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  1. Right now i employ a few EU people as temporary Mini-jobbers. (Up to 70 days mini-job) They all have privet health insurance (Such as swisscare, barmer, European health insurance Etc). so l pay the Minijobzentralle on top of their salaries: U1 (0.9%), U2 (0.3%) and INSO (0.09%)   No pension contribution (RV) or Health insurance contributions (KV) As i understand, in temporary mini job i am not obligated to pay those.   The 70 days period will end soon and i want to hire some of them as Midi-jobbers. (Up to 850 euros) i know i would definitely have to pay their pension,, correct? But do i still have to pay for their health insurance if they already got a privet one?  
  2. I never bought property before and now that i have some cash at hand i was contemplating buying a flat in Berlin, for investment. I wanted to buy a small flat, 1 or two rooms and rent it out. The initial thought was - i will own property AND will make revenue at the same time. cool!   Started looking at mortgages, small flats, Hausgelt, Taxes - and adding up numbers I realized - the income is sooooo low!!   i cannot now remember the exact numbers, but if i buy a flat let's say for 200.000 euros and then the actual income from it after taxes is 3.000 euro a year, or even if it is 4.000 a year - what is the point? In other words: One invests a huge amount of money in a flat they do not live in, paying all the fees involved, (State Taxes, Notary, Makler) taking risks with the property itself, hoping there are no roofs in need to be replaced or surprise elevators to be built, Then all the administration and time involved with tenants - all this for 300 or 400 euros profit a month?   So my question to any of you who bought a flat and rented it out -  WHY do you do it?