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  1. I think she meant the recording of the session, which is understandable, but she has written that in a confusing way.
  2. Of course, we don't mind informing her in advance about any music performance he may have in the future and to seek her opinion about it.   Also, we do not want to send the kid on other music lessons parallel to her classes, but we want to have the freedom of deciding if we want to continue with her or to go to another teacher or school at any point in the future. I hope everything goes well with her and the kid, but later on, if we feel the urge to look for other teachers then we need to let the kid try a couple of sessions with other instructors at the same time or have a consult with them to make sure about our decision.  We do not call it a secret parallel learning plan, but we do not want to wave our freedom about deciding about other options if we notice we are not happy with the progress.
  3. I want to sign a contract with a piano teacher for weekly piano lessons for my kid. But I found a specific clause in the contract that was a bit confusing to me.   "12. Alle musikalische Auftritte in ersten zwei Jahren, sowie die Unterrichtsaufnahme den Studierenden benötigen eine Absprache mit der Lehrkraft."   Does it mean that we need to ask her permission first in case we want to put my son also in another music school/teacher at the same time? or it just says that the teacher should be informed about that?   In fact, I asked for more explanation about this clause and she replied like this:   "Er darf spielen, wo er möchte. Dennoch möchte ich besonders in den ersten zwei Jahren, wo die Schüler noch recht beim Lernen sind, darüber Bescheid wissen.  Es geht im meinen Ruf. Das ist wie Datenschutz, auch alle möglich Unterrichtsaufnahmen aufs Handy, Bilder - das ist nun auch §12."   So, is it about my son playing piano somewhere else as a performance, or having music lessons at another institute meanwhile?!
  4. Dealing with a minor car accident escalating

    How exactly one can do that? simply by repaying what the insurer has paid for that accident? Is it acceptable by all the companies or I need to check that with them before using my insurance to cover a minor accident?
  5. Taking off shoes indoors

    yes, i also thought buying some of those plastic covers and offer them next time. Then there shouldn't be any professional excuse unless the guy doesn't want to cooperate personally! :D  
  6. Taking off shoes indoors

    I asked a few technician guys to take their shoes off to come inside the apartment, even I offered them a pair of slippers. But they said they can't because they're their arbeitshöhe and they have to keep them on, otherwise the insurance company won't pay them back in case of an accident.    I also noticed that in some rare cases the technicians are given plastic covers to put on their shoes when they enter someone else house. But, maybe 1 out of 10 times!  
  7. Where to exchange Euros to Czech Koruna?

    I have gebührenfei credit card which charges 0% for cash withdrawals in non-Euro countries, but then it applies daily interest rate to it.   Also, my experience with using my sparkasse EC-karte in an ATM abroad was that I was also charged by a fixed service fee for each separate cash withdrawl.
  8. We want to have a short trip to Prague, and I wonder where to get Czech money with a good exchange rate? I take my credit card and EC Karte with myself, but I may need to pay in cash in some places, also using a credit card or ATM may have exchange rates or extra charges as well. Should I go to my bank here in Germany or try local exchange places in Czech or any better option to go for?
  9. Rundfunkbeitrag when not having any wohnung?

    I didn't think it'd be this cimplicated. It's definitely not worth the hassle.
  10. Rundfunkbeitrag when not having any wohnung?

    No, does everyone else do abmeldung and anmenldung when they go on vacation?! We already had signed the rental agreement for the new flat before our vacation. So, it was even like if we were staying in a hotel in Germany during July. In that case, did we still have to pay the fee?    Is that abmeldung and anmenldung thing related to going abroad or having/not having a flat during a specific time?! 
  11. When we were moving from one place to another during the last summer, we had a one-month gap between moving out of the old flat and moving to the new flat. Also, the new and old apartments were located in different towns. As it was during summer, we went abroad on a one-month vacation. So, during July we were not in Germany and had no place rented/owned here. Also, during that time, all our stuff was kept in the storage of the transport company and at our friend's house.  I asked for an exemption from paying the Rundfunkbeitrag for July, but they said that we still have to pay the fee for that month because we had not made an Abmeldung by Einwohnermeldeamt!  Can anyone please explain to me what is the exact regulation regarding situations such as above? 
  12. No, I will not be charged extra for purchases I make via Paypal using my credit card.   Also, what if I transfer money from my credit card to a bank account by means of my Paypal account?! For instance, when I purchase something and the seller gives his back account detail so that I transfer the fee to his account. Then, if I transfer the fee using Papal would I be charged an extra transaction fee by Paypal (e.g. for a German bank account)?   Again as another thing, I wonder how my credit card sees such a transaction? Just as a normal Paypal transaction? or they dig out the purpose of the transaction to decide whether it should be assumed as a normal purchase or anything different?
  13. I know if I withdraw cash from my credit card, I have to pay a daily interest rate until I pay the money back to the credit card account. But, what if I use Paypal to transfer money to a friend's Paypal account? Would the credit bank assume the Paypal money transfer equal to cash withdrawal and charge me by daily interest fees until I pay the money back?