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  1. We just moved to another town and I've started my first job here since a month ago (I had a scholarship before that). In my first pay-slip, I noticed my tax class is not correct. My company said that I have to do it myself, and if I apply now, the tax office will change it in August, and I'd recieve the extra deductions of June and July at the end of the year. I was wondering if this is the best way to do it?   Also, we still haven't registered our address here (our termin is next week). So, should I send the tax-form to the Finanzamt of our previous town or to the one in this town?
  2. Do I have to pay again for cancelling the forwarding service next month?
  3. Do you know the link to the web page, please? 
  4. We are relocating to a new apartment, but we need to stay in a temporary place for a month,  which is a guest suite in a family dorm. So, we don't have even a name on the door  or a formal lease agreement to register that address.   If I want to order something online,  I'll give a friend address or will send it to a paketstation. I'll do the same if I want to ask someone directly to arrive me a letter.    But what can I do about letters which will be sent to my old address? My name is not on the old post box anymore!    Is there any way to automatically redirect the letters to a friend's address in Deutsche post? 
  5. I tried to install a pull-up bar at home, but I broke the wooden door frame. Now, there is a hole in the frame as in the picture! Is there an inexpensive way to fix it? or at least a way to make it invisible for the moment? (we have a party at our place in 3 days)
  6. Should tip the transport guys who come to load the truck with my stuff? If yes, then how much and when?   I'm moving to another place but they hold my stuff in a storage house for a month. So one day is picking up and another day would be for delivery.
  7. moving transport advance payment

    Shouldn't they fix the total cost in the contract before doing the transport? or there are some hidden costs which may be added at the end?  
  8. We are moving to a new apartment and want to sign a contract with a local transport company, but they asked for an advance payment of 1000 € which is around 70% of the total amount. I was wondering if this is usual or how I can make sure that nothing goes wrong?
  9. We are moving out and we have lots of waste boxes and cardboards in our basement, and I need to get rid of them. I already called a company to collect sperrmüll, but I think they only collect things like furnitures , ecletronics and closets etc. But I think they do not collect cardboards.    I was wondering if there is a specific way to handle this?
  10. Proper gifts for 5 year old kids?

    Our son is invited to birthday parties of two of the kids from his group at the kita, a girl and a boy (both are 5). Although they are not close friends nor we know their parents so well, we want to buy proper gifts for them so that he can bring to their parties.  
  11. I want to buy a few things before I start my new job for instance office tools, bag, etc. My question is if I buy them a few weeks before the official start date of my job, then I cannot claim back their tax as income-related expenses?
  12. My wide and I have tax classes 5/3 as I work and she doesn't. She studies at the moment and she needs to buy materials and tools for her study (e.g. pen and paper or even a laptop). I was wondering if there is any regulation on having the tax she pays (as a student) for the above stuff returned?  If yes, then should she buy them with her own bank account? (which is still depended on my income)
  13. We want to find a babysitter for a few certain days when we cannot pick up the kid (5 years old) from the Kita and would arrive home late (around 8 pm). So, Initially, it'd be only for 2-3 days per week (3-4 hours per day) in the course of two consecutive weeks. But it may become a fixed schedule in the future (or it may not) depending on my work routine in the long term.    As this is our first time hiring a babysitter ever, and we are new in the town, we do not know where to look for. Should we go to the jugendamt, or it is better to look online? Also, how can we know if the person is reliable/trustable/safe especially if find her in online websites? (no disrespect to any babysitter!)
  14. In a part of my employment forms (that I need to fill in to have a contract) I need to provide my Religionszugehörigkeit. I found it where I also needed to state my Steuerklasse ot the Steuer-ID and other relevant information.   In fact, I do not receive church tax, and I do not feel comfortable to state my religious orientation (whatever it could be) in official papers or among colleague or in the workplace as I always found religion as a delicate topic!    So, is it possible to avoid putting a name in that field?
  15. Wohnberechtigungsschein

    Do they consider also your future employment? For example, if the applicant is going to be employed in a new job with a higher salary starting from the next month?!