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  1. Hi all,  I've been living in Germany nearly 5 years, and just moved in the last month to Berlin. I decided to sell my car, as I no longer needed it. I advertised it on eBay, with evidence of full service history since I bought the car new in 2015. The Tüv was due in April, but someone bought it before I did the TÜV.  Now this guy is saying that it would not pass the AU/TÜV because of a computer problem (Code P22D2) I have called Smart and checked with them, but they have not heard of this fault code.  When I sold the car, I did do a contract to say that the car was being sold and inputted all of the new owners information onto the contract. Now this guy is saying that the car won't pass the TÜV because of this problem code, and is saying that he wants his money back to return the car, or me to pay for the repairs. Where do I stand on this as I of course want nothing more to do with the car as I sold it all above board with a full service history. Am I obliged to pay for the repairs or have the car back?  Thanks in advance for your answers! Cheers, Kev