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  1. Falling pregnant after giving notice

    Yes, I did have another miscarriage on Monday. had a surgery. also, yes, my salary is very high this is the reason I'm worried. my husband is not earning a lot. and it's not your business why money is so important for me these days.  Yesterday you said that Im "a french Jewish who lies"...    what do you want me to say? I'm not here for fun.. believe me. I just asking to know my rights. 
  2. Falling pregnant after giving notice

    As I said 4.. 
  3. Falling pregnant after giving notice

    I’m trying to get pregnent for already 2 years.. I had 4 miscarriages and want to move to a new environment.
  4. Hi all, I would like to leave my company in a few months and I have a few questions (I’m working for more then 3 years in Germany).   1. What happened if I decide to leave without having a new job and during the notice period I find out that I’m pregnent? Will I still get the unemployment benefits? How can I find a new job while I’m pregnent? Also, will I get any money during the maternity leave (in case I won’t find any job)? 2. What if I got faired and find out I’m pregnent after I left and my contract ended. What will be with the maternity leave? I guess I won’t get anything? But I will get the unemployment benefits for only 1 year but not during the maternity leave?  3. What happened if I find a job and give my notice period, during that time I find out that I’m pregnent. When should I tell my new employer? Also, can they fire me during the probation?  4. How much is the unemployment benefits? in case we are talking about percentage, are we talking about percentage from the gross salary or the net? are they checking my last salary or yearly? If the last one, what if, I have bonus twice a year. Do they take it into account as well?   Thanks in advance!