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  1. Zulassungsstelle duration in Berlin

    UPDATE: the dealer had no idea they can do the registration online and went about it the old fashioned way. I eventually got the car and am now driving it.
  2. Hello everyone,   Can someone recommend a Steuerberater that offers consultation wrt capital gain taxes?   I've approached quite a few Steuerberaters from google but most of them said they "do not like" capital gains or they did not reply back or answer the phone.   Thank you!   PS: I do not care if they are physically located in Berlin or not.
  3. Zulassungsstelle duration in Berlin

    small update: so far the dealer is not answering my new emails and rejecting my phone calls regarding the registration process that I want to carry out myself.   I'm wondering which lawyer I need to approach for this.
  4. Zulassungsstelle duration in Berlin

    again, pls stay on-topic. I do not live in a small place nor do I care about them
  5. Zulassungsstelle duration in Berlin

    took me 6 months to have my drivers licence changed to a german one; and I'm an EU member :)
  6. Zulassungsstelle duration in Berlin

    Could be but it's a weird situation considering, you know, this is their business model.
  7. Zulassungsstelle duration in Berlin

    Isn't that what you receive in the mail after you fill in all the things online? see https://www.bmvi.de/SharedDocs/DE/Artikel/StV/Strassenverkehr/internetbasierte-fahrzeugzulassung.html "Und so funktioniert die Neuzulassung eines fabrikneuen Fahrzeugs im Internet"   Zulassungsbescheid inkl. Gebührenbescheid, Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I & II, die Stempelplakettenträger sowie der Plakettenträger für die Hauptuntersuchung (HU) zum Aufkleben auf das Kennzeichen werden von der Zulassungsbehörde postalisch versendet.  
  8. Zulassungsstelle duration in Berlin

    No, it doesn't. it's still sitting on the dealership premise.    so, to sum everything up, I'd need to: 1. call off the registration service 2. get the teil2 (also teil1?) from them 3. fill in the online form (eVB, security code from the teil2, passport scan, meldebescheinigung, IBAN, etc) 4. wait a couple of days for it to be checked by a clerk 5. receive the stickers by mail 6. get plates (guess I need to take everything with me to one of these places that print them on the spot) 7. mount them on the car and drive it home (from Halle)
  9. Zulassungsstelle duration in Berlin

      I already have an eVB and scan of my passport (since germans refuse to accept EU member state national IDs).   So the document comes with the security code all by itself, I don't need to chase the dealership for it specifically. ok, got it.   so then do I need an appointment anywhere after I input all the fields online?
  10. Zulassungsstelle duration in Berlin

    I can't vote either.   That being said, no I have not spoken to them yet. I've been reading a bit about the registration process. Seems you only upload your ID, need an eVB and the zulassungsbescheinigung teil 2 with security code (how do I get the security code on it?) and an IBAN. Seems simple enough. If I do that online, do I still need an appointment anywhere? 
  11. Zulassungsstelle duration in Berlin

    And who voted for them again? Ah yes, berliners please stay on topic ppl
  12. Zulassungsstelle duration in Berlin

    Most people would agree   Still, it would be cool if you could stay on thread.
  13. Zulassungsstelle duration in Berlin

    my current one was done by the dealer and it took 2 weeks. Mind you, I bought it on Dec. 24th 2018 and got it in January 16th 2019. So it wasn't always that bad.
  14. Zulassungsstelle duration in Berlin

    Seems if you do it yourself online, it should take a few days https://www.bmvi.de/SharedDocs/DE/Artikel/StV/Strassenverkehr/internetbasierte-fahrzeugzulassung.html   Does anyone have any experience with this?   Is it worth canceling the 3rd party (hoping I can do that) and go my own way?
  15. Zulassungsstelle duration in Berlin

    correct   My concern right now is that if I do it myself, I'll get an appointment with the Zulassungsstelle in January or worse. At this stage, I don't know what's the lesser evil is, wait it out or try to cancel it and go it it myself.   LE: I remember reading a comment from a lady that bought a new car at the beginning of September, did everything by herself and got an appointment on the 30th of November.