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  1. No hard feelings, but shouldn't I take that advice when I'm the landlord myself?  What is the bureaucratic process if I want to fix it myself and get reimbursed as well? 
  2. I broke the balcony's door handle which is one of these Twist Handle models. I prefer to replace it myself instead of asking the landlord to send a technician to the apartment. The new one costs around 80 Euros. But I'm sure a technician would charge the landlord (or me) much more than that. My question is if I buy a new one and replace it myself, would my haftpflichtversicherung reimburse the cost of the handle? What is a convenient way to handle these issues without causing any complications between insurance, the landlord, and the tenant?
  3. How to make more money in Germany?!

    But when I retire, I do not earn the same wage to rent the same apartment! That's why we decided to buy a place/house to not pay a high rent 30 years from now. Unless you can tell me about other options to make and save more money besides an employment salary. I know one way might be to invest in real estate, which has its own in-depth discussion on when and how to buy what. But I'm also interested to know about other possible options to make more money in Germany.
  4. How to make more money in Germany?!

    I'm around 40, and my wife and I are both employed at the moment. I work in a technical field where you can earn about 90k annually if you reach a management level. This may happen in about 5 years from now if I can be that good/lucky!!  On the other hand, we are planning to buy a house, and according to the current market, we may need to pay about 1.5-2K more each month for financing. Putting it all together, I think only relying on our salary does not brings us enough saving in the long term. Otherwise, we need to cut many expenses such as traveling, kids' extra programs, etc.    You may say, "don't be greedy and live with what you have." But personally, I'm eager to know how one can make more money in Germany. Of course, I cannot have two 40hr/w full-time jobs. But what are other options to have direct or indirect earnings besides your main employment?  No need to mention that I meant legitimate options only!
  5. We went there today, and the lady who processed our application was so kind and pleasant. She just asked if we had read all the documents and understood them and had any questions. I also missed the chance to give my perfect elevator pitch, like what we do to land a job at an interview! 
  6. Are they seriously going to ask me questions from the Naturalisation test content? Yes, I got 32 out of 33 points. But I only practiced it to do a written test, not to have an intellectual discussion over it in German! Geez! That's a nightmare!  
  7. We applied for the naturalization process a while ago, and a few days ago, they sent us some documents (Loyalitätserklärung, etc.) to read and sign (in their office). The documents are clear as they generally say that we should behave well and be respectful of Germany and what the current version of Germany is built upon. No problem with that part!   But, I wonder if the Einburgerung officer is going to ask us any tricky questions that I should be prepared for? Or will he ask us to talk about our understanding of the documents? In that case, I need to memorize some German jargon to use for explaining my attitudes toward concepts such as their specific democratic system, human rights, etc. 
  8. Seems like I mixed them up! :) So, don't they automatically issue a Personalausweis after the naturalization application is done (after having "Einbürgerungsurkunde " and the German passport)? Do I need to apply for that afterward as a separate process?
  9. A really painful experience at the dentist!

    Am I allowed to put my experience on the doctor's review page on Does anyone really care about those reviews?
  10. Recently, I applied for the German naturalization process. I also asked them to include my Dr. title in my ID card (Personalausweis), and I received the following response:   "Zur Promotion bzw. zum Titel darf ich darauf hinweisen, dass wir akademische Titel in die Einbürgerungsurkunde nicht mit aufnehmen dürfen. Die passrechtlichen Vorschriften dazu sind mir nicht bekannt."   Does it mean they won't add the tile in the Personalausweis, or do they mean something else? Also, is there any clear regulation saying if academic titles are allowed on Personalausweis?
  11. I already discussed the problem with the dentist a couple of weeks ago. I didn't have the above link about past relevant dispute cases. But I gave them the letter the private insurance company had written me. In response, the doctor wrote something to the insurance indirectly saying, "You are not in the position to ask/judge us about how we issue our invoices. Take it or leave it!!!". It was as if they wanted to bully the insurance company!    Anyway, I will not continue with that dentist anymore due to other issues I had with him regarding his work style and his ignorance of my valid requests. So, I hesitate to contact them again regarding this issue. But I was curious to see if there is any clear legal way to prevent such a thing from happening by another dentist in the future. 
  12. It seems like there is no clear-cut way to that. Also, your link shows different trials perceived similar cases in different ways. Apparently, a dentist is able to professionally justify having both positions in the bill. 
  13. I recently had a couple of tooth fillings with composite material, and the way I was charged was exactly similar to what you can see in this dispute. There are additional rows in the invoice saying "Adhäsive Befestigung" per filled tooth, which is about 16€ each. But my private insurance refuses to reimburse it by saying: "Der Ansatz der Ziffer 2197 ist bereits Leistungsinhalt der Ziffer 2080 und kann nicht zusaetlich berechnet werden".   I'm not sure if I understood the verdict and the reasoning in the above this dispute. Does it mean that neither private nor public insurance is obliged to pay those costs? I found it a little strange. I intentionally chose a comprehensive private dental insurance a few years ago to make sure I do not have to pay anything when I need such fillings.