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  1. self-isolation rules, bathroom!

    If she wouldn't be allowed to leave the house/hotel during the quarantine time, how is she supposed to take a PCR or Schnell test?
  2. My mother-in-law is coming to Germany to visit and stay with us for a short period. She travels from a high-risk area. So, even though she has a negative test result, she has to home quarantine herself for 10 days. Fortunately, we have an extra room in the apartment that she can use for that purpose. However, someone told me the recent regulation says that the apartment needs to have two isolated bathrooms in such a case. Otherwise, it'll be considered as breaking the rules, and things might become complicated for her and us legally! I wondered if anyone knows any official source of German regulations about self-isolation with family? Thanks!
  3. What should be included in a remote work contract?

    They asked for how much mobility I can provide if in occasional cases they require me to be there. I imagined anything more than 3 days per month could mean that I need to go there once per week. I'm not sure if such a term is common to be added to such contracts.
  4. I am about to sign a contract with a company for which I'm going to work remotely as the permanent work style. The draft of the contract does not have any clause regarding the home-office work conditions. The HR told me the work conditions can be decided internally, more specifically by my boss.    Although the team leader said that he does not need me at the company except for possibly occasional important meetings, I'm not sure how much I can trust that verbal deal. Let's say, what if the management decides differently in the future, or if the team leader leaves the company in the future?   So, I want to suggest something to be added to the contract, but I'm not sure what is a standard German sentence/paragraph to include in the contract, which can properly clarify the remote work style.
  5. I think that's a more reasonable way to proceed. I may wait a couple of more weeks if they are just lazy or ignorant and then inform them about making a legal move. Also, if they care about their reputation in the market as a young company, they should do better than this.  Besides my case, I also wondered if such a negative behavior could be easily possible on a larger scale, But I guess it is not.
  6. I understand your point about possible legal fees and if it is worth it or not.   But let's assume other companies with a similar mindset read your advice. They'll do a simple calculation, such as inviting 4-5 candidates for in-house interviews and doing this for 4-5 open positions within the company, as they want to build up their skill force in several areas. Again, assume a short notice travel costs each candidate about 200-300 EUR. Putting it all together, it costs 5*5*250 or around 6K EUR for the company. It may not be something that a big firm like BMW or Bosch would care about, but I guess it is considerable for a startup in its initial career path.  So, as you indirectly advised, a not so sincere company/startup has a good chance of saving around 6k-10k in their buildup recruiting phase, especially if they guess the applicants who are foreigners or early graduates have no legal insurance to undergo the legal hassle. They just let it go if the company refuses to reimburse their travel costs.   Although your idea may work in practice, it is not right, and a company should not be allowed to do it as easily as you described. Ok. I know you didn't say that exactly, but that's how some people would learn from it.
  7. A month ago, I was invited to another city to have an in-house interview with a startup company. Even though the interview went well, we disagreed on the salary, and I didn't hear back from them. I sent them an email about 3 weeks ago asking for the reimbursement of my ICE train ticket, as they had promised in their invitation.   However, they have not answered my emails or even my phone calls and indirectly refused to reimburse my ticket. Well, it was a short-notice invitation, so I booked 2nd class train tickets for around 250 Euros. In fact, it's a startup and only consists of a CEO and a few other technical people. What should I do regarding this issue?
  8. I am about to move out to a new place, and recently I discussed the painting of the apartment with my landlord for which I need some advice. When I moved into the apartment, walls (and the ceiling) had no wallpaper or paint. Well, the wall itself was made of some white material (sorry don't know what they call it), but it was full of bumps. Anyway, I put wallpapers on all walls and ceiling and painted them afterward. However, I chose a paper of different color for one of the walls in the living room. So, the landlord told me to either remove everything like the first day or change and paint the wallpaper of that wall in the living room instead. Well, the third option would be to come to an agreement with the next tenant!  Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to do too much repair job in the apartment, so I want to keep it as minimum as possible. But, I also do not want to hire others to do these stuff as I know it will cost a lot even for small work. Since this is my first time to move to another place (in Germany), I like to hear people's advice on that.