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  1. A strange phone call from interpol!

    Well. It was her first experience of this sort. But she gave the phone number to our local police department. I also told her if it was a real case the local police would have called you or have come to our door! :)) Thanks for all the advice! 
  2. A strange phone call from interpol!

    Today, my wife recieved a phone call from a normal German mobile phone number. The person introduced himself as someone from international police, speaking English! He said that my wife's passport is being misused at the very moment. My wife gave her full name but hesitated to give our address and any more info and ended the call.   So, what should we do in this situation to make sure nothing goes wrong? Thanks!
  3. I recently became worried about my mental health. In fact, we've had some challenges at home since a while ago, and I've considered them a normal part of family life. Up to now, I tried to cope with them my own way and mostly by keeping calm at home. However, now I want to seek some professional advice from a specialist, but I'm not sure if I have to look for a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, or a family counseling service. I don't know how they are categorized in Germany.  I want to go there alone first and discuss my concerns and get some advice. I'm also not sure which of them are covered by public insurance in Germany.
  4. Good to hear some advice from a local! I hope you didn't have a severe skin/hair sort of problem. But I bet your problem is as important as you definitely need to see a Hautärztin. I see there are only about 10 Hautärztins in this town. So, I wonder how you managed to visit one?
  5. We already have such a list from to contact every possible doctor in the town. But they all keep rejecting new patients! It also doesn't make sense to travel 2-3 hours to visit a doctor in another town. So, I kept my search focused on our town (Konstanz).
  6. Do you mean my own health insurance company?
  7. We recently moved to a relatively small town in southern Germany (Konstanz) as my wife found a job there. It's a small town but most often so crowded with tourists. Honestly, I like a city to be like that.  A few days ago, my wife tried to find a frauenarzt/in in this town. But every single doctor he called was saying, "sorry, we do not accept new patients. Please try another praxis". OK, maybe not so many people relocate to that town to live there. But how should a newcomer find a doctor with that simple rejecting response they give to everyone?