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  1. English Primary Schools in Hamburg

    I have heard similar about Leibnitz--that it is not truly in English, but that some classes are in English. Depending on location, there are increasing numbers of "bilingual" gymnasiums (German high schools).  These typically offer some classes in English--often social studies, for example.  Also, most schools have decent supports for language learners.  Depending on the age and ability of the student in question, these could be an option.  For adventurous kids or kids who are already strong students, particularly at the middle school level, they can often get enough German to keep up in public schools.  For kids who struggle with academics or closer to the end of high school, this is a less ideal option unless lots of support is offered. A bigger question is the type of diploma a child should have.  An Abitur can be hard to get for kids who come late to the party (for language reasons).  An IB education is a bit more accessible for non-German speakers.  Both are well received globally, though Abitur tends to be better for German universities and IB is more common in the UK or US.  The IB can be done in English, German, or bilingually, depending on the school. IIRC there are three public schools in Hamburg that offer the IB (Helene Lange Gymnasium, Hansa Gymnasium Bergedorf, and one other that is escaping me right now).  I don't know how truly English language they are or what their admissions policies are for out of district students, but I'd imagine some German and living in the local area are required. Private schools include International School of Hamburg, International School Campus (Pinneberg), Leibnitz (Elmshorn), and schools further away like Bremen/Hannover, or boarding options like Louisenlund or Torgelow.  All of those options (except perhaps Leibnitz) are pretty expensive.  Incidentally, the one in Pinneberg looks cheap, but they have hidden fees in that you are heavily pressured to join the Verein, which is expensive.  I don't know if Leibnitz has the same.  The IB price at Pinneberg matches the one at International School of Hamburg, which is bigger and likely has better options and resources.  Leibnitz might end up being the cheapest of the three, but of course it's the furthest out. One school about which I know nothing is the Moderne Schule.  I do know the kids do Abitur, not IB.  Might be worth asking around on local expat groups or maybe someone can chime in here.