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  1. birth control in germany?

    Hello   I have a few questions about BC in germany... 1, I understand BC isn't covered by insurance in germany, so I'm curious how much people have to pay for whichever methods they use. I'm curious what's the most cost effective. 2, Do you need an OBGYN to prescribe BC, or can you get a primary doctor to prescribe it too? 3, are "mini-pills" (aka progestin only) also available in germany? I know fewer options are available here than the US 4, to get a BC prescription, are there any more hoops or obstacles you need to fill? or do you more or less just ask a doctor for a prescription, and you're on your way? (in some parts of the US there are weird things you need to prove before they give you anything)   Thanks!
  2. How long until ALG1 is received?

    Hey all   I'm in a weird situation.   I lost my job 4 months ago (last pay check 3 months ago), went immediately (same day) to the arbeitsamt. However, the arbeitsamt was confused and sent me twice to the auslanderbehorde for a visa change, until I finally had someone from the auslanderbehorde write a letter to the arbeitsamt explaining I'm eligible to receive benefits. Sorting that whole process took almost 2 months alone, because each time I had to go in I also needed to secure a translator. I also had to go in *often* (about 8x in 3 months to arbeitsamt, 2x to the auslandebehorde). However, because the process at the arbeitsamt moves so slowly, it's now been 4 months since I first registered and they only asked me for my Arbeitsbescheinigung last week, which I uploaded today and will send tomorrow.   Because I haven't received a paycheck in 3 months, I'm now rather broke. How long will it take me to receive my first ALG1 payment after giving them my  Arbeitsbescheinigung?   Thank you!
  3. Hey all     background: working in Berlin for 1,5-2years, American citizen- currently a blue card holder, but started out with a work visa    I recently took a new job, and I'm getting signs the company isn't super stable. I'm now worrying about potentially losing my job (and regretting leaving my old one!) and I have a few questions...   As I've been working legally here, I've been paying into the unemployment insurance. If I lose my job, am I entitled to it?    I'm not so sure because I'm American and my blue card/work visa is tied to my employer.    If the answer is no, and I expect it will be, what do I need to do to become eligible? My understanding is that the requirements are: 1. Work 12 months over the last two years (done and check), and 2. Have an unrestricted residence permit.    So I guess my question is, how do I get an unrestricted visa?    Ive also heard about people getting unemployment while on a fiktionpermit (or something similar). Is this possible? What loopholes are available, of any?    Im not in any immediate risk, but I want to be prepared well in advance in case it happens and I can't find a suitable job in time.   thank you!