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  1. 15 hours ago, Keleth said:

    I didn´t realise this was a thing but just Google Florida man.

    Jesus does that state have many Darwin Award nominees


    So unfair that California man got his own movie. 


    I think Florida man would be far more entertaining 🤣


  2. 8 hours ago, Elljay said:

    Erm, isn't it strange that balticus replies to El Jeffo when he is making fun of Renegade Further? Could it be that some posters on here has multiple accounts? Surely not! Or? Conspiracy...

    Maybe some of them have already been caught out pants around ankles and needed a friend to give them a hand... 


    Who knows what goes on behind the scenes on Towtown... 


  3. On 7/20/2021, 4:33:16, tor said:

    bezos rocket.JPG

    A picture of one of our more erudite cotton wool in the mouth talking around the houses imaging how other people perceive them. 


    Plot twist we do see them this way, but the emphasis is just different... 


  4. Who would have thought the the follow up to Super-spreader event EM would have been related so soon. 


    Typical Hollywood, take the premise of the first one, tweak it just enough to be difficult and hope no one notices. 


  5. We should really spare a thought for all those people that spent 4 years thinking Trump was the win they'd been waiting for. 

    He showed the left who was a winner. 

    Must have been a low bar because it hasn't gone that well has it. 


  6. 19 minutes ago, john g. said:

    Also watched it. How can it all have been so badly organised? The country has plenty of experience with dealing with the masses at sports events. Just unbelievable.

    I really wouldn't be surprised if England get a behind-closed-doors ban for some matches. 

    This has just happened to Hungary after their fans' homophobic chanting:


    Downright embarrassing that this kind of shit could happen. 


    We have the thing in home turf and these prats embarrass us with TV cameras there to catch it all. 


    It's a shame we can't hand out stadium and pub/bar bans. 

    Life would be fun for them if you had to have a licence to buy alcohol and that was taken away from them. 

    They'd have to complete with the 14 year olds to get people to buy them a few cans from the shop. 


  7. 28 minutes ago, Frantic said:

    This discussion reminds me when the topic is  "what an atrocity the nazi did with the jews" and you see people (usually the modern nazi fan) answering stuff like :

    "ok and the gulag in soviet union?" 

    "ok and the redskins massacres in USA?" 

    "ok and massacres during colonialism?" 


    Und so weiter, und so weiter 

    It's the fall back answer. I've never been really really sure if people do that to try to minimise how bad it looks or to draw attention away or just out of embarrassment (with nazis it's the first two). 

    Totally idiotic, all that is shit and they stay shit even if other shit things have happened and they stay shit if shittier things happen. 


  8. It's looking good for us to make the final, at least we may finally get there. 


    The amount of people sharing "it's coming home", it's only the EM, not the WM 😂


    After the year we've all had it's nice for people to have something o cheer about at home (and here for us). It is just a huge shame this will give one very incompetent politicians a chance to divert attention away from themselves. 


  9. That was an unexpected result. 


    12 minutes ago, Feierabend said:


    The English crowd  were even booing and whistling through the German national anthem. Pathetic.

    Losers grabbing other people's glory as their own. 


  10. Trump should have stayed on TV where he was partially entertaining and he could just talk crap for comic value. 

    He managed to sell his defective product (him) to millions of voters. 


    Isn't there a saying about dumb people being easy to sell to? 


  11. 1 hour ago, dstanners said:

    Any of you watch the match with Germans (born and raised Germans, not us Brexity-Dual-Nationals)? I tried my best to sound neutral, even vaguely positive, but failed again. I couldn't help but shout for joy when Hungary went 2:1 up, and again in despair at the equaliser. 

    Even for the Germans, I've noticed a significant level of arrogance about the forthcoming game with England. My kids are upset with how it's panned out. I just hope that this time...


    Seems to have come about a few times now that england and germany end up playing each other. 

    The german team isn't as good as it was, england seem inconsistent. 

    I can't call it, can't be a draw so penalties again. 


    I'm more or less neutral as I know fans from both sides that are terrible winners and it's a pain to hear them go on about it and the crap that gets dragged out. 

    Have to admit that I do smile and poke fun at the english supporters who start with the old chants when england play germany and lose. 

    It's also nice to have peace and quiet back and be free of the many sudden football experts that appear around. 

