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  1. Hey! I don’t know about how much notice they need to give you, but ALG1 is calculated on your PRE-Kurzarbeit earnings (so, you do not lose money on ALG1 because you were on Kurzarbeit)    good luck!
  2. arbeitslosengeld for non-EU workers

    interesting, very, very different experience if you have a work permit and not a blue card. frustratingly, I was on a work permit and not a bluecard, even though my salary was high enough for one, and also lost my job after working in germany for around 22 months. so, they gave me a fiktioneinebeschung visa for 6 months. I had to go to the arbeitsamt something like 10 times in one month (no joke), because they would not help me, because I was American - even though I legally qualified. I had to have the auslanderbehorde write a letter, and it took me 2 months before I started receiving ALG1. the arbeitsamt then claimed I didn't qualify for backpay, and I had to write to a higher level of the government to report the discrimination :/ I got it in the end, but it was a real hassle. The whole time I was told constantly I should speak better german... a lot of anti foreigner sentiment. I had to go to the auslandebehorde something like 6 times in those 6 months, and who knows how many times to the arbeitsamt. but eventually it all worked out, thank god!    
  3. arbeitslosengeld for non-EU workers

      you have to report the change, I'm sure you can do it online. they will give you a fiktioneinebeschung visa, not a a job seeker visa - job seeker is only for people who have just arrived under certain conditions or are recent graduates from german universities
  4. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

    unless pappnase is right
  5. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

    good  I didn't read this whole thread because its so long
  6. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

    I’m so sorry that happened. It was not fair, and in no way did you deserve that. It sounds like the receptionist was very racist. Frankly, the receptionist deserves to be fired or fined because the way she acted was not okay and very, very dangerous (because she works in healthcare, she has an even higher ethical obligation to treat everyone equally and fairly so everyone has access to care). The doctor should have also apologized on her behalf. What you can do, is leave a google review or any other reviews to warn other people & so people can choose to boycott it. I don’t know if there’s anything legally you can do, unfortunately, but I think there should be. With protest, things can change. 
  7. Losing Job as a non-EU National

      Hey, how is your german level?   So, essentially. you need to go to the auslanderbehorde immediately. because once your contract ends, your blue card is null because its tied to that employer, so no alg1, and leaving the country. BUT you have been here for 3 years, so you may already qualify for permanent residence, which would grant you alg1 and a long term stay here. but you need to get this sorted asap, because once it expires, it complicates your case. worst case scenarious, theyll give you a fiktioneinebeschung, which is a temporary permit for 6 months which allows you to receive alg1 for that time and to find a new job, but its risky, because if you don't find a job then, you have to leave. 
  8. My neighbor's smoke is bothering me

      @Keydeck you may be “fairly certain” but you’re also totally incorrect. Cigarette smoke is incredibly harmful for everyone regardless of health status, but it can even send some people like myself immediately to the hospital. I have a chronic lung condition, and my neighbors smoke means I need to increase my medication dosage which further suppressed my immune system (other choice: let lungs collapse), makes me incredibly ill, and puts me an increased risk of viruses like corona. If I’m not around cigarette smoke or any allergens, I can live medication free, so my neighbors smoke is dramatically affecting my quality of life & potentially my life span. Unfortunately, in apartment complexes in Berlin, there’s not much I can do about it because my neighbors are as misinformed as you. My neighbor rolled their eyes. So it’s quite dangerous for you to gaslight the postet & Tell them they can’t be experiencing health issues from it, when quite frankly, cigarette smoke is literally deadly for everyone in the long term and immediately for some in the short term. 
  9. Losing Job as a non-EU National

    Hey   I'm currently working in germany legally for the last 21 months, and hold non-EU citizenship (American). My current work permit which is tied to my employer expires in 2021. For the last 12 months, I have been making over 50k a year and paying in to the mandatory unemployment insurance (I have been paying for the last 21 months, but my salary was lower beforehand). I receive my university degree in May of this year (when I would be working here for almost 24 months or two years), and I have 7 years of professional experience in my field - my last jobs were in management level.   I changed jobs a few months ago and the company is a mess... I'm still in a my probation period too so I'm a little worried about the possibility of being out of my job! I have a few questions...   1. if I lose my job, how long can I stay in Germany to find a new job? (I hope this is at least 3-6 months...) 2. Can I receive unemployment benefits? (I assume this is a no)   Assuming I don't lose my job before May, here are the facts about me: - American  - 2 years working in Germany (18 months making 50k+ a year) paying unemployment insurance - University degree, 7 years professional experience - Only around 8k in savings (since I think showing proof you can support yourself impacts whether or not you can stay?)   Thank you!      
  10. Hey all     background: working in Berlin for 1,5-2years, American citizen- currently a blue card holder, but started out with a work visa    I recently took a new job, and I'm getting signs the company isn't super stable. I'm now worrying about potentially losing my job (and regretting leaving my old one!) and I have a few questions...   As I've been working legally here, I've been paying into the unemployment insurance. If I lose my job, am I entitled to it?    I'm not so sure because I'm American and my blue card/work visa is tied to my employer.    If the answer is no, and I expect it will be, what do I need to do to become eligible? My understanding is that the requirements are: 1. Work 12 months over the last two years (done and check), and 2. Have an unrestricted residence permit.    So I guess my question is, how do I get an unrestricted visa?    Ive also heard about people getting unemployment while on a fiktionpermit (or something similar). Is this possible? What loopholes are available, of any?    Im not in any immediate risk, but I want to be prepared well in advance in case it happens and I can't find a suitable job in time.   thank you!