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  1. Did I get the capital gain tax right?

    I honestly don't remember it was so long ago. I guess I need to get in touch with HR and check my situation.
  2. Did I get the capital gain tax right?

    @jeba Thx, I just had a look at my payslip and it seems I'm not paying it, even though I never officially signed a paper saying I wanna remove myself from the church.   Can you give me some links about taxation of fictitious profits?
  3. Hello TT,   I've recently opened a portfolio on degiro and bought stocks from several european and american companies. Some of them pay dividends, some of them don't. Lately I've been reading a lot about the amount of tax I'll have to pay at the end of the year but since I'm getting conflicting information from different sources (internet, steuerberater, TT, reddit, etc), I wanted to lay out what I have so far so you peeps can correct me if I'm wrong. For the record, I live and work in Berlin for ~10 years, have only 1x income generated by my employment, am a EU citizen and also single.   1. There are 7 types of incomes in Germany (link). 2. Profits from selling of shares (link point 6) and dividends received (link point 7) are both taxes at 26.375% (link) 2.1 Only profits above 801euro are actually taxed -- this and this (degiro doesn't need to receive a "Freistellungsauftrag" -- see last question here) 3. Do I need to officially exit the church as a non-german? 4. Do US based ETFs fall in the capital gain tax category (ie. are they taxed at 26,375%)? 5. A steuerberater gave me the hibbie jibbies telling me that the profit I earn after selling my shares will be added to my salary and taxed with my "personal tax percentage" (I'm class 1, so that would mean 42%) 5.1. same guy said that dividends and bond's yields get taxed at 25% while profit from selling shares gets taxed at my class1 tax of 42%. he then agreed with point 6 and 7 from the link I posted at my point1 above (suffice to say I'm confused)     TT, your insights would be most appreciated, thank you in advance!
  4. dyno stand in Berlin

    Does anyone have any experience and can recommend a dyno stand in Berlin? I'm looking to test some changes made to a >200kW car.   Thank you.
  5. any car mechanic opened now?

    No I have 8x wheels in total, 4x with summer tyres and 4x with winter tyres so I just need to swap them out   Should be a 20-30 min job for a garage.
  6. any car mechanic opened now?

    Seems next week we'll be hit with 20+ degrees 
  7. any car mechanic opened now?

    I'm not following.
  8. any car mechanic opened now?

    you start off by claiming that changing the winter tyres for summer tyres is essential but you end up doing a complete 180; which one is it dude?
  9. any car mechanic opened now?

    also garages will refuse to mount tyres that do not officially match your rim according to some law or the manufacturer -- happened to me
  10. any car mechanic opened now?

    yes, this is all very true. I have no spare tyre and also have no jack or torque wrench. I do have a compressor and that liquid thing they give you in case you have a puncture (which btw is totally useless if you have anything bigger than a puncture). I do have runflats though
  11. any car mechanic opened now?

    what time?
  12. any car mechanic opened now?

    I called them and they can only do it in 2 weeks time so if it's fine with you, I'd like to take you up on your offer. Alternatively, I can also drive to your place, pick you up and bring you back at my place, do the work and then drive you back. would that also be an option for you or?
  13. non essential businesses are closed, I know that, but does anyone here know any car shop that might swap out a pair of winter tires for summer ones?   Or maybe some place that has tools so I can do it myself?
  14. there are platforms where you can do that on your own. degiro.com and ig.com spring to mind.