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  1. Free Intro Talk

    Thank you, jeremytwo!
  2. Free Intro Talk

    Thank you for your comment, Smaug! Your argument is comparable to "I heard strawberries taste sweet and sour and have seeds. I don´t like seeds, so I am not eating them!" Immersing yourself in new things is always educational, I think. Spending time gathering first-hand knowledge to make up your own mind is preferable to acting on hearsay, no? And by the way, you are acting on beliefs yourself, right now...
  3. Free Intro Talk

    Thank you for your question, fraufruit! That depends on the type of Versicherung (insurance) you have. Heilpraktikerzusatzversicherung works for many practitioners. You would need to ask that individually.
  4. Free Intro Talk

    Thank you for opening this discussion, El Jeffo! The author of the mentioned RationalWiki entry clearly has no idea what BCST is.   Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is not a manipulative therapy nor does it belong in the category "Parenting".   Why not educate yourself and show up to this intro event?
  5. Free Intro Talk

    Thu 10 May 19:00 - 21:00 Body Intelligence Training Venue Husemannstr.31 10453 Berlin outside Husemannstr.31 free Interested in finding out more this evolving and exciting therapy? Join me for a free intro talk on Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy! Steve Lane, experienced BCST practitioner and tutor from UK, will be introducing the work, explain differences to other modalities, talk about Foundation training, and answer questions you may have. For questions email For further information on BCST go to