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  1. Just a quick question, when you fill-up  Niederlassungserlaubnis application, there is a question:   " Datum der letzten Einreise ? "   Well, that seems a bit confusing, the raw translation in English is "date of the last entry", does it mean the last entry when you applied for a Blue Card 3 years ago, or is it the date when you returned back home to Germany (for example after abroad vacations some months ago)  ?    
  2. Hello,    my Blue Card expires after three months, now I am preparing to apply for a Permanent residence permit on Nürnberg.    I've red some comments here about the long waiting time to get an appointment, am late with my application ?   It is 3 moths enough to apply and after that if confirmed to get the new residence card.    Many thanks!
  3. Hello, I think I am in tricky situation here, I have type-D visa and recently I have applied for the Blue Card in the Ausländerbehörde referencing my residence address, it is small Kreis near Frankfurt. But my Immigration File or documents are in the Frankfurt Ausländerbehörde. The small Ausländerbehörde had requested my immigration file from Frankfurt but it had not yet arrived. It have been a month or more since the date of my application and I am starting to be very worry. Is it normal that it is requiring so much time or do you think that it should be a problem with that ?   I have contacted many times my Ausländerbehörde and they are saying that they are just waiting for the immigration file to be arrived and every thing else is fine.   What should I do , is it a good idea to go to the Frankfurt Ausländerbehörde and to request them in person to send my immigration file to the other Ausländerbehörde ?   Marry Christmas to all!   Thanks