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  1. But if i do not open the box (7-9 days) they'll be returned back to the sender, is that right?
  2. BTW, as another relevant question, when i receive this today: "Ihr Paket mit der Sendungsnummer XXXXXXXXXX ist angekommen. Sie können es ab sofort in der Filiale XX innerhalb der nächsten 7 Werktage abholen.", Dose it mean that i can go to the post branch today or i need to wait till tomorrow? 
  3. OK. Thank you for the advice! 
  4. I have 3 packages in a paketstation box to pick up, but i do not one to take one of them. In fact, that one should return back to the sender. So wondering what happens if i open the paketstation box and take only 2 of them and close the door afterward? Would the remaining one be thrown away later or sent back to the sender? 
  5. Can the physiotherapist charge me in case of no show?

    Well, it was the translation of this part: "Die Praxis sei so durchorganisiert gewesen, dass für die entsprechende Behandlung ein Therapeut zur Verfügung steht, der für den entsprechenden Zeitraum nach den Eintragungen im Terminkalender die Behandlungen erbringt." Maybe i did not have the correct interpretation!    Anyhow, I'm not challenging the regulation, i just wanted to understand the basis of what i noticed for the first time, and i think i get the point of it now!  
  6. Can the physiotherapist charge me in case of no show?

    Thank you. Good to know about the underlying regulation!    The way i got it from the link, they ask for the fee because they organize a therapist for the session. Maybe as someone who comes to the clinic only if there is an appointment and stays home otherwise. Maybe that's why they call it a service! In fact, i try to see its difference from other medical appointments like dentists and practitioners and etc. Also, i think it is assumed they do not treat anyone else during that time-slot in case of the patient's no-show and they are fully booked so they would lose a session-fee for that day!    Otherwise, it would be difficult to imagine how they get a financial loss especially if the patient has to make another appointment for the missed session anyway.   But anyhow, that was a good heads-up to be cautious about making my appointments in general! 
  7. Yesterday i booked a 5-session physiotherapy visit due to my shoulder problem which would be paid by my AOK insurance. I just double checked my reservation receipt to enter the dates into my calendar, but i noticed it was also written there that i would pay a private visit in case of a no-show.  Well, i'm sure the chances of me not showing up for any of my sessions would be really small, but i was interested to know what that really means? especially regarding the regulations and the law in Germany?   I've heard that the doctors can legally charge you an over-the-phone consult even if you talk to their nurse/secretary, But is there really anything defined as the no-show penalty payment in the categories of their legit fees? or if they can legally charge you a visit without doing any therapy and not processing that through the patient's insurance? Honestly, it's a bit confusing for me! 
  8. The store refuses to reimburse the product.

    Thank you i'll try your suggestion. BTW, you should have given me a heads-up for the "Scheißloch" parts! 
  9. The store refuses to reimburse the product.

    Yes, that's the funny part which makes me laugh! I know the whole regulation has been made for a good purpose, but they should inform the customer at the time of purchase about the rule or at least put a label/sticker on the unexchangable products.   If i had known about the regulation in advance, i'd have asked my wife to do the purchase (along with product inspection) herself! 
  10. The store refuses to reimburse the product.

    Good point! but 1- I know it is their general in-store policy to refund products within 14 days from the purchase without asking for any reason. I already did that 1-2 times before for other products without any issue. 2- The pillow has a strong odor, does it count as being defective? 
  11. I had a funny experience this morning in a branch of "Dänisches Bettenlager" store. I bought a pillow from them last night, but my wife noticed a strong unpleasant odor coming out the pillow. We did not even take it out of its package, and i went to the store this morning to return it. But the lady at the store notified me of the bottom of the receipt where it was written "Hygieneartikel sind vom Umtausch ausgeschlossen".    Well, i understand the logic behind the policy, even though the pillow did not have a hygiene package in the first place and we have not used it even once. But the annoying part is that they do not tell you at the time of purchase about this condition which is an exclusion from their general return policy, and you have to find out about it at the bottom your receipt after you make your purchase!
  12. Residential districts of Bochum

    We are going to move to Bochum as my wife will be based in there, so we are trying to obtain some information about different districts of the city to make a better choice.  In fact, we want to consider the areas which are nice but not crowded. However, we do not want to go to the suburban districts, mainly because we do not have a car yet. So, we like to have access to public transport regarding downtown and shopping facilities.   I've been generally advised to look for underpopulated districts where mostly older Germans live, especially to have higher chances for Kita and school places, but i'm not sure if that's the best advice. Also, i have no idea about the population distribution and the quality of living in the different districts of Bochum.
  13. Should i report my keys stolen?

  14. Should i report my keys stolen?

      This morning, I put a flyer on the front door asking the neighbors if they know anything about the keys. Fortunately, one of them just knocked on my door and said that he had given them to a nearby police station! He had found them near the entrance door!  So, I consider this as a gift from Santa! 
  15. Should i report my keys stolen?

    Yes i did that