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  1. is a secondary income double taxed?

    Could you recommend a decent/good german tax advisor?
  2. Hello TT,   I'm currently living and working in Berlin but I was thinking about opening a company in another EU country for a second income.   My question to this is as follows: do I need to declare this as a second income (and be subsequently taxed) even though the company would be subjected to tax in the other EU country (ie. will I be double taxed)?
  3. is a secondary income double taxed?

    I did a lot of googling and couldn't find anything specific yet, hence my post here.
  4. Hello TT,   As a petrolhead, one of my bucket list ideas is to drive the famous TT course with my car. Latest life events made it so that I will have the whole month of July completely off.   Has anyone here done this before ie. drive from Germany to Isle of Man? Did you drive of take the ferry and how was the experience on the TT?
  5. Berlin -> Isle of man TT course

    wasn't there no speed limit on the mountain road?
  6. Berlin -> Isle of man TT course

    Does anyone have any recommendations for decent dashcams?
  7. Berlin -> Isle of man TT course

    hehe, I'll probably rent one too   btw, do you know if you can rent the clothes too (helmet, jacket, pads, etc)?
  8. Berlin -> Isle of man TT course

    Out of the two I'd probably go with the ferry because I have less to drive and will therefore be more rested when I arrive. I've also never been on a ferry with a car in my life, so that's a pretty exciting thing to do . Apart from that, everything else is the same in terms of costs.   Regarding the stopover, I can very well drive from Berlin to Calais and cross the channel in about 9hours. So maybe I should spend the night somewhere around Folkestone and start driving to Liverpool in the early morning. I should be there by 1pm if I start driving at 7am I guess. That would basically mean I could be in Douglas by the afternoon, park the car, checkin at the hotel, see the city and whatnot and drive the TT course the next day, fresh, rested, lower chances of an accident. 
  9. Berlin -> Isle of man TT course

    Yeah, I have to agree there. I can always rent a bike once there I guess but I have to also drive it in my car  I just have to  
  10. Berlin -> Isle of man TT course

    well, my first option would be Berlin to Amsterdam by car, take the ferry to Newcastle, drive to Heysham and then take another ferry to Douglas. Or, the second option which is drive from Berlin to Calais, take the Eurotunnel to Folkestone, drive to Liverpool and take the ferry to Douglas.   So I was curious if anyone has ever done this before.     PS: I do not own a submarine nor do I want to drive it on the TT course :D
  11. Post your own photos

  12. Ow, didn't see that one coming.   Thank you all for the answers.
  13. Hello TT,   I saw an incident this evening and was wondering if a car can stop at the red light, while taking up the bike lane (see pic).   Image there's another van next to the one in the pic, parallel, but between it and the sidewalk and the light is red. Can the car stop there?   pic: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eyp1XmnH-HpMoHGwTJmvxgaVP5eXvCby/view?usp=sharing
  14. Hello everyone,   Is it worth it to convert a 3L bi-turbo petrol engine with ~60.000 km to LPG? The price is very low (0.58euro) compared to 95RON E10 petrol (1.5euro). I've seen that some tax exempt for LPG has ended in December of 2018 and that by 2022 or 2023, the german guvernment wants to increase the price so that it matches the petrol price. This makes no sense whatsoever to me but nonetheless.   What are your thoughts on the conversion?    PS: I do drive a lot. Estimated yearly millage will be in the range of 50.000km
  15. Awesome. Thx a bunch!
  16. Thx dude.   Any chance the guys speak some kind of english? :D
  17. Would you be able to recommend a shop for my 3.0L bi-turbo W212 MB? Also, do I need to revisit any amt/TUV after the conversion?