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  1. OK. I found that the label that I received online about 3 months ago had the address of the recipient, but when I download it now, the address will no be shown in the label. Anyway, I attached the old label (with the address) to the tracking information and sent it to the University as a kind of proof that the letter should be with them. 
  2. I sent a document to University with Deutsche post Einschreiben option. The tracking says the letter has been received but does not say anything about the address the letter was sent to or by whom it was received. Even my shipping label I printed does not have any address on it, only a big R and 20 characters as the tracking number. I used the following link for tracking:   So, how can I use the tracking information as proof of receipt?
  3. A funny question! If I give them the notice on 14.10.2019 for instance, then the last day that I have to go to work would be 28.10 or 25.10 (Friday)?
  4. Do I have to give a reason in the letter? For my case, it's due to relocation and the fact that I want to be near my family. Of course, I'll tell that to my supervisor, but do I have to mention it also in my resignation letter? 
  5. I want to quit my current job during my probation period. I checked the contract and the way I understood it, it says the noticed should be given in 2 weeks.   II. Die ersten 6 Monate gelten als Probezeit. Innerhalb der Probezeit kann das Arbeitsverhältnis mit einer Frist von zwei Wochen gekündigt werden, unbeschadet des Rechtes zur fristlosen Kündigung.   As I haven't done such a thing before, I have a couple of questions:   The above quote doesn't mean 14 business days, does it?  Or these 2 weeks should not end in the last they of the month, should they? Also, I need to write the letter in German, so I like to have a sample or a template to write it properly. As the last thing, do I have to address my supervisor or the company in the letter? and to whom I should give the letter? my supervisor or the HR head in the company??   Thank you!