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  1.   Thanks for the insight but my status is a bit complicated, I'm not sure if I can trust on this link for taking a risk to drive I want to ask someone but I don't know who to ask to be honest..
  2.     Thank you very much for your reply. Yes I did "abmeldung" before I leave Germany after my studies finished. So you say, my driving licence still valid in Germany?   Can you tell me how do you know this? How can I confirm this information? I'm asking before it's important for me to know for sure, I don't want to get in trouble.
  3. Hello everyone,   I have a "confusing" question and I'd be glad if someone could shine a light on this because I couldn't get a proper reply from anywhere.   Here are the points in general.   - I have a 3rd country driving licence for almost 10 years now.   - I was an exchange student in Germany in 2017-2018. Then my study finished and I went back to my country. I never drove a car during my studies in Germany. I stayed for 10 months and left the country in June 2018.   - After around 13 months, on September 2019, I moved back to Germany with a D visa and work permit (I had a job offer). I rented a car without a problem 2 times ( in September - October )   - I have a residency card, issue date is December 2019. I don't have a car.   My question: Is my 3rd country driving licence was valid or not in Germany for the first 6 months of my second arrival? I couldn't find any information on this topic.   Current status:   - I went to führerscheinamt to change my driving licence to German one around 5-6 months ago, I passed the theory exam and took few clases for practical one. But then Corona happened and I still coulnd't manage to change my licence also lost some money since driving teacher is no longer working there so I need to get another teacher..   - On this website, it says driving licence is valid for 12 months due to Corona:   So normally my driving licence should be still valid, if coming to Germany for the second time is not making it invalid. Does anybody have any experience like this? Should I go to a Police station and ask about this? Thanks in advance!                
  4.     I wasn't around when it happened and it happened quite fast. To be honest I didn't see any damage after the accident and it's not possible for me to understand if there was a really damage. Nothing with naked eyes I can see but damaged person says step of the ladder moved back and it's not even with other steps anymore. So I don't want to be a witness to the accident but of course I can be a witness and tell that I called them for moving to my new apartment and they had some problems with one of my neighbors.    I have written proof with all parties, also screenshots and everything but thanks for the tip.
  5. I bought this insurance but never had to use. It's yearly and it makes sense if you are renting out too frequent. In the event of damage, first you pay the rental company (say 950€ to Avis) then send the invoice to them. After that, they send you your money. Had good reviews but you should check out for yourself.
  6.   Thanks for the clarification. "Damage" done was under the same address but it isn't the same building I rent. However I'm not the real renter, it was a sublet.   Whole building complex and address is owned / managed by the same company. Maybe my landlord signed something which says he is responsible with everything in the same address? Then your example would be valid in my case? I'm not sure if that makes sense but:   Visitor > (moving company) damaged the white carpet > (stairs) which belongs to the landlord > (company owning the building complex)   Can they make a case like this? They were mentioning something like this.
  7.   Good algorithm! Thanks for this input   I appreciate all of the replies here, these gave me peace of mind. I'll update the post if something comes up.
  8.   Thank you for your input. They have the truck's plate number, contact information and everything they need to pursue him down. I'm feeling like nobody wants to take responsibility and deal with this so they are pushing me to solve things for them. It'd be easier for everyone if truck driver would just called them and take the necessary steps but that's not happening as far as I can tell.   So I wait and see how it goes then..
  9.   No but he is living in the same building with me. I don't know if he would accept to tell the same thing to the police to be honest.   What would be the best move? Maybe I can just go to police and ask all about this? Would they reply my to questions? I doubt any legal action taken so far but house management might report my landlord to the police in the next steps. Therefore I'll be involved after him.
  10.   Thanks a lot for your message. Should I do nothing and wait? In my opinion, I did enough by sharing contact details of the moving company with house management + landlord, calling this company 3 times and arguing with an angry man to call the house management. Going to the police for "anzeige" kind of too much for me I think?   There were no deposits paid so that's not my problem. Actually I was an untermieter, so landlord is someone else and the person rented out the apartment is the real renter. He is no longer living there and rented the place to me for a short time. The problem is, the person I pay rent (my landlord) is in the same company with me and he is my superior. Not sure if this would affect my office life...  
  11. Hello all,   I have a problem with my old landlord and I'm seeking some council. It's a rather complex issue, I hope there is someone who can give me some ideas, this really stresses me out.   TL;DR: Moving company I paid for "damaged" someone else in the same building complex and they won't do anything about it. House management keeps me responsible. What should I do?   More details:   I used to live in a building complex, there were 8-10 different households in the same address and a common inner courtyard. It's wide enough for cars and trucks to go in.   Few weeks ago, I found a new apartment and decided to move out. I went to Ebay Kleinanzeigen and found a company with 3 helpers and 1 truck for me to move me to the place.   Before the moving started, truck driver made a mistake and made a little scratch to one of the ladders in the courtyard. It's a metal & sprial ladder which belongs to another building under the same address but it's not my building. It's actually 2 buildings away but, like i said it's under the same address with my old apartment and managed by the some company managing my building.   Person who is living in the affected building saw this (he was watching the truck coming backwards) and went crazy when the driver made a mistake. He took some pictures, yelled etc and truck driver told him to call the police and get a report. Truck driver said he'll wait until the police comes. They argued in German and I didn't really understand what happend / if there were really a damage. According to the guy who got the ladder hit, one of the steps moved back few centimeters and it needs to be repaired. (Ladder looks like this Someone else in the area told that other cars also hit it in the past and it was damaged already. Affected person told me that it should be reported and I told him that I can help if something is needed but I'm not really a part of this.   Then nothing happened, he didn't call the police. Guys I hired loaded things in to the truck (took like 1 hour) and then we left. I paid them in cash and stupidly didn't get any invoice.   Then few days ago, my landlord called me and said affected person made a complaint to the house management and the company I hired should give them a call regarding insurance etc. I said okay and I called the moving company to give the news. The guy I talked with (which is the driver) said he won't do anything until police arrives to his door since he didn't do any damage and he won't accept any other damages. After few minutes on the phone, he finally said that he'll call. Recently I got the news that he didn't call the house management and now house management is helding me responsible for this.   Then I called the truck driver back, told him to call or I'll go to the police about this. He started threatening me like "i know your address, i know many people in the city you should be careful, if you go to the police I'll come to your house and attack you" etc. I told him that it's not helping and he should call the house management. He said his lawyer will call the house management. I doubt anyone called the house management. I also gave the contact info of moving company to house management + took screenshots from the Ebay.   It's my first time something like this happened and I don't know where will this lead. My landlord says I need to go to police and report the accident or else they will go to police and report me. I don't want to go to the police because I'm not the person who made the damage, I'm not the affected person. Affected person was there and didn't call the police.   My questions are:   1- What would be the best possible approach here? What should I do? I don't want to be a part of this since it should be between truck driver and house management. 2- I don't want to get beaten up or something by some angry truck driver if I go to the police. Do you think he can really do something? He knows my address and he looked pretty dangerous. 3- I also dont want to pay for damages to the staircase or any lawyer costs etc. 4- Am I really responsible here? I didn't even open the doors for the courtyard to them, they were already in the courtyard when I dressed up and go down.   Maybe I'm overreacting but i'm having nightmares about paying loads of money to lawyers and getting beat up. Please help me out