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  1. Legal help, dispute with employer

    Thank you again, i have gotten similar advice. Will keep it in mind. Regards, deviaant
  2. Legal help, dispute with employer

    Thank you for the reply, Would i negotiate in person, or do you recon it would be better to do it via lawyer? (as the owner, the upper management have a history of abusing their power, lying and mistreating employees I am hesitant to believe there word) I am eligible for the unemployment benifits. Kind regards,   deviaaant
  3. Legal help, dispute with employer

    Im not touching this with a ten foot pole. Thank you for your help keyboard warrior, rest easy you have been victorious another day.  
  4. Hello all,    The problem I am dealing with is as follows    I have been employed in a company for six months and twenty days, passing the trial period of six months. On December 30th I received my Kundigung. There was no reason for it, I was told that it had nothing to do with my performance but rather cutting cost. I was one of three other people fired that day. I asked my manager do I now get a notice period as per my contract to which he replied no, today is the last day you work. The Kundigung was dated December 28th. Immediately after new year's I stared sorting out the paperwork for the Agentur fur Arbeit, I registered there, went to the preliminary appointment as well as went to a consultant agency so I can see what are my options, perhaps to study or requalify myself for a different position  In the meantime, I was contacted by my employer, he wanted to have a chat with me in regards to my work for the company, I politely declined as I did not have the time because I had to deal with all the bureaucracy with Agentur for Arbeit.  I have also gone to the Arbeitsgericht, fearing that I was not dismissed properly and generally because I was afraid that I wouldn’t get payed what was owed to me (my pay has never in six months while I was employed come on time, a week or so late always) The lawyer basically agreed and a letter was dispatched to the employer and a date was set for a hearing. I have then gone to the Arbeitsgericht again because I still haven't gotten payed my December wages (by contract I should have received my paycheck on the tenth, it was not approaching 25th of January). In the mean time I have spoken to the employer asking him several times to pay me so I can then move forward and seek other options for work or other help from the Agentur fur Arbeit. He had lied several times about transferring funds and on the 29th of January he finally did. The end of our correspondence was him saying he received a letter from the court.    On the 4th of February I was at court , he did not show up, instead the judge received the letter from his lawyers, in it basically said that they made a mistake with the Kundigung and have  taken it back, meaning that I was employed with him again, he also provided proof that I received my wages for the month of December and with that the matter was finished. When I got home, I received a letter from his lawyers that since the matter is resolved and I am employed with the company again that I should come to work the next day.     The next day I went to the doctor, I am quite ill and received a doctor's note for four day, I intend to extend it not only for the purpose buying more time but also, I do need to recover physically and mentally because of all of this.      My question is, is there anything I can do here? Where can I get legal advice? (preferably in English) Is there any possibility of this resolving in my favor or is there nothing to be done? I definitely do not wish to go and work a company that treats people like garbage.    Thank you in advance for reading and for the help.  Kind regards,  deviaaant