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  1. Hi everyone,  The last post in this topics was 2019. So I want to ask if you can recommend English speaking driving instructors/companies in Karlsruhe? I already did some searching and sent a couple of emails. I've even got a replies with a denial that they don't teach in English. So please, if you have any good options, suggest them to me.    Thanks for help. 
  2. Hi guys, I will try to be short. I have been living in Karlsruhe for almost 4 years and  now got a new role in Munich. Currently working remotely. My employer is not asking me to move, I actually can stay and work here as much as I wish. But I this city is small and I think it would be better to move to nearby Munich, because personally I see more opportunities in the future for myself, for my wife and for my children. At the moment neither me nor my wife speaks German and still have to rely on English My kids speak German really well :).  Now regarding relocation, I don't want to rent an apartment anymore, I want to buy a house. But I understand that the prices in Munich are simply unreasonable for me.  So I'm asking your suggestions, where nearby Munich is a good place to buy a house to settle with a family, while still being close enough to Munich, and still be available to use English to solve very similar life related things. We lover forests and nature, so we would like to settle near to forest if there are any nearby Munich. Thanks a lot for your time.