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  1. Free Intro Talk about BCST

    Hello Smaug, BCST actually is based on science. Polyvagal theory, Attachment theory, Embryology, Osteopathy, Anatomy and Physiology to name a few.
  2. Free Intro Talk about BCST

    Hello FrauFruit, this is a FREE Intro Talk. You are welcome to join us and learn about BCST it on the 15th!
  3. Free Intro Talk about BCST

    Hello El Jeffo, I see you have not researched any further. You now have the opportunity again to form your own opinion. See you there?
  4. Free Intro Talk about BCST

    The Intro Talk is designed to provide a taste of BIODYNAMIC CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY. You will be introduced to this exciting and evolving body therapy science and explore through self experiential exercises the nature of Health and how to feel the expressions of Health as subtle biodynamic motions in the body. We will discuss trauma and how its effects are safely resolved with BCST.   Location: Husemannstr. 31 Dates: Thu, 15th Nov. 7pm Thu, 10th Jan 7pm Thu, 28th Feb 7pm
  5. Moved to new room at Friedbergstr. 39 in Charlottenburg. Currently available Monday through Wednesday.

    For appointment call 0179 934 5593 or send email to