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  1. New International School in Pinneberg

    The "we will soon be breaking ground" is a bit suspect.  That school has been in the red since it opened, and while that is understandable in the first years, it is problematic in year 7.  They also said they would open the boarding house in 2018, 2019, 2021, and beyond.  Not sure if and when that will ever happen.  But the physical campus is nice, even if hallways are small and the lack of a proper grass pitch is less than ideal. They have always been affiliated with Wabe, it's true.  The name change makes sense, and let's face it, ISC was a less-than-great name. The bigger question is how old your kids are and what your wishes are in a school.  Their IB offerings are quite limited and with a staff that has relatively little experience with the IB; for essentially the same price you could send a kid to ISH and have a more experienced IBDP staff with a MUCH bigger range of course offerings and even alternate programming in the IBCP.  So for IB I would not choose Wabe.  For the younger grades, it depends on what you want.  For the middle school and, to a lesser extent, the primary school, some staff are not certified teachers, but TAs being asked to teach EAL or GAL classes, with the teachers of record being the regular English/German teachers.  There are several Quereinsteiger teaching higher level classes.  But there are also some really great staff, and the quality of the teaching overall is mostly good. In terms of academic rigour in grades 1-10 the school is a bit lacking--in some cases.  In terms of creativity and alternative options, it can be a good choice.  The school encourages things like hands-on cooking or building, so that is cool.  Small school means all the staff know all of the kids.  High staff turnover hurts that to some degree, but overall it is a familial atmosphere. In short it depends heavily on the ages of your kids and what you expect out of a school.  If rigour of any kind is on your radar, I would think twice.  If your kids need/prefer a familial atmosphere and some alternative learning options, it might be a good fit.