    If I had to guess I'd say whoever wins the next game still won't win the cup. 


  12. On 6/19/2021, 1:06:55, Keleth said:

    Reminded me a lot of the Eng vs Sco games you would get in the 70s and 80s.Lots of passion from the Scots but no real ideas as such and England with less passion and not enough balls to attack in case they concede.


    Some of the games were entertaining but I remember Scotland just started to do badly game after game. 


    The big question is, which team are the non english brits shouting for next Tuesday? 



  13. 1 hour ago, john g. said:

    Fortunately ( with hindsight ) I missed the England v Scotland game yesterday. I went up to the taverna where they usually have the telly on but last night a Cretan folk band were playing outside in the street. Telly was off.

    Slightly off track, but here is a remarkable story about the first black player to play international football, for Scotland, and his part in a trouncing of England!

    You didn't miss much. 

    It was ok to keep on in the background. 

    Nah, not a great game. 


  14. On 6/16/2021, 8:23:21, keith2011 said:


    More nonsense from cb6dba opps sorry it was his parrot (or alt) MUinEU. :rolleyes:

    Nice of you to jump in to defend balticus, sorry, your parrot (or alt). 

    People usually accuse others of what they're doing or would do themselves. 


    Did he ask you to step up to the plate or was it all your own idea? 

    Must have been a fun conversation between you and yourself. 


  15. On 6/16/2021, 5:41:31, fraufruit said:


    Exactly how will they take our cash from us?


    Same way they always have. Tax cuts for the rich, none for the poor. 

    Throw in shares and the money that funnels to the rich and various fonds. 

    Some people live of the money they get from shares, I don't see then as being rich or taking the money but those that can afford to fund very wealthy lifestyles from it, that is just cash going in to a pot where it will sit. 


  16. 1 hour ago, dstanners said:

    I understand that completely. To my mind it's fine for someone to earn millions, even quite a few millions (the key provisio being "earn" rather than, say, inherit). However, when we start talking in the billions I feel it becomes obscene. An example I heard was to imagine someone had put in a really good shift with a bow and arrow during the Battle of Hastings, to such an extent William said, "I'll give you a million fact, I hereby decree the Royal Estate will pay you, and your heirs, a million pounds every year, forever". After all these years, decades and centuries of earning a million pounds, that bowman and his offspring  STILL wouldn't have received a billions pounds. 



    Does make you wonder if there will be no cash for the rest of us at some point. 

    The super rich will have it all. 


  17. 30 minutes ago, LeonG said:

    He could look for a tennis club and find some people there.  My boss plays and even when he's just on a project in some town for a few months, he's quickly found a club and some people to play against.

    Tennis club is the best way, why have just one tennis partner what he can have a few. 

    Bound to be some kind of science fiction group around as well. 



  18. 6 hours ago, balticus said:


    non-rhetorical answer:   MUinEU.     😂

    Did someone hurt you baby bear?

    Someone hurt you and steal your honey? 

    You want a plaster for that scratch? 

    You want papa bear to go and have a word with them? 

    Maybe we can get a TT possey to mosey on over and tell that nasty person just how welcome that kind of behavior is around these parts? 


  19. 21 hours ago, Metall said:


    Wow. While I would be all for it, I don't think that will be happening. .. Ukraine *may* have lost the Crimea because of previous Western leanings which upset Russia.

    (Spare me the history of how the peninsula used to be Russian and was given to Ukraine yadda yadda. I already know all that.)

    I'm not certain if it's a good or a bad move but it's going to ruffle some Kremlin feathers. 


  20. 9 hours ago, theGman said:

    It still annoys my friends here that, even now as a naturalised citizen, I do not support Germany in any way. As long as England are still in the tournament then I remain at best neutral, but once England are out I'm happy to see Germany going out too. 12 years of being "the English guy" every tournament, putting up with constant sly digs ("we're just joshing"). It's football, allegiances don't change.

    Ingrained football rivalry is hard to shake. 

    I am not sure if it's a Brit thing but can't say I've seen it amoung supporters of other countries. 


    I just cannot support France, Germany or Scotland. 

    Best I can manage is being neutral when one of those three are playing unless there is an advantage for england if one of them wins. 

    For some reason I can't fathom this doesn't apply to Wales.