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  1. What made you laugh today?

    So unfair that California man got his own movie.    I think Florida man would be far more entertaining 🤣
  2. Coronavirus

    I received my second jab last week and most of the people I know are now fully jabbed up.    I'm at the point now where if someone refused the vaccination catches covid I just think "had it coming". It's their own fault and as many seem to be the types that like to point out when someone did something that hurt themselves, I have as well.    We've lived with this situation for over a year, that a conversion is still happening shows (funny enough like the Trump and brexit thread) that people want to keep the point going in the hope something happens to give even the tiniest sliver of something to say they were right.    Get a backbone and go volunteer on a covid ward. You don't think there is anything to be scared of. 
  3. Create a new conspiracy theory

    Maybe some of them have already been caught out pants around ankles and needed a friend to give them a hand...    Who knows what goes on behind the scenes on Towtown... 
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    I am one of the good people of the UK thanks.    Following this logic, you seem to only be acknowledged by 3 or 4 members on this site. The rest seem to ignore you, you must either be out of touch or issue is with you.    We know it's with you.  Breath this reply in, it's one of the rare occasions the adults will let you take part.  Now back off to eat your crayons and scribble some crap that will try to get a conversion going and make it look like people are interested in what you are saying. 
  5. What made you laugh today?

    A picture of one of our more erudite cotton wool in the mouth talking around the houses imaging how other people perceive them.    Plot twist we do see them this way, but the emphasis is just different... 
  6. Coronavirus

    I'd answer this but I don't want to get in the middle of what could be a beautiful friendship..    Strange you answered this though and the person I answered ignored it.  You could be his right hand man. 
  7. Coronavirus

    And what prey tell did I get away with? 
  8. the Olympic Games in Japan

    Who would have thought the the follow up to Super-spreader event EM would have been related so soon.    Typical Hollywood, take the premise of the first one, tweak it just enough to be difficult and hope no one notices. 
  9. Coronavirus

    Your fixation in El Jeffo while adding zero to the conversation smells of pulling pigtails.  I don't think trying flattery is going to help.  I don't think he's interested, maybe you should look for a partner in real life?
  10. Coronavirus

    If you can't work that out after all these pages, you may need to go and read up understanding things.    No need to thank me for this advice in advance. 
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    Depends on what is posted.  If someone posts something positive, that post is critically addressed and no insults are thrown, that's talking.    What I've seen is usually that any comments on anything positive that are not "great" attract the word remoaner.    If Brexit was going to plan, it'd be done by now and we'd all be reaping the benefits 
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    After the recent comments from Cummings you have to ask how much useless insurance these people have and how they're rich friend in Nigeria is doing smuggling his money out of the country. 
  13. Politics Gen XYZ

    We should really spare a thought for all those people that spent 4 years thinking Trump was the win they'd been waiting for.  He showed the left who was a winner.  Must have been a low bar because it hasn't gone that well has it. 
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    Use of the word remoaner, remain as a group of people as well as 'remain lies' is just trying to hide the things have not gone well and try to sell every little tiny investment ads big win. Even if that investment would have been bigger before.  It's basically people trying to make it look better than it is to make their decision seem more justified.    You only have to look at the hard core brexit supporting posters here and how and what they post.  All through the many pages of what has not gone so great you have use of remoaner, the insult, baiting people in to side discussions, it's a lesson in trying to keep the ball rolling in the hope some tiny thing looks good.    We're all sitting in the shitty restaurant with the crap food and some idiot is telling us it's better as bud light is on special.  Yeah man, great, we're paying high prices for crappier food that will give some of us food poisoning but bug light on special.    That's where they are at and they are going to drink that flavoured water and say it's the best beer they've ever had. It's all they've got and they are going to hang on to it and hope and pray the restaurant throws some discount or freebie.  Then they'll jump on that.  Look through the thread, people know them, they've tried talking to them but, they're busy drinking bud light. 
  15. Euro 2020 and 2021

    Downright embarrassing that this kind of shit could happen.    We have the thing in home turf and these prats embarrass us with TV cameras there to catch it all.    It's a shame we can't hand out stadium and pub/bar bans.  Life would be fun for them if you had to have a licence to buy alcohol and that was taken away from them.  They'd have to complete with the 14 year olds to get people to buy them a few cans from the shop.