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  1. I found it! it's here!  
  2. One of the documents that I'm asked to submit for the unemployment benefit is the "Arbeitsbescheinigung" for all the jobs I did before. Considering that this document should be signed by the employer, it'd be a hassle to go around and ask all of them. Isn't there an easier way to take care of that?!
  3. I'm asked to provide this: "Nachweis über die geleisteten Beiträge von mind. x Monaten Pflichtbeiträge oder  freiwillige Beiträge" how should I get this?! 
  4. But I need it now, it has not been 5 years yet! :)
  5. I need to provide the number of "Beiträgen zur gesetzlichen Rentenversicherung" regarding my employment in Germany. Where and how can I obtain it?
  6. I'm on the job hunt at the moment, and my current contract ends a few months from now. So, theoretically, I may become unemployed for 1-3 months or until I find the right job. I remember once someone told me to go to the job center 3 months before the end of the current contract. But I'm not sure what is the exact point of doing that, and what should I want them to do for me precisely?    Should I give them my documents and ask them to find me a suitable job? Or should I do the required paperwork to make sure I benefit from the unemployment salary in case I face a short gap in my job search?
  7. In contrast, I found a few job advertisements in English, which ask for both English and German proficiency. Now, I wonder if I should send their applications in English or German?!
  8. Thank you! Good to know that! But, do I need to submit such letters in my job applications?  I have such certificates from my former employers (one is German). Should I include them in my application documents?
  9. Thank you for the guide. Yes, I do not expect a simple on-to-one translation does the job. I can get some help from native guys to have the right format for the CV or the motive-letter. Also, the job I'm applying for, I think, is a white collar job (something similar to data science and programming). Specially, I really liked your idea of an introduction in German, even switching to English afterward. I'll do that in my next interview. My idea was to submit the application in German while clearly stating my German level there and the fact that I currently rely on my English knowledge for technical communications. So that I can show even if my technical or job-specific German isn’t there yet, but I'm trying to reach there soon.  On the other hand, I found out based on experience that sending English applications to almost all German advertisements is a waste of time. So, I thought it's better not send it there at all or at least try it this way. 
  10. Thank you for the information. Also, when exactly do I need it? for job applications? In that case, should I ask my employer to give it to me a few months before the end of the contract! Or I can ask for it when my current employment is finished?
  11. Well, it says "Du verfügst über sehr gute Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift?" I know I have a serious shortcoming in the language part at the moment, but I imagined if the rest of my CV catches their eyes while considering that my language performance would be improved in the following 6 months, then maybe I still have some chances there!   
  12. I'm doing a job search and I'm wondering what language should I use in my job application! At the moment, I have German language knowledge of B1. So, with some effort, I can translate my job application into German. However, I cannot conduct a fluent interview in German.   Also, as I see that most job ads are written in German and request fluency in the German language, sending an English application is like shooting in the foot. So, given this situation, should I send my application in German, but state that I can do the interview only in English at the moment? I can also write in my application that I'm improving my German knowledge currently!
  13. Yes, I've been employed there for more than 12 months. In case they are not familiar with the structure of a typical qualified reference, what sort of information should I ask my boss to put there?
  14. Is there a good template that I can give my boss. I expect he is not familiar with that type of reference letters.
  15. I'm moving from academia to industry. At the moment I'm still employed as a "wissenschaftliche mitarbeiter" by a University.  Do I need to ask for an Arbeitszeugnis from my boss at the University, who is the head professor of the group? or people in the industry don't ask for such a letter when the person is coming from academia?