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  1. Hi,    Can we travel abroad like non-EU, Americas etc after citizenship application submission? Citizenship application processing could take more than a year or more. Will there be any travel restrictions during this processing time? I am asking this because when I applied for a Blue card application, they told me not to travel abroad for approximately 3 months till I get the Blue card.    Thank you, 
  2. @Narjiz  thank you for your reply. No problem. I will wait. After we submit our application for citizenship, can we travel abroad (non-EU, EU, USA etc) ? I guess there would be no travel restrictions during my citizenship application processing (as it might take 1 year or more). Isn't it? 
  3. @Narjiz Thank you. I contacted in May for an application submission appointment. They said I will get a post 2 to 3 months before the appointment. i contacted them last week again via email. they said I am on the waiting list. Any idea how long it takes to send the post with an appointment in general?      
  4. losing your job during Einbürgerungsprozess

    @forkrc and @scorpian  what happened with your case ? Your home country gave back your passport ?
  5. Thank you @spg.   @Narjiz  I see you received Urkunde. can you please clarify if you gave back your home country passport after receiving Urkunde?  How long it took you to get a German passport?  (point 3 of spg above). Thank you
  6. I am starting my citizenship application now. Can experienced people please guide me? Where do i find the citizenship application form in ? I was told to refer to this website by staatsangehoerigkeit Darmstadt. But i could not find it. I was also told to fill Terminformular to book an appointment slot 6 months before. This means, if I send the Terminformular in July 2021, I get a slot approximately in Jan 2022.  In Jan 2022, I attend a personal interview to submit citizenship application with other required documents. After a year, say Jan 2023 I might get notification to receive Urkunde. Right ? Can we travel abroad with Urkunde and a Home country passport? If not, how long does it takes to get a German passport and National ID ?  Thank you
  7. Hi,   As a non-european citizen, Can I lose my German PR status if I stay outside Germany for more than 6 non-sequential months?    For example:  If I stay 5 months sequentially outside Germany (for a family emergency + covid travel restriction), come back to Germany and again stay 2 more sequential months (for work reasons (or) vacation) outside Germany, does this make my PR status invalid/affect my citizenship application in long run?    Thank you,