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  1. Ow, didn't see that one coming.   Thank you all for the answers.
  2. Hello TT,   I saw an incident this evening and was wondering if a car can stop at the red light, while taking up the bike lane (see pic).   Image there's another van next to the one in the pic, parallel, but between it and the sidewalk and the light is red. Can the car stop there?   pic: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eyp1XmnH-HpMoHGwTJmvxgaVP5eXvCby/view?usp=sharing
  3. Awesome. Thx a bunch!
  4. Thx dude.   Any chance the guys speak some kind of english? :D
  5. Would you be able to recommend a shop for my 3.0L bi-turbo W212 MB? Also, do I need to revisit any amt/TUV after the conversion?
  6. Hello everyone,   Is it worth it to convert a 3L bi-turbo petrol engine with ~60.000 km to LPG? The price is very low (0.58euro) compared to 95RON E10 petrol (1.5euro). I've seen that some tax exempt for LPG has ended in December of 2018 and that by 2022 or 2023, the german guvernment wants to increase the price so that it matches the petrol price. This makes no sense whatsoever to me but nonetheless.   What are your thoughts on the conversion?    PS: I do drive a lot. Estimated yearly millage will be in the range of 50.000km
  7. Where do you fellow petrolheads get your kicks in Germany?   I've looked up the Nurburgring and cannot wait for it to open but sadly, the other circuits (https://angeschnallt-und-mit-helm.de/freies-fahren/) are either very expensive or have opened during the week only.    So with that in mind, how do you guys get your kicks?   PS: I was looking into http://bmw-drivingexperience.com but I'm not sure it's worth the money. Thoughts?
  8. tagesgeldkonto tax

    Alright, got it.   Thank you everyone for your time and answers!
  9. tagesgeldkonto tax

    got it, thx.
  10. tagesgeldkonto tax

    My long term plan is to buy a flat for myself but until I manage to put aside a hefty amount (50k or so) I need to keep it somewhere and I prefer a bank over hard cash. Don't want someone to break into my house and steal that alongside other material assets.   Also, one thing I don't understand. So the bank deducts the tax and I don't actually need to do anything or?
  11. tagesgeldkonto tax

    So I want to save something on the side and I was thinking about a tagesgeldkonto. Reading around, it seems that it will give me the freedom to access my savings whenever and how ofteh I choose. I'm not particularly concerned about the interest rate since this account will just be a substitute to "saving under the mattress".   With my flaky german I was able to understand that no tax is applied for the first 801E (or 1602E in the case of couples) but I was unable to find out how the tax is being deducted if you save more than that. Do I need to declare it in my steuererklaerung or does the bank just take care of it and pays the Finanzamt?   Can anyone help me out with that? Also, you guys know of any other options to keep your savings safe, do tell.
  12. car exhaust swap

    It seems the AMG package doesn't include an AMG exhaust so I'm out of luck.
  13. "führerschein umschreibung" confusion

    Best of luck. A bit more info for you. You can either go to the bürgeramt or the Fahrerlaubnisbehörde. In either case, your dossier will reach the latter. Since Berlin only has one Fahrerlaubnisbehörde, there's quite the (dossier) queue. Find our the current status at https://www.berlin.de/labo/mobilitaet/aktuelles/aktuelle-bearbeitungsstaende-736453.php, under "Antrag auf Umschreibung (ausl. Führerschein, Dienstführerschein)"
  14. car exhaust swap

    But I guess this could be done with just a phone call or? As in, I can try calling them and see how far along I can get with my amazing german :)
  15. car exhaust swap

    do you volunteer? :D