portion of my pay has always been bonus, the total number of whole years (according to my tax statement) my pay was above the minimum is 3 years and counting (non continuously 2017, 2019, and 2020) which adds up to 36 months   Here's what the officials say about requirements (https://service.berlin.de/dienstleistung/326556/en/)   Possession of an EU Blue Card No less than 33 months of employment and basic knowledge of the German language. If you have basic knowledge of German, you must have been in employment for at least 33 months. That employment must meet the requirements for the issue of an EU Blue Card. Basic knowledge of the German language corresponds to Level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (GERR).   So, my question is: Did I technically qualify for the Blue Card for 33 months so far? Or only 18 or 21 months, based on the above information?  
  3. Follow up information in case its relevant - ignore above where it says 36mo above 60k - correction: 36 months/3 full-years were above the Blue Card min salary (one year was 54k but that year the min was 53k)   Salary info/employment status year by year:   2016 (moved to Germany mid-year, can't find tax info now) - employed 6 months 2017 over 60k+ for the whole year including bonus - employed 12 months, over 60k for the whole year 12/12mo only including bonus, but 3mo the base salary was over 60k (potentially earlier too) so 6/12 not counting bonus  2018 job searching for 6 months, for months Jan-mid April my salary was over 60k, but not any other months - employed 6 months, base salary over 60k 3/12 mo 2019 made 54k for the whole year (in 2019 the min for EU Blue Card was 53k) - not counting bonus and only counting base then over the min 0/12 months   2020 over 60k+ for the whole year - but on part time kurzarbeit from mid-April through early November, from March onwards my base salary was 60k not including bonus before karbeit - currently off kurzarbeit - not counting karbeit and not counting bonus, my base was above the min 9/12 mo   Total months with BASE salary over min salary not counting bonus: 18mo (with 6 mo PT on kurzarbeit so actual earnings lower, not counting karbeit then 12mo over min base salary) Total months with TOTAL salary over min salary including bonus: 36 months Total years with TOTAL compensation over min: 3 full years 
  4. Hey     I have a question about when I would qualify for permanent residency if I get an EU blue card after holding a normal Work Permit.    - Resided legally in Berlin for 4.5yrs so far  - Legally employed (always with a standard work permit) for 4 of those years (job searching for 6 mo) - Of those 4 years employed, I made over 60k for at least 3 of those years (as I changed jobs, so did my salary, but in total the number of months above 60k I believe would be at least 36mo so far) - My current salary is 60k and I have a degree, so I definitely qualify for a blue card - My german level is subpar... I think only A1 tbh (I know, I know, I really should learn German!!!) - I do not work in STEM   My question is this - I know on my current work permit I must live & work here legally for 5 years (5.5 yrs residing here for me as I was job searching for 6 mo) AND reach B1 German for permanent residency, however, blue card holders qualify after only 33 months (unless they speak B1 German than its 21 months or so)    As I qualify for a Blue Card, if I now change and get one, will I also immediately qualify for permanent residency? If not, when will I qualify?   Thank you
  5. Losing Job as a non-EU National

    Hey   I'm currently working in germany legally for the last 21 months, and hold non-EU citizenship (American). My current work permit which is tied to my employer expires in 2021. For the last 12 months, I have been making over 50k a year and paying in to the mandatory unemployment insurance (I have been paying for the last 21 months, but my salary was lower beforehand). I receive my university degree in May of this year (when I would be working here for almost 24 months or two years), and I have 7 years of professional experience in my field - my last jobs were in management level.   I changed jobs a few months ago and the company is a mess... I'm still in a my probation period too so I'm a little worried about the possibility of being out of my job! I have a few questions...   1. if I lose my job, how long can I stay in Germany to find a new job? (I hope this is at least 3-6 months...) 2. Can I receive unemployment benefits? (I assume this is a no)   Assuming I don't lose my job before May, here are the facts about me: - American  - 2 years working in Germany (18 months making 50k+ a year) paying unemployment insurance - University degree, 7 years professional experience - Only around 8k in savings (since I think showing proof you can support yourself impacts whether or not you can stay?)   Thank you!