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  1. English speaking accountants in Berlin

      Hey, thanks for this. I am saving 40+ % of my invoices etc...   Can you recommend an accountant like my post originally asks?    Thats all I'm looking for. 
  2. English speaking accountants in Berlin

      Thanks for spending your time advising me for free. Can you recommend an accountant?   This is why I am asking for one as I am rubbish at accounts.   Hence my original post. 
  3. English speaking accountants in Berlin

      Right so... a business expense which is completely deducted out the overall amount of tax I pay isn't payed for by me.    Who pays the amount then if it's not me? I'm still confused :D    
  4. English speaking accountants in Berlin

    Please enlighten me, I've been freelancing in Berlin, LA and London for a number of years. I'm confused :D
  5. English speaking accountants in Berlin

    Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment without answering the post question.   Because it's tax deductible? If you are unsure what that means, that means you don't pay for it. 
  6. Hello   I am a freelancer / small business owner and am looking for a reliable english speaking accountant based in Berlin.   Any recommends would be greatly received.   Thanks