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  1. Do I have to give a reason in the letter? For my case, it's due to relocation and the fact that I want to be near my family. Of course, I'll tell that to my supervisor, but do I have to mention it also in my resignation letter? 
  2. I want to quit my current job during my probation period. I checked the contract and the way I understood it, it says the noticed should be given in 2 weeks.   II. Die ersten 6 Monate gelten als Probezeit. Innerhalb der Probezeit kann das Arbeitsverhältnis mit einer Frist von zwei Wochen gekündigt werden, unbeschadet des Rechtes zur fristlosen Kündigung.   As I haven't done such a thing before, I have a couple of questions:   The above quote doesn't mean 14 business days, does it?  Or these 2 weeks should not end in the last they of the month, should they? Also, I need to write the letter in German, so I like to have a sample or a template to write it properly. As the last thing, do I have to address my supervisor or the company in the letter? and to whom I should give the letter? my supervisor or the HR head in the company??   Thank you!  
  3. I think you always talk garbage before thinking or reading even once.   I already gave the model and the brand here as Stiebel eltron shu 5 sl. Oh sorry I forgot that you don't read!
  4. I noticed the boiler in the kitchen does have a tank, and it doesn't provide instantaneous hot/warm water.  Each time you have to turn it on and set on 45C for instance, and after 1-2 minutes I can open the tap and it consumes the heated water after it becomes cold again in 1-2 minutes.   I don't see this type of heating any way more efficient than gas based heating!!
  5. Common. If I want to know my rights doesn't mean I want to start a fight with the landlord.  Also, I was the more polite side in my discussion with the landlord.    As I learned, the gas boiler and electro instant heater doesn't make any difference if you consume moderately. 
  6. Your landlord suggested that? As Spider says, landlord doesn't need to suggest anything to the tenant. He can do whatever changes he likes to his property, no matter inside or outside.
  7. The heater is Stiebel Eltron DHB ST.
  8. The apartment's heating (oil-based) is included in the Nebenkosten, but for the water heating, we have to pay the electricity company directly. Actually, I read threads like this and I became like "oh Jesus! I have to spend a lot on my electricity bills!"    BTW, the landlord is a real estate company!
  9. I still don't get why water heating using electricity is cheaper than gas in Germany?
  10. I think the old boiler (gas-based) was broken and they had to replace it. But, they have decided to change it to an electric one!
  11. From where I can obtain "Belegart O"?

    Thank you!
  12. Today, we just moved into a new apartment for which we signed a contract 2 months ago. When we visited the apartment before signing the contract, the shower system was based on a gas boiler (the radiator heating is central).   Today, we noticed that they have replaced the gas boiler with an electric one. So, our warm water supply in the kitchen and the bathroom would be based on electricity. I made a complaint about it, but the landlord said: "if you do not want the apartment you can terminate the contract!!" which is not a reasonable answer!   I checked the contract, but there wasn't any statement clearly saying the water heating is based on gas, and the only thing I found was this:   So, I don't know what to do!
  13. My employer asked me to provide them a police clearance certificate "Belegart O" (document type O). Should I go to the police station of my living place or the city Burgeramt?  Also my living place is a different city than where I work. Can I do it in the town in which I work?
  14. How to calculate postdoc salary properly?

    I need to appologize for my typo mistakes in the title or the text. In fact, I become so clumsy when I'm typing via my smart phone.