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  1. I want to buy a few things before I start my new job for instance office tools, bag, etc. My question is if I buy them a few weeks before the official start date of my job, then I cannot claim back their tax as income-related expenses?
  2. My wide and I have tax classes 5/3 as I work and she doesn't. She studies at the moment and she needs to buy materials and tools for her study (e.g. pen and paper or even a laptop). I was wondering if there is any regulation on having the tax she pays (as a student) for the above stuff returned?  If yes, then should she buy them with her own bank account? (which is still depended on my income)
  3. We want to find a babysitter for a few certain days when we cannot pick up the kid (5 years old) from the Kita and would arrive home late (around 8 pm). So, Initially, it'd be only for 2-3 days per week (3-4 hours per day) in the course of two consecutive weeks. But it may become a fixed schedule in the future (or it may not) depending on my work routine in the long term.    As this is our first time hiring a babysitter ever, and we are new in the town, we do not know where to look for. Should we go to the jugendamt, or it is better to look online? Also, how can we know if the person is reliable/trustable/safe especially if find her in online websites? (no disrespect to any babysitter!)
  4. In a part of my employment forms (that I need to fill in to have a contract) I need to provide my Religionszugehörigkeit. I found it where I also needed to state my Steuerklasse ot the Steuer-ID and other relevant information.   In fact, I do not receive church tax, and I do not feel comfortable to state my religious orientation (whatever it could be) in official papers or among colleague or in the workplace as I always found religion as a delicate topic!    So, is it possible to avoid putting a name in that field?
  5. Wohnberechtigungsschein

    Do they consider also your future employment? For example, if the applicant is going to be employed in a new job with a higher salary starting from the next month?!
  6. What is wohnbescheinigung and do I need it?

    I've heard that obtaining WBS may take up to several weeks, and the landlord wants it before we move in (mid-June). Any idea how we can facilitate that?    
  7. What is wohnbescheinigung and do I need it?

    Another question! Based on my previous contract (past few years), I'm eligible for WBS. But, if we consider the future one (starting from 1st June), then I won't be!   Now that I'm applying for it, I'm still employed by my previous (still current) employer. Does it mean that I can ask for WBS and I have a chance to obtain it?  
  8. I'm the only one who works. So the tax class is 3 and we have one kid. in that case what should i put there? 1.0 is the correct answer?!
  9. I want to order a dress from US, and the website says that they'll send it without any shipping cost. But, I wonder how much I need to pay when it arrives in Germany? I'm not sure about the exact term, is it the costume tax or duty? Or the delivery tax? Is it possible to estimate the cost? 
  10. Im signing a contract and I need to fill in some forms regarding my personal information. There, I need to put in my Kinderfreibetrag but I do not know what to put there. We don't receive kindergeld at the moment. But we want to apply for it after having this contract. So, should I put 0 as Kinderfreibetrag?
  11. If a student wants to extend her study visa when her family is staying with her (spouse and the child), how much financial proof she needs to provide for the foreigner's office?  I know it is around 700 Euro per month for a single student, but how about for a family of 3?   Also, if I want to give an official commitment regarding her financial needs: "Jemand mit Wohnsitz in Deutschland verpflichtet sich gegenüber der Ausländerbehörde, die Kosten für dich zu übernehmen." how should I do that? Should I give an official declaration of support to a lawyer? or to somewhere else?
  12. One of my colleagues was asked to provide "vergleichbarer ausländischer Hochschulabschluss" as she obtained her BS in a non-EU country. I introduced her to the anabin website, but she needs a paper-based approval regarding her degree to be equivalent to the German level of qualifications. So, Is there a place in each town for such purpose or any specific office in Germany in charge of that?  In case of the latter, can she do it why mail or she has to hand in everything herself?
  13. I want to ask my former employer (not in Germany) to issue a letter of Employment Certificate for me so that I can give it to my next employer (in Germany). Besides the employment period and my position title there, what other information should be included in the letter? For instance, any assessment of my performance or the type of projects I was working on? Generally, should it be like a recommendation letter or only a confirmation of my previous employment? 
  14. Schufa - the German credit rating system

    Mine is not! It has 6 ranges 100-200, 200-300 and ... 500-600.  The first range is the best (100-200), but I was wondering how good/bad is my score (173) !  
  15. Schufa - the German credit rating system

    I received my Schufa report, and it has a score of 173 saying "es besteht ein geringes risiko dass zahlungsverpflichtung zukünftig nicht erfüllt werden".  I had a credit card and a current bank account (sparkasse) and never had any loan or unpaid credit. So, I was wondering how good or bad it is?